Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stack Rundown, 03/29/2014

The last batch of March 2014 comics are gone, and we're a 1/4 of the way through the year. TIME FLIES! Next thing you know, Forever Evil will have conclu-HAHAHAHA... couldn't keep that one up. FOREVER.

Red Lanterns #29

Man, it seems like it’s been forever since the last issue of this book, due to it getting pushed up to ship with Green Lantern #28, and considering that this is pretty much the only Lantern book I’m reading anymore… BOO, GREEN LANTERN, BOOOOOOO! Kidding. Anyways, you know how Supergirl became a Red Lantern? One would think Superman would eventually have something to say about that, and that was what this issue turned out to be. Lot of “you want to be your own person, fine, but just know you’re choosing to be angry instead of accepting everything that’s happened” yadda yadda. I didn’t think this issue was the greatest, nor do I really care that much about Supergirl, but the thought of her as a powerhouse on the Reds is interesting. Seems like people are going to be taking sides between Guy and Atrocitus, which… I don’t know about, I like this group just being dumb goofballs, especially Skallox and Zox.

Aquaman #29

And just like that, I’m out on another series. I’ve given it a few issues, and nothing about this new run on Aquaman has really done anything to stand out and keep me reading it. Like a lot of DC books, they’re decent enough, but honestly, nothing special. I also just kind of find the story dumb… I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that some dude just stole Aquaman’s trident or the fact that said dude thought it was a good idea to literally break into Aquaman’s house and steal it. 

The Wake #7

In a lot of ways, this second half of the series is almost like an entirely different book, and so far, I think I may enjoy this part more. The first half was a lot like the Alien movies. Trapped underwater (space) with a bloodthirsty mermaid (alien). Has anyone pointed out that Snyder likes himself some horror? Anyways, this second half feels much more up the high adventure path than horror, which is something I appreciate more. We learn more about Leeward (and god damn it, that first page is adorable) and then some crazy shit happens! The pace of this issue is really quick, and I’m almost worried there’s not going to be enough time to really get everything teased in. Remember that time the moon blew up? I don’t know, I’m just curious to see how we get there in three issues. 

Deadpool #26

Another “inventory” issue with time displaced Deadpool, or I guess just Deadpool in different eras. To be honest… I’m kind of tired of these things. The gag has run its course after, what is this, the fourth issue? Fifth maybe? I like when elements from these issues tie into the main story, like Deadpool’s “family” from the Ironfist and Luke Cage issue, but other than that, I’m just over the gag. Yeah, Deadpool and Nick Fury fighting time traveling Hitler, it’s dumb and goofy in an entertaining sort of way, but it just doesn’t do much for me anymore.

Uncanny Avengers #18

Rick Remender is known for his sci-fi work, and for good reason, because he's pretty damn good at it, and now that same sort of sci-fi vibe has gone all out in Uncanny Avengers with Planet X. Gone is earth and all the humans who lived on it, now there's Planet X, a mutant utopia, where most of the mutants have bought into the half truth that it was the Avengers who doomed the Earth, and it was Thor who brought upon the destruction of it. So, basically, the crazy ass Marvel series has gotten even crazier with this new arc, and I love me some crazy. If there's one thing I'm interested in, it's Havok and Wasp's daughter. Obviously at some point, we're going to go back to the regular Marvel U, but I can't help but think she's going to be integral to it, because why put so much focus on her? Plus, there's the narration in the beginning mentioning her turning 16, and she's only probably about half that when we meet her. As always, I'm really excited to see how this all works out.

Guardians of the Galaxy #13

Well, this turned out pretty much the way I expected. Big fight, good guys win, Cyclops leaves to set up his solo in space. If there was one thing that this crossover was, that would be it being entirely predictable. There were literally no surprises or twists in this story… unless you count Kitty and Starlord having the hots for each other. It was what it was… completely straight forward, and sort of boring. I don’t know how I feel about that Cyclops set up, it just seems like a really weird book, and I’m not sure what the point of having only some of the O5 around is.

Amazing X-Men #5

First issue of this series since it was announced that Jason Aaron will be leaving the title. Kind of a bummer, as I really started to enjoy what he was doing here. In a world of grim this, grim that, no one likes each other, and everyone is at everyone else’s throat, this sort of fun adventure type book was really welcome. I mean… for god’s sake, everyone was pirates in this arc. Well anyways, Nightcrawler is back, and we learn that he indeed gave up his soul which allowed him to come back, and being a spiritual man, this sort of leaves a big question mark over his head as to what happens the next time he dies. I’m actually really curious to see how this plays out, as I like the angle of a hero who has been dead, coming back to see how fucked things have gotten since they’ve died… only thing is, that seems to be happening in Nightcrawler’s new not-X-Men Legacy solo, so not real sure what Kyle and Yost are going to turn this into, but I enjoyed their X-Force, so I’ve got an open mind.

