Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Robin Rises: Omega One-Shot Coming in July

Question my cryptic posts again, I dare you!

That's right, the one shot Robin Rises: Omega is coming in July from Peter Tomasi with art by Andy Kubert and Jonathan Glapion. Batman will have a Robin again for his 75th anniversary, but in true "fuck you, don't do this to me" fashion, Tomasi is being all coy and going "you're making a big assumption that it's Damian coming back from the dead." Stop that! Stop that right now! Who else is coming back from the dead? I mean, really. That's a big assumption, but is it incorrect, who knows?

But seriously... I can't handle this. Damian or bust... Who else are they going to make Robin? They've literally set up no one else to be Robin in the time frame we have between now and July. Do we really think Batman is going to go up to Carrie Kelley and go "Hey young lady who I barely know, you're Robin now because the New 52 demands it" ...fuck, that could totally happen.

Anyways, in other news, Batman and Robin #33 suckas! Again, don't question my cryptic posts! It has Batman and the (Lex Luthor) Justice League going to Apokolips for a chaos shard... I guess that's where that Omega comes in, and look at that cover with the eyes...

What the fuck is going on, just give me back Damian!

(Source: Hero Complex)


  1. Weird that Darkseid's involved, I didn't expect the Chaos Crystal thing from Batman/Superman would show up in this book, and even in Batman Incorporated Batman having any ties to Darkseid was quietly swept under the rug. Now one can't help but think Tomasi's referencing that a bit by having another Devil figure(Ra's) as a villain in the same story as Darkseid, while Damian factors in when one of the big challenges Damian kept facing in his original story was being in the hands of "demons". I actually didn't want Damian to come back because I liked that Morrison got to tell his story from start to finish, but this is definitely intriguing. Even if one assumed they were always going to bring back Damian at some point, the story in which it was going to happen being this giant Justice League/Darkseid story is certainly unexpected.

  2. I stand corrected, good sir. Keep doing the Bat-God's work.

  3. I wonder if batman coming in contact with the chaos crystal will trigger any memories from his visit to earth 2?