Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stack Rundown, 05/31/2014

Slim week for the company stuff, but there was quite a few notable books from Image this week, some of my favorites, new favorites, and stuff I just say "fuck it" to and try without knowing anything. Living on the edge!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Art Change on Batman Eternal #10

Posted this on twitter earlier, but figured I might as well make a post about it here. Guillem March apparently isn't drawing Batman Eternal #10 as solicited, bummer! In his place will be Riccardo Burchielli of DMZ fame. I was really hoping to get these three issues in from March, and thought we would as I spotted some WIP stuff from issue #8 posted in January. But, with the way the weekly schedules go, I assume they leave no room for error.

I always figured one of these weeklies was going to flinch in terms of artists, and given the way Eternal is solicited with some more notable artists doing multiple issues in a row, where Futures End is a different artist each week. I guess Eternal just was too good to be true in some respects.

But even thought March isn't drawing all three of the issues he's solicited for, I do hope to see him make a return to the title down the line, like Jason Fabok and hopefully Dustin Nguyen. Those three guys are some of my favorite Bat artists, so the more I can get from them, the better.

Also, one last note, as if March not drawing this issue was sad enough, Eternal #10 is John Layman's last issue in Gotham for quite some time. I'm sure he'll be listed as a contributing writer within the series for awhile, but this is indeed the last issue he's scripted.

Look! New Harley Quinn Art (with Poison Ivy!)

And they're on a beach! That seagull has a wiener in his mouth, and there's a wiener dog... there's a joke there, right? Has to be... Oh yeah, this comes from an interview, I haven't read it yet, perhaps I will... but still, look, new art!

(Source: Newsarama)

Batman Eternal #9 Preview

Hooray, we're getting into the Catwoman/Carmine Falcone history... But boo, low res images that don't allow us to read a damn thing. Seriously various websites, you're posting comic book previews, as in previews of comics that have words in them that are meant to be read... Get it together!

(Source: Paste)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well... this is funny

So I was just pointed to something pretty funny about the latest Catwoman trade by Twitter user @InformGeek, who reviews books for Adventures in Poor Taste. Above, you'll see the cover of the latest Catwoman trade, something you couldn't pay me to read. But take a look at that cover quote. "A gutsy change of pace." Really, USA Today?

Well, not really.

You see, that quote isn't referring to any of the issues collected in that trade, let alone anything that the writer who made me drop this book in disgust has written. That quote is about the very first issue.

Nice try, DC. What's the matter? Couldn't find anything nice that was said about these issues? Huh, imagine that, maybe you should, you know... put a new creative team on this book?

Panels of the Week, 05/29/2014

This will be the last post tagged under "Nightwing," sad! So, with that in mind, we go out in the way ladies (and some dudes) love Nightwing... half naked.

Looking Forward: June 4th, 2014

And we're in to June already... The year is almost halfway over, and that's sort of crazy! Detective Comics got pushed back one week, so only two titles coming up.
  • Batman Eternal #9: We get heavy with the Batman, Inc influence with a trip to Hong Kong and the return of Batman Japan/Mr. Unknown, whatever we're calling him now.
  • Batwing #32: So, this book is cancelled, this is the end of the current arc (I think), and this book doesn't get much traffic whenever I post about it... Not sure if I'll continue past this next issue.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dustin Nguyen's Batman Eternal #14 Cover

I'm generally happy to see Dustin Nguyen drawing books set in regular sized Gotham again, but man, I wish he did even more cover work, because his interiors are one thing, but he's also just a generally great cover artist too… I mean just look at that. Case in point.

(Source: DC Comics, h/t @IanPrime)

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #8

Batman is having a one man Falcone Family punching party all through Gotham, and though he's working hard, it's all for nothing, Commissioner Forbes doesn't accept any criminals turned in by Batman. Speaking of Forbes, once Carmine Falcone gets the message Batman aimed to deliver (You know, a "This is MY city" sort of deal), Falcone phones his good buddy Forbes to tell him that enough is enough, take the Batman down.

