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Stack Rundown, 04/19/2014

Today's Stack Rundown post was brought to you by the letter 'X.' Also, no Image titles for me this week, and barely any next week... I'm going through withdrawal, someone help me. Also also, Forever Evil?

Justice League #29

Oh yeah… Forever Evil. That’s a thing… I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty over Forever Evil in general. I mean, I’ll read the finale, but in terms of investment and enthusiasm, they lost it all from me with how it’s been sputtering out near the end. It just didn’t turn out to be that big, pretty much every other book is ignoring it, an so on. Oh well. Anyways, Metal Men… they were cool, the fight between Grid and Cyborg took an interesting twist too. I will say thought that this was one of the best looking issues Doug Mahnke has drawn recently. Super consistent across the board with the inkers, and just some flat out great looking pages, like the one with Grid in the rain. If anything, it was a great looking issue, that’s for sure.

Wonder Woman #30

Now who would have thought that even when the Amazons come back, there are still problems with them? Seems they’re not too happy with Diana given she’s technically their queen at the moment, as well as an Olypinan god, who are to blame for everything that’s happened to the Amazons recently. Where Wonder Woman is trying to rally the Amazons, you got First Born doing is own thing, being a total dick, and targeting others gods, and it’s clear we’re getting ready for the big shebang. Who knows when this is gonna end? If I had to guess, I’d say August, before the Futures End tie in nonsense, because it’s not like this book to tie into anything… Although, Azzarello is writing that book as well. Who knows!

American Vampire: Second Cycle #2

Well, that didn’t take long for things to get really good! I thought Snyder would take a little bit longer to flesh out The Gray Trader, but nope, we get an up close and personal with his creepy face and turns out he might be the fucking devil! How’s that fore raising the stakes? This book has always had a horror element to it, but I don’t think I’ve ever found a single issue as creepy as I did wight his one. We get all sorts of supposed demonic practices, like demons using the voices of loved ones to trick victims, you know, stuff those dumb ghost hunting TV shows tell you about. But damn, that panel with the Gray Trader cradling that dude’s head with his… I don’t know, I guess it’s a tongue? Fucking creepy as shit. Like Eternal, the first issue sold me on the series, but the second really got me excited about it.

Wolverine #4

It took four issues, but I finally got back to my point of concern all along… I just don’t like reading solo Wolverine. He’s just kind of a dick, and while I think him going deep undercover and being a dick for a reason is clever, I just don’t find it interesting. One of two things is going to happen. 1. Wolverine isn’t going to die. 2. Wolverine is going to die, and he’ll be back within a year, because this is Marvel and Wolverine is popular. Either way, I really just don’t give a damn, and the total lack of consistency between this book and all the other titles Wolverine is appearing in is becoming a joke at this point. Whatever, I think I’m done.

Amazing X-Men #6

I’m bummed that Jason Aaron didn’t get to stick around on this series, but if he was going out, this was probably the best way he could, bring back a beloved character and end his time on X-Men with a really nice heartfelt issue about said character. Of course I’m talking about Nightcrawler, and this issue saw all the X-Men coming together (even Wolverine and Cyclops) in a bar to celebrate his return. Obviously, there has to be some conflict, which happens in the form of Mystique and Kurt’s father doing some stuff, and at this point, I’d wish the X books would pull the trigger on whatever the hell Mystique is actually doing. She’s just sort of been in the background of some books and posing as Dazzler in Uncanny… doing stuff. Someone just make that story happen already! Anyways, Cameron Stewart jumped in on this issue’s art, and I haven’t read anything from him in awhile so that was cool to see. He seems to have changed up his style a bit, with this issue reflecting more of his webcomic stuff I’ve seen, than say Leviathan Strikes which had super clean and thinner lines. But anyways, good issue, sad to see Aaron go.

Wolverine and the X-Men #3

Speaking of Wolverine inconstancies!  I don’t know, I don’t have a lot to say about this issue. I enjoy how it’s sort of kind of expanding upon that very first Remender Uncanny X-Force arc with Ethan and Apocalypse, only now we get the Phoenix element in it too. Just one of those books where it’s perfectly enjoyable, I just don’t have a whole lot to say about it.

Uncanny X-Men #20

I’m starting to feel a bit uncomfortable towards the way Bendis writes Mystique and her allies talking about Dazzler. We’re a couple steps away from them just referring to her as “Bitchy Whore Slut-Slut.” I get it, they’re bad people, and think Dazzler sold out their race, but for fuck’s sake, tone it down. Anyways, for what this book is doing right: It’s actually moving a plot forward again. I think I mentioned last issue that this book saw something like 5 one and done issues in a row, and those can be fine, but five in a row? Yeah, let’s keep things moving, shall we? Now we’re getting the whole X-Men vs. SHIELD thing, but there’s a secret third player that not even SHIELD is aware about, and meanwhile, like I mentioned in my Amazing X-Men bit, Mystique is doing something in the background while she’s not calling Dazzler a whore. But that’s all that it took for me to get back into this book, progression! Something’s happening, and I’m enjoying it… outside of the slut-bitch parts.

X-Men #13

Holy shit is that back-up a total waste of space! There are times in this book where I really wish some things were expanded on, aka, I wish there were a couple more pages to explain something well, but nope, pointless backup story taking away pages from the main story! Take for instance the fact that Rachel and Sublime were apparently a couple? That was just mentioned somewhere earlier in this series and I went back through each issue to try and figure out what the fuck they were talking about, and there was nothing… Then it got brought up again and I’m still confused what the fuck went on between those two. You know what would have helped? Extra pages! OH WAIT! Pointless story about X-Kids in the danger room. The main (shortened) story seems alright, learn more about Shogo. That could be cool, but jesus christ, enough with the back-ups.

X-Force #3

I’ll admit, after thinking the first issue of this book was damn near garbage, it has certainly shaped up a bit, especially with this issue focused around Psylocke… who has a couple of issues, let’s say. She basically takes command during a key point in a mission and just flips every upside down for the team, and reveals that she knows quite a bit about her teammates and the secrets they’re keeping, being that she’s a psychic and all. Really good issue that demonstrated that there’s quite a bit of depth to what’s going on here. Even shit like Fantomex’s excessive french stereotype dialogue seems to have a reason given there’s a moment where Betsy corrects him and calls him a fraud in private. Speaking of Fantomex… there’s no way Betsy should have been able to get into his mind or knock him out buuuuuuutttt, let’s let that one slide. So yeah, while I thought this book started off really rough, it’s gotten better since. Best issue, by far.

Thor: God of Thunder #21

Okay, this is pretty good… Evil corporation sues the Norse God of Thunder… That’s fantastic. I mean… are we really going to see Thor brought to court? I doubt it, because how the hell would you do that? But if Jason Aaron really does want to go that way, I fully support it, because that’s totally ridiculous and I’d love to see it. For those not reading this, basically you know all that oil drilling controversy with fire water and all that? Imagine if some evil cooperation really wanted to get back at Thor, so they legally moved into that town he loves with the front of doing good by the community and creating jobs, but polluting the area to hell in the process… That’s what happened, and Thor can’t do a thing, because it’s legal and they’re suing him. This is a comic about a god! And he’s being sued! Just think about that… Meanwhile in the future Thor and Galactus are fighting, still not sure what the point of that is outside of it being a cool fight, but whatever… let’s get back to Thor being sued!

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