Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #30

The plan is simple... sort of. Jason and Kori go to the blown up Blackhawks base (see Blackhawks #8 for more, like that's a realistic thing to expect out of people, remember Blackhawks?) to steal a ship that will allow them to get into the SHADE micro base, so they can then steal a ship that'll take them into space... And all they have to get through is a crazy little robot security man, who despite the payload he's got on him, gets beat by Kori, but still chases them down after the duo flies away.

Meanwhile, Roy makes his move on Kori's old ship. Shoots a bunch of arrows connected to wire into the three aliens, but that doesn't do much to them, so they start kicking his ass all over the place, until he sends a huge electrical charge through the wires, into the arrows (still in them) which takes everyone out nice and cleanly.

Jason and Kori get into SHADE's base, and of course are met with Frankenstein. Jason is obviously no match for the undead tank, but Kori has a bit of an atomic upper hand. When they go to steal the ship, Frankenstein comes back for round two, but the robot that followed Jason and Kori from the Blackhawks base screws that up for Frank, and once again, the duo get away, into space where they contact Roy... but oh no, Pre-New 52 Lobo is on the ship with Roy and that's bad for him.


The Good:

Still the action adventure fun that I had missed from the series for awhile.

The Bad:

The story is starting to feel like fill-in... and based on what we've learned recently, that's pretty much what it is. There's also a good deal of fill-in art, and while I like R.B. Silva's work, I think everyone who has been inking him lately does him no favors. Rob Lean's inks made his work on Superboy look miles better than it does here, and some lackluster colors don't help much either. Also, I'm just going to point out that the Lobo situation is out of hand. What the hell is going on there?

The Bottom Line:

There's a distinct element of fun in these recent issues of Red Hood, but with the feeling that they're not going to amount to much other than laying out the red carpet for Lobdell's... "glorious" return, it's sort of hard to get that invested in the story. Sure, Red Hood and Starfire traveling the world, fighting Frankenstein is cool in a shared universe perspective, but there's no real depth to it. Given those issues I had with the story and the lackluster fill-in art, I thought this issue was just okay.


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