SPOILERS: Batman #31

Gotham is still under the rule of Edward Nygma, needing someone to stump him with a riddle in order to set the city free, and Lucius Fox believes he can be the person... Well, he can try at least, as him recording a message to be left for his son Luke signifies his confidence in his ability to come up with a riddler to stump a man called the Riddler... but he gets recruited into a better idea to save the city.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #30

Two months ago, Dr. Leslie Thompkins was volunteering in the Congo (maybe Stephanie Brown should give her a call? Dumb plot point callbacks, HEEEEYOOOOO) when her medical aid camp is attacked by a cult of murderers known as Die Fasut Der Kain, "The First of Cain" in German. Die Faust are some crazy fuckers, as they follow the teachings of a depopulationist philosopher, and seemingly kill for fun, believing their victims have point values, and Leslie Thompkins is the key to a high score.

SPOILERS: A Helena Bertinelli PSA

You're going to see an image of Helena Bertinelli from Nightwing #30 floating around the internet today.

It's going to make people angry.

Why? Because people are either going to see it on tumblr or twitter, then react to it angrily without any idea of what they're looking at, or it's going to be presented purposely without context to cultivate such a reaction in order to gain page views.

So what am I here for? Well, prior to my review of the issue, I might as well try and get out ahead of a total wave of bullshit, and hopefully put out a few fires. At least I can say the readers of Gotham Spoilers will be properly informed. So, let's look further into the new Helena Bertinelli.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Batman #31 Preview

Like I guessed yesterday, the actual preview for this issue just popped up over at IGN. This time around, Lucius Fox reenters the Zero Year fun and games, and does... stuff? I don't know, I've stopped reading previews word for word, to be honest.

(Source: IGN)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Batman #31 Preview (I guess?)

This is one of those times the LA Times posts an interview and sort of a preview as well? I say "sort of" because they seemingly just publish a random batch of pages, and when they do that, a full preview usually ends up somewhere else.

But anyways, BATMAN HATES LIONS! "What about horses, FHIZ?" What about horses?! This is Zero Year!

(Source: LA Times Hero Complex)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nightwing #30 Preview

Not letting Alfred in on this just seems mean, especially with the giant plot hole that Lex Luthor, Catwoman and the entire Justice League should know Dick is still alive... I mean, he was right there when all of the Justice League popped out of Firestorm. I don't care if he mysteriously wasn't drawn into the pages, he was there the page before.

Oh well. Real excited about Grayson despite the fact that Forever Evil got really sloppy with this, because... Like 20 people know he's alive!

(Source: Hero Complex)

Stack Rundown, 05/24/2014

Saga came back! Then promptly punched me in the gut. Then I was "well, let's see what Invincible is up to?" Then that book crossed some fucking lines and made me pretty uncomfortable for the second month in a row. It was a cheery week for comics. Also, Forever Evil?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Final Futures End September Covers

DC has released the final batch of unfinished Futures End covers for the upcoming September event, and there's plenty things of note in the Gotham related covers.

For instance, Joker has a face again! Futures End! The Heretic is back! Futures End! The Outlaws aren't friends anymore! Futures End! The Heretic is on the Teen Titans? Futures End!

...Damian clone incoming?

(Source: CBR)

Batman Eternal #8 Preview

Man, I can't tell you how happy I am to see Guillem March drawing Batman again. If you don't think the panel above doesn't look amazing, then you're fucking crazy.

(Source: Comic Vine)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Panels of the Week, 05/22/2014

Only three this week. I know I skipped last week, but I didn't really have anything I wanted to make note of this week, and there was nothing in Batwoman or Red Hood this week either.

Looking Forward: May 28th, 2014


Man... I miss doing that. Remember when people took that seriously and got mad at me? Fun times. I'm going to let you in on a little secret... I knew he was never going to die from the beginning. Of course, what I knew changed, drastically... and then probably again with the creative switch on this upcoming issue, but still, let this be a lesson, NEVER TRUST ME!
  • Batman #31: Zero Year keeps on Zero Yearing, we're getting close to the end, and I'm looking forward to what comes next.
  • Batman Eternal #8: The single issue set-up stories are over, and now comes the fun part with regular arcs, and Guillem March on art for a couple of issues. Not sure which writer is handling this arc.
  • Nightwing #30: Nightwing is dead! Sorta. Dick Grayson lives, and we get the setup for the upcoming Grayson
Still super curious as to what Nightwing #30 originally was, but maybe that'll be one of those things where enough time passes, James Tynion could potentially say something about. Until then (if ever), oh well!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #7

Turns out that trucker wasn't the only explosion on that block we left off at, as Pyg's current residence goes up in flames, and he's none too happy, so he and his Dollotrons go a bit nuts, all while Batman is trying to take control of the chaos.

