Monday, April 28, 2014

Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs. Bane #1 Preview

::Insert Forever Evil being late as shit jab here:: Man, I completely forgot that they went full on The Dark Knight Rises with Bane's attire. So on the nose and cheesy, in my opinion... But oh well, they could have done other things that made this look like a thoughtful homage... trust me.

(Source: DC Comics)


  1. Am I alone in thinking Bane's Dark Knight Rises costume looks kinda cool for the comics? It's certainly better than his leotard with a giant cut in the middle to show off his hairy chest.

    1. I don't think it's a bad costume, but it's just so cheap, especially for DC who has yet to really do this stuff... That is cus they don't have the same movie lineup as Marvel.

  2. One of DC's ongoing problems is that by reshaping the entire DCU to reflect whatever's the Flavor of the Week (Kingdom Come, DKR, Christopher Nolan, PIPING!!1 and so on ad infinitum), they appear completely spineless and rudderless.

    Lord knows Marvel does it too ("Cancel She-Hulk! It has become an inconvenience to Infallible Lord Jeph Loeb and his Rulk!"), but not to the extent that it announces "This guy Nolan came outta nowhere and made lotsa lotsa coin so we're giving up and rubbing him all over us in the hope we'll share some of that success."