Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwing #30

Picking up where the last issue left off, Luke finds himself in the water with a giant prehistoric fish that's been living under Gotham, and well, it wants to eat him. No problem with that, fish swim and eat, but Luke has no interest in being dinner, and despite knowing he should probably feel bad, his determination to find his sister leaves him not caring that he just blasted the thing in the face with the jets on his feet.

Luke emerges from the water and heads deeper into the Gotham Underground where he finds what looks to be a forced labor camp, run by these guys with speakers for faces. One of the workers rises up and starts a riot, which gets Luke involved. When everyone scatters, Luke finds the guy who starts the riot and gets him to sort of guide him through the underground. Meanwhile, Lucius is with Batman yelling about him not doing enough to find his daughter, and Menace is telling Luke's sister that it's all her brother's fault, blah blah.

Luke's guide through the Gotham Underground brings him to shop for him to get new clothes that'll not make him standout. As they walk through the city, Luke is impressed with how advanced the place is, despite it being a total dump. After mentioning having met the Anubis fellow earlier, Luke is lead to where his guide seeks asylum from the people who forced him into slavery... The Anubis clan, presenting Luke to them as someone who did them wrong.

Doesn't take a genius to realize a giant fight breaks out, and the numbers alone force Luke to retreat into the rafters where he drops a gas grenade on them. Luke takes the leader "Mother of Anubis" with intent on getting info out of her, but as the issue ends, he runs into his old pal Menace.


The Good:

I find what this arc is doing on a character level to be pretty interesting. Batman is always (well, almost always) in control of his emotions, and is a cold calculated ass-kicking machine, but Luke on the other hand doesn't have everything in check, and asks himself how Batman manages to do it. This all creates an interesting comparison between the two, and offers Luke a chance to grow and become more of a pro at the hero thing... of course, at great cost. Art is still really great too.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, while I think the character elements to this arc are interesting, I've lost all interest in the setting. I don't particularly care about Menace, or his motivations. A good villain, you can sort of get behind seeing them go up against the hero, but Menace, well... he's just kind of a dick. Kid gets bullied, somehow turns into Bane-lite, gets angry at friend who tried to stop him. That's about it! There's nothing that really interests or hooks me about him. He's just a villain who, when this arc is over, I know I'll just forget about.

The Bottom Line:

I feel the same way about this individual issue as I do the arc, it does some interesting things with Luke's character and how it relates to his "mentor" in Batman, but the setting is just uninteresting and forgettable. I'm used to having fun with this series, but these past few issues have sort of lost that spark. I'm right down the middle with this one, not great, not bad, it just's okay.


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