SPOILERS: Batman and Frankenstein #31

Batman and Titus have tracked Ra's al Ghul to where Nanda Parbat once stood (No idea what happened to it in Forever Evil, it vanished, or something) and they're not alone, as Frankenstein, still a little displeased with the last time he and Batman met, rudely greets the Dark Knight by picking him up by the neck and beating him in anger.

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #6

Harley and Syborg's mission to take out former Soviet spies continue, right after Harley lifts the jewelry off the hands of their previous target, dropping her into a flaming building, while they escape in a news helicopter.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #31

It's been a couple of nights and Batwoman is keeping watch over a statue that she believes/knows the paintings Wolf-Spider stole lead to, but so far, no luck. FLASH BACK! A little while before, Maggie attempts to get a really good family law lawyer on her side for the custody battle, and Kate donates some significant financial backing to get the wheels turning, despite the lawyer's busy schedule. Meanwhile, that lady from Arkham, Nocturna? She's been acquitted of murdering her husband.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #31

So Old Lobo's got a plan for the weapon he's stolen or made or whatever. Create a black hole, harness it's energy then make it into a laser that destroys worlds, or something. There's a war coming he says (between Rann and Thanagar) and someone would pay a high price tag for such a weapon.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Well, that was quick...

Oh... hey Dick. Not dead? That's cool.

And screw off with any "DUDE! SPOILERS!" complaints, because I mean, really.

Full Forever Evil #7 preview here.

Batman Group August 2014 Solicitations

Solicit time! There are a few things to make note of this month, so here's what you should know:
  • Batman is going to be drawn by Matteo Scalera while Greg Capullo and co. take a deserved break. I bet we might see them back in October, or perhaps November if this being a two parter remains true. 
  • A new issue of Batman/Superman actually got solicited... hopefully no more delays (knock on wood)
  • Harley Quinn is double shipping for some reason, which is fine by me. John Timms draws the second issue this month.
  • Will Pfeifer and Rafa Sandoval are back on Red Hood? I don't fucking know what's going on there. But Lobdell is posting a solicit with himself as writer on his Facebook page, so who knows?
  • Batwing and Birds of Prey are cancelled.
  • It's not noted on the solicits, but Tim Seeley has confirmed he's scripting Eternal #18-20
So there's your news and notes for August. It'll be awhile until we get any new solicits (July, probably) so you better savor these!

Batwing gets Cancelled in August

I think Luke Fox is a pretty okay character, and the mid-series reboot of Batwing was well-needed and interesting, even though I've not been a fan of the current story. Despite all that, sales didn't improve, but the book kept going. It got to the point where the last couple of months have been me asking just how exactly this book is still going on. Well, that question got answered today, as August will see the final issue of Batwing published... Sort of. There's still the September Futures End issue to follow it, but #34 will be the final official issue.

Joining Batwing on the chopping block will be Birds of Prey, which has been a jumbled mess of great ideas and characters being dropped in favor for ideas and characters no one gives a damn about. That one is a mercy kill in my book.

And finally, if you're interested, All-Star Western, Worlds' Finest, Superboy, Trinity of Sin: Pandora and Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger have been cancelled as well.

(Source: DC Comics)

Batman Eternal #7 Preview

Between Lord Death Man in Talon and Professor Pyg in this preview, I think Tim Seeley is now the go-to guy for keeping consistent with the general Morrison weirdness that some other writers fail to achieve in their characterizations of these characters. Can't wait to see what he does with Spyral in Grayson.

(Source: DC Comics)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #31 Preview

Hey look, that other Lobo, the original one, who DC seems to have no plans on dealing with... You know, with the other new Lobo just doing his own thing. Yeah, that makes sense. I mean... why didn't they just put the New Lobo in here?

(Source: Pop Matters)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stack Rundown, 05/17/2014

So I've come to a realization... You may notice, I don't have as many weeks were I cover a good number of books, well into the teens. I've noticed this too. I was wondering why this is happening, and it's mainly for two reasons. First, Image books ship when-the-fuck-ever, then go on hiatus for two to three months, and second, I'm just generally reading less now. Mainly, the number of DC books I read has plummeted through losing interest or actively being turned off a series, but even with Marvel and some Image, I've stopped buying books out of habit and if I really don't care... Welp, bye.

With that in mind, no Image books for me to talk about this week! Then there's only two DC books I read outside of Gotham! So you know what that means, heavy Marvel week.

