Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stack Rundown, 03/15/2014

Lots of Marvel this week... if you told me I'd be reading a shit ton of Marvel books this time last year, I would have said you're crazy. Oh well... good books is good books, taking sides between them and DC is pretty much as dumb as video game fanboyism... PS4 vs Xbox One, who cares, get both, be enlightened! Anyways, comics!

Superman/Wonder Woman #6

If anything, this issue was worth the last scene where they did the reverse Han Solo "I know" bit. "Of course you do" says Wonder Woman, after Superman tells her he loves her. That's fucking great. So is Diana getting her due this issue, was so tired of her just talking about her feelings to people, I just needed her to hit someone. Wasn't expecting Apollo to show up and fuck things up like he did, but the gods holding grudges does make sense. Quite an ending, Superman and Wonder Woman at the core of a nuclear explosion… Huh, that's some shit, ain't it?

Justice League 3000 #4

Please JL3K #4, I don’t think you told me that the Justice League weren’t clones enough times, how about just once more, maybe then I’ll finally get it. So it seems that this was sort of a meta issue with Giffen and Dematteis just sort of yelling about how this JL aren’t clones… instead they’re the DNA of the Justice League basically as a virus that takes over the bodies of “volunteers.” So it’s sort of how Terry McGinnis is biologically Bruce Wayne’s son, but not quite. I’ve heard that it’s more like Bizarro’s origin in the New 52, but I never read that issue, so I don’t know for sure. Regardless… okay, so they’re not technically clones, but they’re basically clones. I’m sure there will be some “OH! But what about the moral implications!?” and to that I say, “This is a book where Batman is constantly calling Superman a dumbass, I don’t really care.” Still an enjoyable issue… but really, they’re clones, c’mon now.

Secret Avengers #1

For awhile there, DC was doing a great job at bringing in indie talent that hadn’t really done a whole lot of cooperate books… they also did a great job of chasing them away too, which would lead them to doing fantastic work elsewhere (hint: Marvel). Add Ales Kot to the list, because his first solo issue of Secret Avengers was fantastic. I loved Kot’s short stint on Suicide Squad, especially with the dry wit and elements like the self aware caption boxes. Remember King Shark’s “My name is Trixie. I like to party.” followed by the caption box “King Shark. His name is Trixie. He likes to party” bit? That was great! That same sort of shit is followed up here in Secret Avengers and fits perfectly, because what are the Secret Avengers if not Marvel’s Suicide Squad without bombs in their neck… or criminals… mostly? Plus, you’ve got down on his luck Hawkeye, without his stupid sunglasses, as well as a naked fight with a bunch of AIM thugs… This book is fantastic!

All New X-Men #24

Who didn’t see more fighting coming ended with Jean going “I’m guilty," because of you know, angst?…Well, I did. And that’s pretty much again, all that happened. So I don’t really have anything to say about this issue other than, yep… pretty predictable.

Deadpool #25

Okay, well, my confusion stemming from the conclusion of the last issue was cleared up, apparently there’s some sort of residual, evil Preston still in Wade’s head? Sure, I’ll go with that. This issue was pretty entertaining, as a majority of the issue was dedicated to a fight between Wade and Crossobones... Skullface… whatever his name is, most of which had Bonerface in his underwear the entire time, because why not? Lots of funny gags, and I really enjoyed the parts were they were just talking with each other in between fighting, lots of dumb shit like that. This issue also sort of sets up where the current Infinite comic is set, the one we meet Deadpool’s soon-to-be wife, so that got cleared up too. Next we got time traveling Hitler, which will probably be borderline offensive, and then the big wedding issue, which I’m not really looking forward to paying $10 for! Does that one come with a digital code? Please?

Hawkeye #17

Well, that was weird. Remember that issue WAY back where Clint was watching TV with those kids in his building? Well now we get to see what they watched… and it was some holiday cartoon with some Hawkeye analogues telling a story about how a normal average dog thinks he can do everything by himself. Weird stuff. Oddly timed too… even the editor page at the end was late… Something along the lines of “A holiday issue in February, I bet you guys think we’re super late! Or we’re super early! Think about it.” …yeeeeeeah, but it’s March.

