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Stack Rundown, 04/05/2014

See Marvel, all you have to do is put Domino in everything, and I'll buy it all. Batman? Who?! Domino is that real shit! Seriously... I just read 79 straight pages of a book I wasn't reading a couple of days ago, just to get to one page of Domino. Just leaving money on the table, Marvel.

Swamp Thing #30

Swamp Thing continues to be on of DC’s best books month to month, so of course this issue isn’t much different. After last issue, we get the obvious fallout of Alec not having his body and the Sureen not really being the real Sureen (which there’s only one of in reality). There’s also a Vandal Savage cameo, because of course he and Capucine (a sort of immortal) are buddies. I loved the way Capucine introduced Vandal to Alec, basically saying “This is an immortal who does terrible things to people and shouldn’t be trusted, but we’re cool.” Despite all the plot A stuff, I still have to say that the plot B stuff with Wolf and Lady Weeds being super secret and cunning is what interests me the most about the book at the moment… They’re up to something, and it’s not really clear what, but I really want to know!

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #18

I was pretty unsure of whether or not I was actually going to buy this issue, as I dropped this and all the Forever Evil: Blight books halfway through that crossover, because I kind of thought it was stupid, and had decided that I for sure wouldn’t be picking up Constantine, Pandora or JLD after the fact. I was willing to give this book another shot, as I did like it quite a bit prior to the crossover, and well… nope. Going to be dropping this too. My interest in the “Dark” corner of the DCU has pretty much been killed completely, unless we still count Swamp Thing. This arc just seems to be going back to Sin Eater, who was the main villain in pretty much every issue prior to the crossover, and, I don’t know, I’m just kind of bored of him already. The issue couldn’t keep my attention and I just have zero investment in the title now.

Green Arrow #30

You know, I’m going to be bummed if the reveal that Robert Queen is still alive was just to kill him again. His reintroduction into the mythos definitely twists things up again, and could have made things pretty interesting… but I don’t know, an arrow directly through the heart seems like something that would be hard to come back from… and a Bon Jovi song. Outside of that, another good issue. Lots of personal moments between Ollie and Robert, lots of fighting, as the “War” in “Outsiders War” actually started this issue, lots of great Sorrentino art. You know what’s crazy? This was Andrea Sorrentino’s 15th issue in a row, and there looks to be no fill-in in sight. Talk about The New 52’s most consistent artist.

Earth 2 #22

Well, this issue went by quickly. I'd say I'm getting pretty tired of evil Superman already, but I don't want to repeat myself again, so I'll just leave it that. I did enjoy the interaction between Lois and Val-Zod, it definitely seems like she's grooming a new Superman for Earth 2, I mean, there's already a new Batman, and how long is it until Fury or whatever turns good? There you go. But again, this is just one of those issues that nothing really big happens, nothing progresses that much, and it just read really quickly. Felt like I was done with the issue in five minutes.

Action Comics #30

This was a weird issue for me, one part of me thought it was enjoyable enough, the other thought it was sort of rushed to wrap up everything going on with Ghost Soldier and Harrow so Superman: Doomed could start next month. The problem I had is that there was really no set up to the conflict, Superman just shows up and the fighting starts. We don't really know who or what Harrow is, why she is, and all that… Just no context, but hey, this is the New 52… who needs context?! Then of course there was this thing with Wonder Woman that hasn't happened yet… something out of order from DC?! Shocking. Oh, and this entire run has been post Forever Evil too… SURPRISE! But seriously… no other book really gives crap about Forever Evil, let's be honest.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #3

Not gonna lie, I thought this issue was a little bit of a step back for me, in terms of enjoyment. Instead of the lovable scamp Loki we got in the first two issues, this one focused on the other old (I guess really evil?) Loki, who goes back into time to do some Asgardian lore stuff, and sets up whatever that sword was that Loki apparently was after in the All New Marvel Now Point One issue. No idea what any of that is really about, but I just wasn’t wild about this issue. The first two with the more enjoyable Loki were really unique, and I praised them for being all sorts of tongue and cheek and just that close to breaking the fourth walk with their structure. This issue was more just like… Asgardian fairy tale, nowhere near as unique as the first two. Wasn’t bad, I just didn’t like it as much.