Friday, May 16, 2014

September Futures End Creative Teams Announced

Last month, we got the September solicits a bit early, but there was a problem... no word on who was writing or drawing any of the issues. Sure, DC wanted to avoid the whole ordering mess that was last September with the 3D covers, but still, kind of weird/weak/lame/etc.

Today, ahead of August solicits, DC announced the various teams for each issue, and of course, I've got the Bat books all lined up for you.

Batwoman #31 Preview

This was one of those previews where I really had a hard time trying to find a suitable image for the header within it... So, fuck it. There you go, look at that statue! I got something to do anyways...

(Source: The Mary Sue)

Harley Quinn #6 Preview

This just in: This book is super weird and crazy... thus, amazing.

(Source: Newsarama)

Batman and Frankenstein #31 Preview

BEEP BEEP, ice fisherman! Batman coming through! On important Batman business!

What a dick!

(Source: 13th Dimension)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Batman Eternal August Solicitations

Rundown of what to expect from Eternal in August: Andy Clarke returns for an issue, followed by two issues illustrated by Emanuel Simeoni, and finally one more by Jason Fabok. In terms of story, the solicits reveal why Alfred was seen in a straight jacket on the Thanksgiving teaser. Finally, Alex Garner of Batgirl fame has cover duties for the month. Still hoping to see some Jenny Frison covers for the series, especially given she and Tim Seeley work in the same studio, and you know, Revival too. But that's just me!

Hit the jump for the solicit text.

Looking Forward: May 21st, 2014

And here comes another big week for spoiler posts!
  • Batman Eternal #7: Tim Seeley wraps up the string of single issues by each writer, and word is, he might be tackling a good deal of the Catwoman stuff in this series, so I'm looking forward to that.
  • Batman and Frankenstein #31: These two didn't exactly leave off on the best of terms, so it'll be interesting to see why they work together.
  • Harley Quinn #6: Harley Quinn kills elderly spies FOR AMERICA! or maybe she's just killing a crazy old man's perceived enemies, who knows!?
  • Batwoman #31: Pretty sure this is the final confrontation between Batwoman and Wolf-Spider, who is obviously her art dealer friend.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #31: Will Pfeifer's last issue, and I'm still pretty undecided if I'm going to give Lobdell another shot. Maybe he should just write and never do any interviews or participate in any panels? That might make him more tolerable. 
A few other notes: Not covering Batman/Superman #11 due to it now being a Superman: Doomed tie-in. Also, something called "Forever Evil #7" comes out next week? Not sure what that's all about.

Did solicits come out this week? I don't know, it's Friday afternoon while I write this and we've already seen the Futures End solicits as well as Marvel making an announcement for a writer change on X-Men. Well, if they didn't, then expect those too.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dick Grayson's New Partner is WHO!?

Ladies and gentlemen... Helena Bertinelli is back!

"But what about Worlds' Finest #1 saying she's dead!" WHO CARES!? What has Worlds' Finest given you other than two years worth of stories where nothing happens? HELENA B IS BACK!

Who, what, how?! I don't know! I haven't even read the fucking interview yet, but I don't care! This is nuts! Nuts I say!

EDIT: Okay, actually read the interview… Man this sounds great. Note, this is not Helena as the Huntress, it's straight up just her as an agent of Spyral, and a good one, as she's going to be the pro, Dick is going to be the scrub… Can't wait!

(Source: Newsarama)

Batman #34 Solicit and Artist Revealed

Greg Capullo, Danny Miki and FCO are gonna need a break following the conclusion of Zero Year in July, so with that, we're going to get another guest artist to fill-in for the main team in August (and probably for Futures End in September). Who is it this time? None other than Black Science's Matteo Scalera! He's very good, and I'm very happy.

Art and cover by MATTEO SCALERA
1:25 Variant cover by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE
ZERO YEAR is over, and the events of BATMAN: ETERNAL have put Gotham City in a tailspin, but Batman is focused on finding a killer who has haunted his hometown in secret for years. This special issue features art by Matteo Scalera (DEADPOOL, Black Science) and sets the stage for the next major Batman story in the fall.
On sale AUGUST 13 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

(Source: Comic Vine)

Batman Beyond 2.0 Goes Weekly

I haven't made a post about Batman Beyond 2.0 here in awhile, and that's because it's in the middle of an alternate universe crossover with Justice League Beyond 2.0, which I don't to read, so I don't really want to spend time on contextualize everything that happens in Batman. But nevertheless, once that's over, Batman Beyond 2.0 coverage will resume, and with a bang.

