Monday, May 19, 2014

Batwing gets Cancelled in August

I think Luke Fox is a pretty okay character, and the mid-series reboot of Batwing was well-needed and interesting, even though I've not been a fan of the current story. Despite all that, sales didn't improve, but the book kept going. It got to the point where the last couple of months have been me asking just how exactly this book is still going on. Well, that question got answered today, as August will see the final issue of Batwing published... Sort of. There's still the September Futures End issue to follow it, but #34 will be the final official issue.

Joining Batwing on the chopping block will be Birds of Prey, which has been a jumbled mess of great ideas and characters being dropped in favor for ideas and characters no one gives a damn about. That one is a mercy kill in my book.

And finally, if you're interested, All-Star Western, Worlds' Finest, Superboy, Trinity of Sin: Pandora and Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger have been cancelled as well.

(Source: DC Comics)


  1. I was curious and did a quick search to see where their respective monthly sales are at. Last month (April) Batwing was only at 9,313, while Birds of Prey was at 16,358. The only New 52 title I noticed with lower sales than Batwing was Stormwatch, and April's #30 was it's last issue. Conversely, Birds of Prey outperforms Superboy, Pandora, Phantom Stranger, and All-Star Western. I realize that's not great company, but for example, Batwoman's not much higher up the charts at 19,000 (down from around 25,000 before the previous team departed). Anyway, point is, I wouldn't be surprised if the Birds of Prey are allowed to cool their heels for a while until they're either relaunched outright or the various characters are at least spun-off into other titles.

    1. I'd expect to see Black Canary end up somewhere eventually, but DC is long past canceling books for just low sales, I mean, it's not like Batwing has been doing well for a good time now. Batwing's sales just got to the point where DC's hand was forced. In terms of Birds of Prey, I think that's one of those cancellations of a title that sparks zero discussion and seemingly no one has an actual interest in.

      Also, All Star Western was canceled as well.

    2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing that Birds of Prey was wrongly cancelled or that there should be a huge outcry. (No offense to BoP fans.) From a strictly numbers standpoint, the decision is a little surprising. From a buzz/relevancy standpoint, yeah, not so much.

      Also, the fact that I forgot All-Star Western was cancelled sort of illustrates your point about a lack of interest in some of the titles... ;)

    3. haha whoops, just saw that Superboy, and Phantom Stranger, AND Pandora were all cancelled as well. So, uh, yeah. Guess it's not as surprising as I thought...

      Ruh-roh. By that metric, could a book just above that range like Batwoman be far behind...?