The Punisher #4

I think it was late Wednesday when someone told me Domino appeared in this issue… Now I love me some Domino, so what’s the natural thing for me to do? Buy codes for each issue and read 79 pages straight just to get to page 80 with Domino. Yep! Good thing this was actually a pretty good book. Truth be told, I had heard good things, the art looks great and Nathan Edmonson has been doing well with Black Widow, so it was on my radar, I just never got around to caring enough to try it out… Until Domino got involved. But yeah, I enjoyed these issues… I’ve never been a Punisher fan before, but I’ve never been a fan of a lot of Marvel characters before, so nothing new there. I can get behind the Punisher’s viewpoint of a more permanent solution, because I’ve read enough super hero books to be cynical enough not to buy into the “No killing, justice will prevail!” bullcrap… because it doesn’t… Have I mentioned I really like Domino?

She-Hulk #3

This is one of those books that I don't really need to be reading, just because I hold no real love for the character, but whatever… it's fun. How many books set in a superhero universe deal with United States political asylum laws for the kid of that universe's biggest villains? It's just so weird! This is the kind of book that I really enjoy from Marvel, because it's so out of the ordinary and something you'd never find in DC, whose just doing "Villain bad! Hero punch villain! Hero good!" I think ending was a little abrupt though, I had to look at the solicits for the next issue to figure out if that was the end of the story or if it was being continued next issue… yeah, next issue. 

Moon Knight #2

Maybe I’m just not cool enough to get this issue… but I thought its as kind of a waste of time. Didn’t help that reading it on the iPad, comixology broke up what were meant to be double page spreads read all the way from left to right into single pages. Once I figured that out (just read it on the web reader, and thought the way panels got omitted was clever), the rest of the issue was just Moon Knight chasing down a sniper, with little to no dialogue until the the guy explains why he’s shooting people, and his last target just shows up, shoots the sniper, says something, the end! …Yeah, kinda just felt like this issue didn’t amount to anything. Art was absolutely fantastic though, so there’s that. Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire are knocking it out of the park, especially compared to their Deadpool arc, which wasn't bad looking, but given the visual style of Moon Knight, they're able to do so much more crazy shit with the art.

Black Widow #5

Oh hey, look a reveal… of a really obscure Marvel character who I’ve come no where close to hearing of… I’m sure he’s that obscure that even bigger, more well-versed Marvel fans might not even know that much about him, so we’re all on the relative same page! Maybe! Yeah, no idea who Damon Dran is, apparently he’s indestructible? But not anymore? Sure. I think he’s supposed to be the bad guy behind everything, but towards the end of the issue, it seems like he mentions himself being in danger, so that means there’s something else Black Widow is missing in the grand scheme of things? I don’t know, I got a bit confused there, but nevertheless… I’ll be confused all they want, as long as I keep getting to look at Phil Noto pages.

Black Science #5

Man, did this book get good this month. The eververse! It’s breaking! Ahhhh, crazy sci-fi, I love it. Things get even crazier when the eververse stuff gets thrown front and center with an alternate version of Grant and his wife trying to kidnap their own children, saying that every Grant McKay they come across get their kids killed. They also throw some wrenches into the whole process, trying to out Kadir as the saboteur, but of course Kadir blames Rebecca (who alternate Grant’s wife seems interested in for some reason?) and who knows, it could be either one of them! I can’t wait until the finale for this arc, because there should be a lot of shit going down in this next issue, and then, like many other Image titles, I have no idea where they could possibly go past the first arc, but I’m ready to have my mind blown.

Revival #19

I’m still kind of confused what all the “ghosts” are up to in this book, and that whole opening scene sort of made me depressed because 1. Ghosts are confusing and 2. Aw, poor dog. Moving past the first scene, still enjoyed the issue quite a bit, although, it wasn’t my favorite of the more recent releases. There just seems to be a lot of things simmering at the moment, leaving me waiting for something to boil over, and with the last page and the FBI agents, that could very well be next issue… But in the meantime, skateboarding Jesus?! Skateboarding Jesus.

Pretty Deadly #5

This issue was the conclusion to the first arc, and I have to say, I don’t think the longer than normal gap between issues really helped a whole lot. For a story that’s not exactly straight forward, just coming in after an extended wait, I thought it was a bit hard to follow, especially due to the conclusion. Also, while generally great, when things start getting chaotic, I find it a bit hard to follow Rios art, but then again, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time to really look at the image and analyze what’s going on, especially when it looks so good. All that said, I enjoyed the conclusion, had lots of action with beautiful art, and overall, I thought this first arc was pretty good. If there’s anything I’d hope for in the second arc, it be a hope for something a little more straightforward and focused on Ginny. I also wonder if there’s going to be a larger story at work, or if DeConnick is just going to treat each “volume” as it’s own individual story, which I’d be fine with, I’m just curious to see how this continues past the first arc, like many Image titles.

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