Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #5

Harley has one hell of a night. After meeting with Syborg, downing a couple chili-dogs and getting the intel she's supposed to study, she heads to a show in her building where she mistakes the act for being real, and ends up attacking everyone on stage. After that misunderstanding, Harley falls asleep studying Syborg's file of targets, then has a trippy chili-dog digestion field dream about russian espionage and whatnot.

After Harley's next day at work, when night falls, she's ready to go be a super-spy with Syborg, and their first target is "undercover" in a hospital. According to Syborg, his target is faking being in a coma, and is still very dangerous... But when they break into his room, it's pretty clear that the dude is in a coma. Nevertheless, Syborg still aims to assassinate the enemy spy, so he starts cutting chords, pulling out plugs, everything... but still can't kill a guy in a coma. So Harley takes it upon herself to grab all the tubes she can that are connected to the guy, and blow real hard on them, and pop... coma dude is dead!

The next target is a little more difficult to get to, as they've got armed security on the presence. Despite Syborg telling Harley to stay quite, she blows their "cover" by saying they've got a delivery from a deli, but then specifies the delivery being for a cheeseburger... which you'd be hard-pressed to find at a Jewish deli.

So a fight here, a fight there, and the duo of Harley and Syborg make their way into the building where they're met with their target who is all too willing to blow them all up... Which is exactly what happens! WILL HARLEY SURIVE!?

Yeah probably... but that's next issue.


The Good:

Harley is hilariously grim as ever... Watching an old man, who is in a scooter, and just so happens to be a cyborg, just failing at killing a dude in a coma is just so dumb and laughable, it's easy to forget what's happening is actually pretty messed up. But that's Harley Quinn for you, lots of messed up stuff happens, but the book is so ridiculous, it's pointless to even think of the word "consequences." 

Chad Hardin is back on this issue, and he's varied up his style a bit. I pointed it out in my preview post about this issue, but it looks as if he's using darker lines this issue, lots more heavy blacks than the previous issues, which look almost as if they were penciled lines. I obviously don't know quite exactly what I'm talking about, but the difference is there, so I'm just pointing that out because with the change, some crazy ass art goes down in that dream sequence, highlighted by Alex Sinclair's vibrant colors. 

The Bad:

The only thing I didn't really like about the issue was that the first half was a bit all over the place. It's almost as if Harley's got a case of ADD (imagine that) and rather than just seeing random hijinks, I wold have liked to have seen some background plot stuff develop in those pages... although, we did get that dream sequence out of that half.

The Bottom Line:

What can I say? Harley is as ridiculous and over the top as ever and it's still really, really fun. I mean, what else is there? Guess what! Harley does some inappropriate stuff here, and the people who are up this book's ass will probably still bitch and moan about it, but if you get this book, it's still hilarious and one of DC's funnest books to read each month.


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