Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Frankenstein #31

Batman and Titus have tracked Ra's al Ghul to where Nanda Parbat once stood (No idea what happened to it in Forever Evil, it vanished, or something) and they're not alone, as Frankenstein, still a little displeased with the last time he and Batman met, rudely greets the Dark Knight by picking him up by the neck and beating him in anger.

Bruce doesn't fight back, and tries to explain himself to Frankenstein, and when asked to apologize, does so without hesitation. After accepting Batman's apology for what he did, he asks Bruce why he's in the mountains, and gets caught up to speed with the whole situation. Agreeing with Bruce's change of heart to see Damian laid to rest, Frankenstein decides to help out in the quest to retrieve the boy's body. But they may bee too late, as Ra's has already found a pit which he submerges the sarcophagus into.

While Bruce and Frankenstein are on Ra's trail, they're attacked by what look to be yeti monsters, or something. While attempting to fight them off, Bruce notices they're already previously injured, and tells Frankenstein to stand down, showing the beasts they mean no harm. Once the fighting stops, Bruce draws some crude symbols to try and get the beasts to understand why he's there, and get their help to find Ra's. The beasts understand, and make a pact with Bruce and Frankenstein, leading them directly to the hidden chambers Ra's is currently in. But when Bruce opens the door, he realizes he's too late.


The Good:

If Pat Gleason is getting an issue off, you'd have a difficult time finding a better guest artist than Doug Mahnke, who has a very similar style and definitely is not your standard fill-in guy... also, it helps that he created this Frankenstein with Grant Morrison. The discussion between Frankenstein and Batman about all things death was also pretty good, despite it making me feel like Damian's return is less likely now... but I'll curb my paranoia for now.

The Bad:

Those monsters were pretty random, right? And like last issue, nothing really gets accomplished other than Batman getting that much closer to finding Ra's. The middle chapters of this story have been pretty slow in that respect.

The Bottom Line:

While story progression has stalled a bit, with these last two issues just being Batman getting incrementally closer to finding Ra's, what this issue lacks in overall progression, it makes up for in the interaction between Bruce and Frankenstein. Those two have some bad blood between them (or at least Frank has a lot towards Batman), but their reconciliation was handled very appropriately, and Frank offers a very unique voice in Batman's handling of death. Batman and Frankenstein is truly a weird team up, but given the circumstances, it worked out really well. On top of that odd-ball team-up turning out pretty well, you've also got guest art done right with Doug Mahnke, instead of some random artist who was available. Always a positive.



  1. Nanda Parbat disappeared at the end of Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul .. that was pre52 during Morrison's run but I suppose this is still in continuity

    1. Nah, it was back in the New 52 until Forever Evil.