Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stack Rundown, 03/08/2014

I'm sitting here, it's just about 1am when I'm getting this post together, and I was about to complain about it taking so long for me to pick images for this post, and then I realized I totally left Forever Evil #6 out of it. If I was to write that issue up now, it would fuck up the image order I picked, given I give every other blurb an image to break up the wall of text... So nope, not going to do that. I wrote about Forever Evil #6 here (spoilers, of course) and gave my thoughts on it... but in short, if you believe what it wants you to believe, you need to read more comics. Also, the last page was expected, but interesting twist, and yes, Captain Cold's voice command was pretty great.

Green Arrow #29

I wonder if Jeff Lemire was reading Hawkeye last week, got to the last page where Clint’s ears get pierced with two arrows, then just sort of laughed to himself, knowing what’s coming next. God knows how the fuck they’re going to explain this one, because everything seems pretty clear to me… arrow went through Oliver’s forehead, and out the back… damn. Anyways, questions about wtf just happened aside, another great issue from this title, with spectacular art from Andrea Sorrentino… getting real tired of repeating myself here. What I do want to point out is that I’m happy whatever the story with Diggle happens to be, at least it’s still getting played out in the background here. For awhile, it seemed like DC had Jeff Lemire introduce him into regular continuity, just because, and it sort of fell off for a few issues, but not the case. That’s the one thing I still want from this book, to see how Ollie operates in his home city, which has not happened in a year or so of Lemire’s run.

Action Comics #29

Solid issue with great action (heh) and art from Aaron Kuder. That said, wasn’t my favorite issue though.I thought the dynamic between Clark and Lana that’s been played up a bit, where we get their thoughts on the same subject from their different perspectives was a little toned down, or not as interesting this issue, and I’m not sure how interested I am in a secret military out to kill Superman, that just sort of seems tired to me. Who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong and this Harrow lady, or maybe Harrow is the organization, maybe she’ll/they’ll be worth while, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Swamp Thing #29

Oh, that cult who worships the green that Alec hasn’t heard of until now seems to be up to something when they transfer Alec’s consciousness to a human body? Well, that’s surprising! Except, not really. Swamp Thing continues to be great, but I have a hard time buying into after everything that happened, Alec would be willing to go through with some temporary body switch thing, just so he can sleep in a bed for a night, or something small like that. I mean, after what just went down with Seeder and the Parliament, can Alec finally just accept his place as the fucking avatar already? You’re not a human anymore, you dumb tree! But, this is Soule, and he’s been great on this book so far, and apparently it leads to Vandal Savage next issue? That could be cool. Aquaman after that, too. One of the more interesting things I find about the book right now are what Lady Weeds and The Wolf are up to… They’re scheming, but they don’t have any powers, so what could they possibly do to get back at Alec?

Earth 2 #21

Man, Tom Taylor has sort of built his DC career of Superman being a total dick, hasn’t he? I mean, I’m not going to pretend and sympathize with the (dated term, I know) 1% creating a space ark for themselves, but damn Superman… just raining rich people from the sky. Kind of wish the book would pick up in a sense, though. Taylor’s run so far has just been crazy ass Superman, and everyone else losing, running and hiding. Sure, there have been some crazy revelations along the way, but I’m ready to see Earth 2 fight back now, and interested to see what comes after crazy asshole Superman. One problem I did have with this issue was the huge plot holes left over from the transition from James Robinson’s issues. Mr. Miracle’s last appearance in the series was issue 15… He and Big Barda were fighting Fury, when Red Tornado comes to stop them… Now he’s under Dr. Bedlam’s control… So yeah, when you really start to look at some things, it’s clear that the editors just had Taylor not bother with some stuff, and the continuity is truly fucking sloppy. 

Loki: Agent of Asgard #2

I really like this book, a whole lot, and it’s pretty much the first time I’ve read Loki, and that said, I just watched the Avengers like a month ago, so I haven’t really had any exposure to the character at all. While Loki is being portrayed in a very entertaining manner through out these two issues, so far, I think what I like about the book is the stylistic element. Where other books will try and immerse you in the story to get you to suspend your disbelief, this title makes no attempt to hide the fact that you’re reading a comic book. It’s not as if Loki goes all fourth wall breaking Deadpool on us, but through use of stylized captions like in the scene where they’re labeling the score that Lorelei is attempting, or the abrupt cutaways to remind the reader of something that happened in the past, it’s just very clear that it’s a comic, and the tongue is firmly planted in cheek. On top of all that, I’ve just found the writing very enjoyable so far and Lee Garbett, formerly of Steph Batgirl fame, is just a great artist for something like this.

She-Hulk #2

This is a totally weird book, but that’s why I enjoy it a great deal, because it’s one of those weird Marvel books of Superheroes while they’re off the clock. But before I go on… I like Javier Pulido’s art, but the way he draws eyes… in some panels, it often looks like they’re looking in two different directions, and given She-Hulk’s skin color, I keep thinking “frogfrogfrogfrogfrog.” Just bugs me… But anyways! Another fun issue, which gets points for having a drunk hero… Don’t know who Hellcat is, but she got drunk, and went out superheroing, so that’s funny. The cliffhanger of Dr. Doom’s son seeking political asylum, and wanting She-Hulks help with it could lead to some truly weird stories, because when was the last time a villain has been served legal papers? Should be good.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1

