Thursday, April 10, 2014

Looking Forward: April 16th, 2014

Ugh. Rough week coming up. Literally half the titles I cover to be written up. Also, hope you're not hearing about Batman Eternal, because welcome to your weekly reminder that another issue is coming up the following week.
  • Batman #30: Lest we forget the past! Zero Year's final chapter starts next week.
  • Batman Eternal #2: Gordon is arrested for killing hundreds on a train... let's see the logic behind this one.
  • Batman and Wonder Woman #30: Diana... add a M to her name, rearrange the letters, and they spell "Damian" COINCIDENCE?! Yeah.
  • Harley Quinn #5: Harley teams up with an elderly cyborg spy... What else is new?
  • Batwoman #30: Kate's rite of passage, dealing with an Arkham breakout!
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #30: Probably one of my final issues on the series... Maybe. But The Outlaws in space! Plus Frankenstein.
HEY! Remember how I always say support Gotham Spoilers by shopping at my affiliate links? Well do that, but there's a NEW, limited way to support the site as well. I present to you... My ebay page.

As of right now (10am EST) nothing is up, but come 2pm EST (11am PST), I'll have a total of 50 trades and graphic novels that I'm probably never going to read again, so I'm trying to get rid of them. Major discounts on all of them, most books around $5 or there about, so feel free to buy in bulk (because I don't want to mail 50 separate packages) but it's first-come first-serve. 

I'll have a separate post with links to each individual book up in a couple of hours. To answer a couple quick questions, yes there's combined shipping (if you buy multiple items, wait for me to do an invoice), and everything outside of one book is in pretty good condition.

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