Starting with chapter #25, Batman Beyond 2.0 is going weekly with the big story of what has happened between Bruce and Terry, with big flashback sequences, all in the vein of something as big to the universe as Return of the Joker was... Oh and, Phantasm is back. Along with that news, Phil Hester will be drawing the new arc, along with Eric Wight, a character designer on the Batman Beyond show, who will be illustrating the flashbacks. Still not over! Kyle Higgin's C.O.W.L. (his new Image series which comes out in two weeks, #1 is very good) co-writer Alec Siegel will also be joining the book as co-writer.

So yeah, that's what I get for dropping coverage of the crossover... once it comes back, twice the work to do along with a crazy as storyline. Serves me right.

(Source: CBR)

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #6

Gotham is a weird place at the moment, as heroes like Batwing are going up against villains like Gentleman Ghost. Why? Who knows! But when Batman shows up with a Nth Metal batarang, he pretty much goes "Man, this place is weird!" too! But beneath them, Doctor Phosphorus is out, and up to something below Gotham.

SPOILERS: Batgirl #31

Right in the middle of the bad stuff, we begin with Barbara's roommate Alysia and a number of other activists trapped in a big cooperate skyscraper. Seems they were up to no good, and the cooperation that Alysia and company were going to "vandalize" caught on, and hired some help to clean up the mess... That help being the wonderfully twisted Ragdoll, who stalks each of them, picking them off one by one.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Guillem March's Batman Eternal #12 Cover

Man, it's been awhile since DC updated with any new Eternal covers, but nevertheless, here's the cover for Batman Eternal #12, Guillem March's last (for now).

What secrets of Batman Eternal can be found in this cover?! Well… I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's definitely, probably Batman… Maybe!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stack Rundown, 05/10/2014

DC continues riding the weekly train, oh look, another Marvel event, and more great Image series to read. So basically, it was your average week in the comics industry.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Batman Eternal #6 Preview

Batwing fighting Gentleman Ghost... huh. Well that's strange.

And this is the last preview I've got to post for next week... sooooo, see you guys in a couple of days?

(Source: CBR)

Batgirl #31 Preview

It's no secret that I haven't really enjoyed any of Gail Simone's New 52 work as much as I did her original Birds of Prey run or Secret Six, but man, Ragdoll's return is making me excited.

(Source: Multiversity Comics)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Batman/Superman #11's New Contents

We all know the story of Batman/Superman too well... Jae Lee given a good number of issues off, then the book goes into a crossover with another artist solicited, but no wait! Jae Lee should draw that! Oh, also, he should draw a good deal of the Annual too! What could go wrong?

Oh yeah... massive delays, out of order crossovers, inventory issues, and the same future issue being solicited three months in a row.

So, with that last point of what could go wrong, after the new arc was solicited for a third time, it was clear that this week's #10 wasn't the only issue that was going to have its contents changed, #11 being the obvious issue that would have to change as well... but no one said anything. Then this interview with Greg Pak popped up at Comic Vine, where he mentioned #11 would be something special... Being the cynic I am, I figured it was just going to be a Superman: Doomed tie-in.

And I was right. So you know what that means? Not buying or covering this one. Also... last minute crossover inclusions? Oh, DC.

Panels of the Week, 05/08/2014

This is one of those posts where I used panels from the slider up top and felt pretty lazy. OH WELL. It's my site, I do what I want! You can't tell me what to do!

Looking Forward: May 14th, 2014

Hey, remember Secret Six? That was great... We get Secret One next week, but it's not the same.
  • Batman Eternal #6: Ray Fawkes takes his solo issue to the creepy shit in Arkham. I bet we get more Spectre and Deacon Blackfire, because they're TOTES creepy.
  • Batgirl #31: Ragdoll gets all up on Batgirl and I'm sure he says something very inappropriate... or two... or you know, three.
Another short week coming up, but you know what that means? Like five or six books to cover the following week. With that in mind, make sure to support the site by shopping at any of my affiliate shops linked through the banners.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #5

Something is up with the kids Pyg supposedly infected, and Tim Drake knows it. Doing scans on all the kids who were kidnapped by Pyg, Tim figures out that they were all showing odd flue like symptoms before they were brought to the museum, and it's all connected to where they live, a projects building in the Narrows... the same one Harper and Cullen row live in, and uh oh, Cullen feels sick!