Black Widow #4

Gorgeous book that's been a joy to read so far, but one of my biggest concerns was whether or not it was going to stick to the single issue stories, because if it did, I let it would lack a sense of cohesion from issue-to-issue. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, as this issue seemed to start a story that will span a couple issues, with this new Hammer of God fellow, who's an assassin… but whoever is giving out the jobs, Hammer thinks he's the voice of god. Little bit looney. I liked Natasha's thought process while fighting him when she pointed out that she's a spy, not a super soldier built for up front confrontation. Why? Because that leads me to believe she'll carry that mentality through the rest of the arc, and I am totally up for some spy craft. 

X-Force #2

I was on the fence with this book, as the first issue really didn’t leave a good impression with me. Luckily, Marrow wasn’t narrating this issue and Fantomex didn’t talk as much meaning not as much shitty clich├ęd French dialogue… that shitty Fantomex voice is still there, and maybe it’s the other Fantomex (lord knows, no one feels like addressing that) but still… the choice of writing his dialogue to sound like Pierre Escargot is fucking awful. Regardless, I did think the issue was a little bit better, we get a little bit of the “why” in regards to this iteration of X-Force, and it could potentially turn out to be interesting? But… I don’t know, it’s not there yet, and the characterization with some of the characters is really pushing me away from the book.

Wolverine #3

As I’ve said before, I’m pretty much just reading this book out of curiosity, and that’s what’s kept me going so far. I don’t find the story that particularly interesting so far, but that’s probably because they haven’t gotten to the real hook yet, which I guess the solicits say is coming next issue? I don’t know… it’s just sort of boring, to be honest. Wolverine can’t heal and is going on some roundabout way to get back at Sabertooth… there we go. That’s pretty much it. The one point I want to talk about in this issue is Jubilee… She shows up, and there’s a sentinel fight, and she’s got her firework powers again, somehow. OH WAIT, no, those are just “virus bombs” that happen to look exactly like her sparklers pre-vampire… I’m sure the art wasn’t drawn before hand, seen by an editor who went “WTF?!” and ordered some random bit of dialogue to try and justify the discrepancy. Nope. Nope. Nope. Mike Marts has his work cut out for him at the X-Office. (and now I’m looking at it, and realize that Marts probably won’t be editing this book, so oh well!)

Witchblade #173

Going into this week, I really wasn’t sure if I was going to buy this issue. I think these new Marz issues have been fine, but after every month of waiting, I’m left wondering if I still care to read another reset for this series, and ultimately… I don’t think I do. Sara gave up the Witchblade! Now she’s got part of it back. The Angelus wants it all! And that’s about it… I just don’t think I can bring myself to care this time, and that’s that. I got into the Top Cow Universe with Artifacts, because I was looking for something different, and it scratched that itch, then I read through Ron Marz’s Witchblade run, and it was fantastic… Then, in the past year or so, the Top Cow Universe has just sort of fallen apart in terms of publishing, and I’ve completely lost interest. Oh well.

Invincible #109

Well, Mark stranded in a different dimension didn’t take that long… well, speaking in terms of number of issues. I wasn’t expecting him to get back to his old dimension within twenty pages, but sure enough, he did. Of course, this comes at a cost of a typical Invincible time jump, where Mark was gone for a couple of months it seems like, so come #110, everything is probably going to have gone crazy. I’m worried about that issue, to be honest… Especially that not good feeling Mark/Eve cover. Remember the last time Mark was gone for a while when Eve was pregnant? Abooooortion. I’d like to believe Kirkman won’t repeat himself with more drama like that, but who knows… when does anything good actually happen in his books?


  1. I didn't read Justice League 3000, but from what you said it seems that they really are not clones and it actually is an important distinction to make. Was the volunteer that turned into Flash already look like Wally?

    1. It really isn't that important. There's some implied ethical issues with it, and I'm sure some of them (probably Superman) will go "my whole world is broken!" But at the end of the day, the end result is the same. For instance, Barry got ripped apart in issue #2, and at the end of this issue, they just make a new one. So, again... end result is the same.

    2. I'll look when I read the comic, but does the new Flash look like the one that got ripped apart.