Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So, about Nightwing #30

Hey, remember Nightwing #30, the final issue of Nightwing that was supposed to come out last week and set up whatever was going to come Dick Grayson's way? Yeah, well that got pushed back to May 28th, in a very well publicized wave of delays, all of course due to Forever Evil being pushed back to the 21st of May. At the time, I had theorized that given the size of the delay, that it seemed like a complete re-do amount of time, maybe something had been scrapped and plans were changed... Little did I know that Nightwing would be the series to get a complete re-do.

Gone is the completely written and illustrated James Tynion and Megan Hetrick Nightwing #30, and in comes Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janin and others new Nightwing #30, aka the creative team of Grayson. The move makes sense, have the new creative team make the transition, but stop me if you've heard this one before: DC makes plans for Dick Grayson then completely scraps them to do something else... I bet Kyle Higgins doesn't find that joke very funny, and probably neither does James Tynion at this point.

I'm not going to lie, the change doesn't surprise me, cynically because of how often plans change for Dick Grayson, but as I'm one to pay attention to such things, read James Tynion's post about Nightwing when it was announced. Talking about reasons he's on the book, answers coming in May's solicits... all that definitely makes it seem like at one point he was to be the next writer on Nightwing, or whatever the fuck it was going to end up being. Then, yesterday happened, and Tim Seeley's name was there... Now, I'm a big Tim Seeley fan, but that honestly took me by surprise.

Now let's get into some speculation territory shall we? You know blondie on that Batman Eternal Thanksgiving teaser? Yeah, obviously not Dick Grayson now, but I still believe that's Dick Grayson. In fact, I had a source tell me that they had spoken to a creator at a signing who confirmed that it was Dick Grayson, along with not being an entirely popular decision, but they were at least glad he wasn't dead. Could I have been lied to? Sure. But I know on first hand account that writers aren't exactly the most tight lipped individuals when they're at cons or signings, so I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that I was told the truth. Now take into account when this image was illustrated, had to be some time well before Thanksgiving, and between then and now, plans once again changed for Dick Grayson, and I'm willing to bet we never see blondie hanging around the pages of Eternal. I mean, is it really that farfetched to buy into that theory, given DC's track record, especially with Dick Grayson? Not for me.

Also, Calvin Rose has brown hair, so I'll just nip that one in the butt right now.


  1. At least this spy concept seems like it'll stick. But who knows, maybe next month he'll be replaced with William Cobb, or Alec Holland's rotting corpse. I think some people think that the bat-office is immune to this sort of mismanagement, but Batwoman, Dick Grayson, and the Batgirl thing from a while back proves otherwise. You think they threw out the art for Forever Evil and those follow-up Justice League issues?

  2. When I was at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle (March 28-30), I spoke briefly with both Kyle Higgins and James Tynion, IV independent of one another. I told Higgins that I was sad his Nightwing arc was coming to an end, and that I was looking forward to his work on Eternal. Said the same to Tynion about the end of his Red Hood & The Outlaws and Talon arcs and his involvement with Eternal. Though they were both receptive and appreciative, neither seemed particularly excited. (Understandable if they're both getting shunted aside.) Coincidentally, or perhaps not really, they both unsolicitedly emphasized their enthusiasm for their respective creator-owned projects (C.O.W.L. at Image for Higgins, and The Woods with Boom Studios for Tynion.)

    (I never originally posted any of that because I didn't think much of it at the time. But now, given what we've learned about Nightwing/Grayson, if they are unhappy, it makes a lot of sense. Admittedly, I'm reading a lot into those two short interactions. It's possible they were both tired from travel or distracted and whatnot, but I just got the vibe that they were both maybe frustrated by the cancellation of their titles.)

    Anyway, I'm glad Seeley will be working on the book. I met him at ECCC and talked to him about Revival. He was really nice and enthusiastic. (He was drawing a hilarious commissioned piece of Catwoman looking P.O.'d flipping the bird at the viewer.)

    While I'm writing about ECCC interactions, artists Yannick Paquette and Chris Burnham and their colorist, Nathan Fairbairn, were all really nice and fun to chat with. Paquette was very complimentary of Snyder, and all three talked about how "unique" it is to work with Grant Morrison. None of them had anything to say about impending Batman or DC work. I asked Burnham when his Image book "Nameless" that he's working on with Morrison might be out. He simply shrugged his shoulders. So, there you go.