Hawkeye #18

Initially, I was a little confused as to what this issue was getting at, and to be honest, I sort of floated through the first few pages because they didn’t exactly grab me, but towards around the halfway point of the issue, everything started fitting together, and I liked the set up. Basically, Madame Masque has playthings in LA, whose lives she ruins, and makes it completely impossible to leave the city, and Kate is one of them. Meanwhile, the “We all need to kill Hawkeye” thing from god knows how many issues ago gets brought up, and now Kate needs to leave LA. SEE THE CONFLICT?! So yeah, I came around on this issue, and man I really love Annie Wu’s art. Though, seems like these Kate issues are wrapping up soon… and maybe the entire series too? That next arc is called “The Finale” sooooo, who knows. 

Deadly Class #3

Instead of focusing in on the whole assassin school, this issue sort of took a step back a bit and only focused in on Marcus and Willie’s assignment to kill a vagrant. It was one of those “get to know the characters” issues, and we see just how much of a nihilist Marcus can be at times, and how Willie isn’t a cold blooded killer as advertised. It’s an interesting dynamic, for sure… but then things take a turn with Marcus. There’s a twist with one of Marcus’ hobo friends that… well, I didn’t see coming, and afterwards, you’re left wondering just exactly how you feel about the protagonist of this story. Something seemed to snap in Marcus, and that something may be something that was referenced in the pre-release short, but I’m not sure how many people will actually remember that. Anyways… Things got pretty grey there towards the end. Next couple of issues seem like it’s going to be an even greater departure from this, as the kids go to vegas and take acid… So that’ll be interesting (really looking forward to the art on that issue). 

Sex #12

Fuck it, I’m done. I keep saying that this book continues to not deliver but does just enough to keep me going until the next issue, but no, fuck that, no more. A year I’ve been reading this book, and it has done pretty much nothing but play with itself, pun intended. I’M OUT!

Fatale #21

If there’s one thing I always wanted more from Fatale, it was more story set in the present day, and the book is finally delivering on it… with only a few issues left! Boo! I think what originally threw me off on the series (I tried picking it up before but fell off for a handful of months) was the split between present and past, I don’t know why, but I was just a bit confused. Nevertheless, a couple of months ago I picked the book back up, and it all made more sense, but of all the stories, the one between Nick and Jo was the one that interested me the most, because it had the most mystery. So after a slow burn through the length of the series, I’m really enjoying this race to the finish, which is entirely set between Nick and Jo. Nick seems to finally have gotten what he wanted (well, not answers… but you know) though, just like every male figure in this book, it’s probably going to end poorly. I have no idea what to expect from payoff in this book, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Satellite Sam #7

I’ve finally come around on this series after these past two issues. Like Revival, it took a while for me to get settled in and really get going with the book. Still have problems distinguishing people from one another, but less so now, especially given that I’ve read the characters page so many times that I just learn to distinguish people by what they say or do rather than their names or what they look like. Now that I’ve gotten immersed into the book, it just seems like a really smutty TV show… which fits pretty well, given the fact it’s about a TV network. If there was one thing that I wish I got more out of this it would be more of a focus on the mystery, that just seems like a slow burn at the moment, but it could be really interesting once it plays out.

Dead Body Road #4

The page after this issue ended was just Justin Jordan talking about how you rarely see car chases in comics, and it got me thinking, because he’s right. Here though, the issue is nothing but a car chase, and even without the benefit of motion, Matteo Scalera pulls it off wonderfully. I said it before, but between this book and Black Science, Scalera has really rose to the top of artists I should pay attention to, and this issue really cements that. For completely still images, you get a sense of the fast paced action and motion with ease, and it ends up being a really fun ride. Again, not much to this book outside of it’s revenge filled action movie set-up, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t really fun.


  1. The one thing that I think Charles Soule has really nailed in Red Lanterns is setting up the power struggle between Gardner and Atrocitus without sacrificing the goofball humor. Therefore, now that Atrocitus is at the door, I think Soule is perfectly capable of blending the whole loyalty aspect while keeping the humor.
    I picked up Aquaman #29 without really reading the past few issues and I have to say that I'll be reading the next issue because I found the backstory of Hercules really interesting.