Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwoman #30

So... I mean... there's a person with a Bat on their chest in Arkham, and all the D listers are released... what do you expect happens? Batwoman fights them a bit, then gives chase to Wolf-Spider, who gets away, but not before Kate tagging him with a tracking device.

Meanwhile, at the GCPD, as if an Arkham breakout wasn't bad enough, Maggie gets served with a subpoena to appear in court for a sole custody hearing involving her daughter.

Kate ends up tracking Wolf-Spider to her father's house and ends up sneaking in through a secret passage that was built by her great-grandfather who was a bootlegger. She finds Wolf-Spider attempting to steal his target, a painting she remembers from her childhood, and there fight gets interrupted by the man who hired Wolf-Spider, Grantham, who shoots Kate in the back, so he and Wolf-Spider can get away.

Of course that doesn't actually kill Kate, so she meets up with Bette back at her base and they start looking for clues in the paintings, the same thing Wolf-Spider and Grantham are doing elsewhere. Neither group sees anything in the paintings, until both Kate and Wolf-Spider spot the same thing, what that thing is, I don't know, but apparently when you overlay the paintings over a map of Gotham, they lead to something in the middle of the city.


The Good:

Jeremy Haun is back for the full issue this time, which is always a good thing in my book. I also continue to enjoy the drama that is brewing in the background with Maggie, sort of interested to see how they tie a custody hearing in outside of just having it be there just to be there.

The Bad:

Wish we actually saw what Kate and Wolf-Spider saw at the end of the issue, hell, I'm not even quite sure what they're after with these paintings, has that even been established yet? I also found some issue with the caption boxes switching narrators, I find it weird when a book switches from the protagonist to the antagonist, and Maggie's got some inner monologue there too. It just feels off to me, I think Kate should be the only one with the monologue, or at least none from Wolf-Spider, especially when switches are made on the same page.

The Bottom Line:

Outside of my narration gripes, I didn't find much wrong with this issue, and it certainly looked very nice. The one thing that stood out to me about this issue was that nothing much actually stood out, everything just felt a bit typical. Still not really sure what the paintings are supposed to lead too, the Arkham breakout wasn't all that interesting with D-list inmates, and so on. It was a fine issue, just not the best.


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