This was a series I always wanted to get into, but by the time I started actually seriously reading Marvel books, it was really deep in, crossing over with stuff, or whatever, there just never seemed to be a good obvious jumping on point. I thought about trying to after Battle of the Atom, then it was announced to be cancelled… only to be followed up with this… So you win, Marvel? Anyways, good introductory issue, obviously going to be centered around a lot of Quentin, but as I predicted… some weird continuity. Hey Wolverine… what's up? Is this before you go kill crazy and leave the school? Not going to even mention that? Okay… Oh hey Fantomex… Which one are you? Well, you're clearly not the girl one… are we even doing the three Fantomex things again? Oh, no one is addressing that either? …Okay. What about that one that's in X-Force? Is his ham-fisted french-ness a sign he's the evil one? Oh yeah, we're not talking about that…

Uncanny X-Men #18

After some so-so issues, I have to say, I really liked this one. Here we get some gaps filled in with Kitty and the original X-Men coming to the New Xavier school, which leads to Cyclops addressing a lot of things that he may have not had time before, especially a pretty tense stand off with Kitty. Character moments that were pretty good aside, it still had the same problem I've had with a few past issues, and that's the overall story not really getting processed that much… but hopefully it changes with the X-Men vs. SHIELD arc coming up next. Finally, I like Marco Rudy's art, but I'm not sure it fit this type of title. He used quite a few variations to his art style, but I don't think the issue needed that crazy of layouts, which worked much better in something like Swamp Thing, but oh well, not a big deal.

Moon Knight #1

This is another character I've always been somewhat interested in, even before I started reading Marvel. Always basically heard he was Marvel's sort-of Batman… but totally fucking insane, which I can get behind. So what I determined, and figured out from reading discussion, instead of Moonknight having multiple personalities, the guy Moonknight is has multiple Moonknights? Thus the fancy ass suit wearing one we get in this issue? I think that's right? Anyways, great first issue, full with tons of style, and I'm really looking forward to where it goes from here. Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire's art was on point, and I've said it a few times on Twitter, but I absolutely love the coloring on Moonknight himself… which is the fact that he has literally zero coloring or shading on him, just pure white. Creates a great, perfect contrast to the dark backgrounds. Fantastic looking book. 

Revival #18

This book is like the best show that’s not on TV… meanwhile some ABC show based on a French show, which is based on a book (that came out after Revival) seems like the shitty version of this… but I’m not here to throw stones. I believe this issue was the start of what would be volume 4, so it was of those issues where things sort of settle down, especially after the conclusion to last issue, but the drama and tension are still high. There are some developments with the Feds, we learn that Em has a strange ability to see into people’s lives with physical contact, that old racist guy is up to something, and an event WAAAAAY back in the first issue, or thereabout, could come into play as to the killer Reviver we’ve seen recently. Lots of stuff going on, but man, it’s still great.

Velvet #4

Damn, this is one great looking book, from page one until the very last panel. In this issue, Velvet goes to what basically is a big masquerade party, so naturally, Steve Epting’s art is off the fucking charts this issue, with masks everywhere, and Velvet herself in a big ornate dress, it just looks so god damn suave and sophisticated. As with each issue, we go through more links of the mystery at hand, and ultimately end up learning that Velvet has got a husband… ex husband… dead husband… one of those three possibilities, another spy named Mockingbird (which is a pretty cliched spy name at this point, right?). I’m just loving this book so far, and with Fatale coming to a close soon, feel like this will be a good replacement. Just hope there’s not as much as a gap between this issue and the next, I had to go back to the previous to remind myself of what happened in #3, given the month and half gap this time. 

Invincible Universe #11

I think this is my last issue on the series. I don’t think it’s bad in any respects, but it’s just not what I want from the title. I said last issue that I wish this was a little more supplemental towards the crazy shit that goes on in Invincible, but that’s clearly not the book they want to create. That’s fine, I can respect Skybound wanting this title to be it’s own thing, but I’ve just come to realize that I’m infinitely more interested in Invincible himself, as what happens in his book is more entertaining to me, where the Lizard League is not. Oh well!


  1. With the mystical element to The Outsiders, I'm thinking Ollie will be revived by something related to one of the weapons.

    1. Mmm, yeah. Probably something to do with the final mystery clan.

  2. In Action Comics, I found Harrow to be the most exciting part... Whether it's the woman or the organization.
    My favorite part of Soule's run on Swamp Thing is he strips away at the character, taking away his title and now his physical body. And I don't think this is the actual Sureen.
    I think things in Earth 2 are really gonna pick up next issue.

  3. Thanks for the Swampy screen. Kick ass!

  4. Couldn't agree more re: Marvel's effed up continuity w/ Wolverine and Fantomex. I've never been a "everything has to make perfect sense" continuity person, but the way the characters are being written in simultaneous titles completely ignores critical plot points that can't be swept under the rug. The Wolverine discrepancy is especially blatant. You know, sort of the way the Catwoman in Catwoman's book is nothing like the Catwoman that appears everywhere else in the DCU... (I'm not surprised Fantomex is getting quasi-retconned, since the whole 3 Fantomex storyline was handled very poorly in the most recent volume of Uncanny X-Force. Scratch that; the whole title was handled poorly. R.I.P. Uncanny X-Force. At least we have Uncanny Avengers for more Remender craziness.)

    1. Yeah, it's just annoying to me, but I enjoy the stories nonetheless. Well most... I'm undecided on the new X-Force, really hated how Fantomex's voice was written there, as a bad french cliché, but maybe that's because he could be the other Fantomex! Who the fuck knows?