Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Batwoman Annual #1 Preview

This issue is going to be weird... this whole situation is has been weird... But Marc Andreyko has been doing well on Batwoman proper, so I expect the same here. I'd be real interested in seeing what the differences were between this and the original plot line, but I doubt we'll ever get to see that.

Also, Moritat of All-Star Western fame pitched in on this issue... He was super dependable on All-Star then just vanished, and now he's showing up in Gotham. Hmm. I nominate him to illustrated Catwoman whenever the Eternal status quo shift happens.

(Source: Newsarama)


  1. "Weird" is one word to describe it. B.S. is another. Yeah, yeah, Williams made his bed by kvetching about DC editorial, but firing him one issue before his story is over? Idiotic, and a slap in the face to the people who read the book for two years -- especially considering that the issue was near done or in the can at that point. So, personally, I won't be paying for this, especially at five bucks.

  2. @NAIRU
    DC didn't fire Williams, he resigned from Batwoman. He also still works for DC/Vertigo.

    You and other people get so mad that DC editors made Williams change things, but that's their job. Many of the things that he was writing into Batwoman just didn't fit in with the rest of Gotham continuity. Plus, I'm pretty sure that DC didn't want to make Batman and Batwoman become enemies and that's probably where Williams was going with this.

    1. @Brian, I said Williams was "fired" because he told DC he would be leaving the title at the end of his arc, but then was removed from the title before being allowed to finish the story. He didn't simply "walk off." He and Blackman basically had the ending to the arc in the can -- story and art. Editorial pulled the rug out from under him and didn't even let him publish the two issues. It was spiteful toward them, and disrespectful to the fans who had been dedicated to reading the book and the arc to that point. That was my problem.

      Anyway, if anyone doesn't understand or remember what happened, it's obviously you. You conflate my anger about the arc being prematurely and unnecessarily terminated with nonexistent anger at DC for establishing greater editorial control over their character, which we agree is their right.

      Finally, I do know that Williams is still working for DC/Vertigo -- outside DCU proper. Ironically, they screwed him there too when they rushed Sandman to print. He and Neil Gaiman both told the publisher that he would need more time to draw the series if they wanted it to be of the quality that Gaiman and Vertigo wanted it to be. But, they didn't listen, and now the book is, predictably, massively delayed. (Don't blame Williams -- his style requires time, and they know that.)

      Anyway, I love Batman, Batwoman, and much of the DCU. It doesn't mean we should always be unflinching, blind fanboys and support everything with a piece of DC-owned I.P. It's your right as a comic fan to "vote with your dollars," an in this case, that's what I'm doing. I'm unhappy that DC editorial unnecessarily took something away from its fans. So I'm not buying their quick and dirty "fix." I read FHIZ's review, and it's obvious to me that's what it was. It's $5 I can spend on better Bat-books or otherwise. (That's not a knock on Marc Andreyko or his ongoing Batwoman.)

    2. I don't think there was anything "quick and dirty" about the story that we got in the annual, and definitely didn't mean to make it seem as such. The story we received was consistent with what came with it, and had I not known the details going in, probably wouldn't have noticed a change. For all intents and purposes I thought it was pretty seamless. If I had to make a guess to some of the changes, it probably would have been the Mr. Bones's dad thing, which I think would have been stupid if they made Kane out to be his father, and probably they made it so Batwoman and Batman were a little more friendly towards the end, and getting Kate more involved with the Bat family has been a long time coming, for better or worse.

      That said, I understand why you don't want to buy it, so I don't blame you for having convictions.

    3. Yeah, you didn't portray it as "quick and dirty" -- that's my description for basically abbreviating the end of the story and shoehorning it retroactively to fit the ongoing new narrative.

      I just didn't like having it said that I was somehow irrationally angry at DC editorial. Williams shares blame for his unwillingness to compromise. But he was willing to finish the arc and allow DC to move forward with the characters as they saw fit. Unnecessarily ending the story prematurely was just spiteful insofar as I saw it.

  3. It looks good to me. Williams believed in the character he developed, he had all right to walk away when DC brought their changes to him. DC also should have just given him the last issue to wrap things up since he did produce a story that won awards such as the one from GLAAD.