Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stack Rundown, 04/26/2014

Man, it was a super slim week for me, in general. I read a shit ton of books, this is well documented... where'd they all go?! Even with the books I covered on the site this week, I only read six... SIX. Remember weeks where I'd have like thirteen books to cover in this post alone?

I don't exactly miss the work though...

Justice League United #0

I don’t think DC understands what a #0 issue is anymore… can anyone really explain what the point of making this issue #0 rather than #1 was? It’s not like this was a prelude setting up things, this was just the straight up beginning of the arc. Anyways… SO! New Justice League book! In a post-Forever Evil world, where that event gets mentioned in a single line, then gets swept right under the rug, which is how I predict most titles will deal with it. It was enjoyable, pretty okay honestly. Not completely sold on it, but I’m willing to give the book an honest shot, because the team has a really varied cast with a lot of potential dynamics to establish between them, and the art looks nice enough. This is basically going to be a cosmic Justice League, so because of the team’s nature, it’s really hard to say how much they’ll really tie into the universe. If I had to guess, it seems like this book is going to be doing it’s own thing, which is fine, but as someone who isn’t really a HUGE fan of anyone in particular on the roster, I just hope whatever the title does do is interesting enough to keep my attention.

Red Lanterns #30

I feel like there’s another shift coming towards this book, we’ve had almost a year of Guy Gardner as the Red Lantern Corps “leader,” and now it seems like a Red Lanterns civil war is coming. We got Atrocitus trying to find the new Red Lantenrs, the current Reds questioning their allegiances, and so on. Not sure what would actually come from this, because we’re definitely not getting a united Corps. and I can’t see an ongoing conflict really sustaining an extended plot line, so I can’t really guess what’s going to happen over the spring/summer. As for the specific contents of this issue, another red is born is the main event, and eh, whatever, don’t really care too much about that, and it seems they sort of messed up with “The Judge” being able to speak and be in control of her actions immediately following her getting a ring, but oh well. I did enjoy the scene between Supergirl and Bleez which really helped humanize the reds a bit, showing that maybe their not all for the constant anger, which is good, because when the Corps. was created, aside from Atrocitus, everyone else was completely one note, so variation is nice.

Uncanny Avengers #19

You know what’s kind of weird about this arc so far? It’s pretty straight forward. Not that it’s bad or anything, but after all this crazy shit and even though it’s in a pretty weird setting, it’s all fairly easy to digest. Mutant world, Havok wants to fix it, has to team up with Kang. Simple. Things have definitely cooled off, as I’m not as hyped on this book as I was a couple of months ago, but I mean… how do you get even more hyped after the world blows up? Kind of tough to top that. This arc reminds me a lot of the Uncanny X-Force arc where they go into the future, and I forget what the situation was, but X-Force basically was the ruling government and what not, and hell, that Psylocke is even on Kang’s team (loved regular Psylocke’s interaction with her).  So while things are a little more mellow (by comparison) I still love this book, and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Elektra #1

This was one of those Marvel books where I have no knowledge of the character, but whatever, might as well try. This time around, my reasoning to give this book a shot was more centered around Mike Del Mundo’s art, which is fucking amazing. The layouts and colors are just so vibrant and full of life, it’s hard not to stare. Haden Blackman has got some luck with the artists he’s been working with recently. That said, while I thought the issue was overall pretty solid, it really didn’t do a whole lot to get me interested in the character to the point where I’d actually be interested in following this book more for the art. Like, I get it… Elektra is a bad ass assassin looking to do assassin things… but that doesn’t interest me a whole lot, nor do the twists or possibilities this book could lead to. That corner of the Marvel universe really isn’t my thing. In the end, I read a lot, thus spend a lot, so I can’t really justify to myself reading the title only for the art, so unfortunately I feel like I’ll have to give this one a pass. Maybe when issue #2 comes around I'll be in the mood to give it another shot to make me interested in Elektra, but who knows.

Zero #7

This was a very shocking issue, to say the least. For a good part of the issue, I was confused who Edward was with… I initially thought it was Roman, his handler, as we see him in the beginning, but the guy Edward is with through the issue has black hair… but going back, he looks exactly the way this issue’s artist draws Roman in the beginning, so, it’s Roman… also, the last things he says confirms that to… But damn, that ending. What the fuck? Other than the last couple of pages, this wasn’t my favorite issue, as it was very light on details or context, but when I think about it, I guess that’s sort of the point. Perhaps the holes of just what happened in Mexico, or why, will be filled in later, perhaps they won’t, what’s important was what happened in those final couple of pages, and it was sort of nuts.

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