Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Wonder Woman #30

As one might expect, many of the Amazons don't take kindly to a man being brought to their island, but given the circumstances, Diana vouches for Bruce. Even with Diana backing him, Bruce's presence still causes a bit of Amazonian animosity, but after a brief confrontation, Diana and Bruce go on their way, given a timeframe the rest of the Amazons will tolerate Bruce on their island. Before the to go meet the Oracle who they hope will tell them where Ra's is on the island, Diana pays a visit to her mother, who is still under Hera's curse.

Deep in the jungles of the island, Ra's believes he has found the lazarus pit he seeks, but is unaware that it is actually the prison of a monster named Neekta. Bruce and Diana eventually show up, having had a successful trip to the Oracle, and after Ra's reveals how he learned of the island's location (a survivor of an Amazonian ship and baby-making raid, that plot point everyone loves) he also reveals that he knows there's something "up" with the Lazarus pit. The pit on the island is special, not only will it bring the dead back to life, it will erase their memories, making the minds of the newly resurrected blank slates to be molded, which would clearly benefit Ra's in terms of Damian.

But then there's the whole Neekta problem, as the beast of the night rises from the pit and starts attacking everything while causing the cave to collapse.  With this plan botched, Ra's has to make an escape with the bodies of his daughter and grandson, while he leaves Bruce and Diana to deal with the monster.

Diana eventually gets Neekta trapped in the lasso of truth, and asks the beast what it truly hungers for, and having been trapped in the darkness by Zeus, Neekta tells Diana it wants to see the light. So, with that being easy enough to abide by to sooth the monster's rage, Bruce and Diana bring Neekta to the shore, where it sees the light and fades away... Of course, this is used as a metaphor about how Damian turned away from his upbringing and chose his own path in the light, sot hat's why Bruce needs to put him to rest, now he just needs a way off the island.


The Good:

I don't know about you, but until this book gets back to it's real name, I certainly am enjoying the monthly trip around the DCU, kind of makes me wish we had a brave and the bold book, but oh well... Batman and Robin #33, son! Anyways, just more leading up to July, we get a bit more of Ra's plans and then some fitting metaphor here and there... That said, with today's announcements, kind of confused as to where the severe turn to Apokolips is coming, but I'm sure we'll find that out soon.

The Bad:

This issue almost had the exact same structure as the last issue. Batman teams up, finds Ra's who lets a little of his plan slip, Ra's gets away leaving Batman and ally to fight something. Honestly, this issue was a rinse and repeat of #29, which felt like a bit of a let down. Hopefully next issue varies it up a bit.

The Bottom Line:

The Hunt for Robin started off really strong last month, and while it mostly continues into the Wonder Woman issue, the nearly mirrored structure of both issues left me feeling a little bummed about this month's entry. That said, despite the "There's Ra's! Oh no, he got away again!" format, the story is moving along quite nicely and has clearly captured my interest, as I'm very curious to see where the big turns we know are coming actually play out.


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