Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stack Rundown, 04/12/2014

These next two weeks are pretty slim on my pull outside of Batman books, I mean hell, this week I finished my pull on Wednesday, I don't know when that happened last. Next week I don't even have a single Image book to read... April sucks!

Superman/Wonder Woman #7

This book is super weird, and I still don’t know what to think about it. This issue leaned super hard into the romance aspect, and because of it, we got a good amount of what my least favorite part about this book is: Wonder Woman being treated like a damsel. Oh Diana gets some sun to shine through on Clark, and then that out of place event where Harrow’s Ghost Soldiers attack her (with ZERO explanation) and now a weak Superman has to sack the fuck up and carry his love in his arms to get healing voodoo, or whatever. Fuck that noise. I love Charles Soule’s writing, but I just can’t stand when this book gets into this territory. I’m sure this is all due to DC wanting to push the romantic element, but it just doesn’t work, and still seems so forced. No one wants to see a weak Wonder Woman being carried in Superman’s arms so he can save her by getting help… No one who understands Wonder Woman, that is. Okay… maybe people who enjoy pandering romance tropes would enjoy it, but screw them. There’s no reason she shouldn’t be wearing the pants in this relationship, and then some… Then the dance scene just seemed weird, and I don’t know, Doomsday? Sure.

Justice League 3000 #5

Nothing like an issue consisting of some lackluster fill in art to make me take a step back and reevaluate my desire to read this story… and the answer is no. The book is entertaining for what it is, but I’m not going to lie to myself and say I’m really invested in the story, because I’m not. Just one of those detached things that don’t really matter, but manages to make a couple good jokes here and there. I also have no interest in the oncoming angst of “we’re not clones, we’re parasites!” that’s already starting to happen. Just do not care.

Nightcrawler #1

I love the angle this book is taking… Take an X-Men who was a pretty big part of the team in the good old days, then he was dead, now he’s back, and BOY HOWDY… everything sure is fucked up, and he has to deal with it. Put a perfect fit artist on it like Todd Nauck, and there’s a good chance I’m going to really enjoy it… which I did! Surprise! Nightcrawler is a fun character, and I definitely enjoyed him in the X material I read prior to his death, so it’s good to have him back. I did find it a little weird that there was a disconnect between where Jason Aaron left Kurt off in Amazing X-Men #5 (somewhat regretting that he just gave up his soul) meanwhile that doesn’t seem to be a factor Claremont is dealing with, or not at the moment. Maybe Marvel should have gotten Amazing X-Men #6 out before this? I don’t know, but regardless, fun start to the series, and if it covers a larger spectrum of the X universe, it could be very interesting… Also, lol Wolverine continuity. 

All-New X-Men #25

So, this was an anniversary issue? I guess? I mean, does a book getting to 25 issues matter in this day and age? That said, Beast is prime suspect #1 for me with Original Sin coming up. Why? Well, because this issue is just the Watcher being a fucking dick to him. “Look how you fucked up! But don’t worry, here’s the good that could possible come, BUT IT WON’T! Because you disgust me. Fuck you.” That’s pretty much the watcher in this issue. I’m sure there’s a lot to appreciate with the various artists who contributed to this issue, but once you get past all the splash pages, I thought it was just another issue that didn’t amount to much, basically because the Watcher doesn’t amount to much other than being a dick. Those random web comic like stories in the middle of the issue were pretty good though… especially the Scott and Logan friends forever one.

Secret Avengers #2

I really like this book… and if it was just Hawkeye and his ex girlfriends making fun of him, I’d probably enjoy it more… But unfortunately I guess there has to be other characters. This book is a lot more light-hearted and fun loving than I had thought it was going to be, which is somewhat of a surprise to me, coming off Ales Kot’s Zero. I though the was going to continue that hardcore spy thriller type stuff, just with the Marvel U, but I can definitely appreciate this title’s tone. I did think there were a couple of problems with the issue, mainly that it just seems to skip over large chunks of info, like why this guy is trying to kill Maria, I don’t even remember where the whole falling satellites thing came from, and everyone just sort of passed over just how Black Widow, Spiderwoman and Hawkeye figured out how to stop them. Other than that, I still thought the issue was really entertaining, and I’m glad I decided to pick up this series.

Deadpool #27

$10 issue… uuuum… I wish there was an option just to pick up the main story. Luckily, a GS reader donated me their digital code, so I can’t complain about the price, but I almost didn’t bother. Moving on, I really liked this issue. I like Shikla and I like the fact that her and Wade’s relationship seems generally mutual, and no one seems to have creepy ulterior motives. This issue was just fun, as the married couple really make for an entertaining read, and now that we’ve gotten past the Preston in Wade’s head deal, I’ll gladly welcome Shikla is the new main supporting cast. I’ll be interested to see how she reacts to everything that’s coming in Wade’s life. The rest of the stories, eh, they were hit or miss. Just stories about wade’s previous “marriages,” and none of them really mattered to me, which is why I would have just preferred to read the main story… also, holy crap Joe Kelly, so many words. SO MANY.

Invincible #110

Ever since I saw the cover to this issue, I knew what was going to happen… Mark and Eve were going to break up, and given the fight they had two issues ago, it was pretty clear that it was going to happen… Then it did! And god fucking damn it, you know we’re getting into one of those patterned Kirkman misery phases, where everything is bad, nothing good happens, oh sorry, you spent 109 issues reading this relationship grow? Fuck it! It’s done now! …Oh yeah, then Mark gets violently raped. PLOT TWIST. What’s next? Oh yeah, Robot killing everyone. HAPPY TIMES FOR INVINCIBLE. I’ll be curious to see if any major comic sites actually cover this, because it’s definitely worth discussing, or will they just ignore it because it’s a dude… Wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not going to go into it, because this isn’t the platform and I’m not the person to discuss such things, but it did it’s job and made things super uncomfortable. Not sure I’m looking forward to months of angst on end now.


  1. "So, this was an anniversary issue? I guess? I mean, does a book getting to 25 issues matter in this day and age?"

    The way Marvel constantly relaunches books lately? Hell, I'll be surprised if they ever let a book get to issue 50 before another relaunch.

    1. A very cynical point, but nonetheless accurate. I APPROVE!

  2. "I’ll be curious to see if any major comic sites actually cover this, because it’s definitely worth discussing...."

    dude all the sites have been all over this issue. Finally glad to see Invincible getting some coverage. It was a big deal.

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    1. Yeah... Because this isn't the Eternal #1 post.