Friday, May 23, 2014

Final Futures End September Covers

DC has released the final batch of unfinished Futures End covers for the upcoming September event, and there's plenty things of note in the Gotham related covers.

For instance, Joker has a face again! Futures End! The Heretic is back! Futures End! The Outlaws aren't friends anymore! Futures End! The Heretic is on the Teen Titans? Futures End!

...Damian clone incoming?

(Source: CBR)


  1. It looks like it'll be Damian coming back as Heretic. With Heretic being in the Teen Titans it looks like maybe he's good now and that suggests to me that it's Damian in the costume.

    So maybe there will be a new Robin and Damian will come back as Heretic.

    1. I don't think he comes back as the Heretic, I think the idea is if he comes back, or it's a clone, The Heretic is a possible turn or endgame in this shitty future.

  2. Yeah it'll probably be another clone but I'm hoping it's Damian just cause I want him back alive. I'd rather have him alive as Robin though.

  3. I think they're hammering in Batman being "over" Damian's death so hard, that the end game will be Ra's being able resurrect Damian even though Batman's come to peace with his death. That way they can still move Batman's character forward while still giving the fans Damian (I'm not basing this off of the last B&R issue, because that's most likely a swerve).

  4. Hmmm.... this might be me just hoping for the impossible, but I'm not seeing Nocenti anywhere in those solicits for September... maybe her last issue is August? *fingers crossed* By the start of October, there's only like two and a half months until we catch up to Batman #28, so there has to be changes in her series soon.