Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stack Rundown, 03/01/2014

Oh damn, it's March! And I'm back to reading a whole bunch of comics in one week. 16! What was last week, only six? Yeah, that's lame. Double digits or nothing, as far as I'm concerned.

Aquaman #28

After last issue, which really didn’t do much for me, I was very prepared not to pick up this one, and just let the series go, as another casualty of my “I’ve stopped caring about this book” dropping spree. But luckily for Aquaman, the short crossover with Swamp Thing got me interested, and this week I had just enough credit from an iTunes gift card left over, and decided to just stick with it until May, at least. This was a weird issue, in a good way. While Parker is setting up a recreation of Creature King in the background, Aquaman attends his high school reunion, thus kind of weird for an issue of this series. But I like these sort of one-off, unexpected issues, they’re a nice break from the normal “There bad guy, hit bad guy!” Instead, we get Mera asking Aquaman’s old girlfriend what he was like in school. Sort of goofy, but enjoyable… Totally lost on how the guy at the end got a hold of Aquaman’s trident… you’d think that’d be something he’d keep tabs on.

The Flash #28

This arc is pretty enjoyable, Flash and Deadman teaming up to hunt ghosts, but there’s some weirdness going on that I’m not sure I’m a fan of. That shot of Captain Frye where Patty says he treated Barry like his own son… man, if that’s implying what I think it’s implying… nooooo, that sort of shit is just so played out. I also had a bit of trouble following the path between the dead guy’s DNA Barry was trying to get, his mom’s killer and this ghost wanting to kill the founders of Central and Keystone city. I think I got it after going back to the previous issue, but it’s just something that’s not all that wasn’t all that clear, at least to me. Regardless, story is enjoyable, and Matt Hollingsworth is just one great colorist, because along with this, Hawkeye and The Wake, I read three books from him this week, all with very different and distinct styles.

Uncanny Avengers #17

That’s it! The end! Everything’s over man! Cancel every Marvel book ever, because they’re all dead. Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man dying in one issue? How about every one on Earth? How about that?! The entire planet blows up! This book continues to be completely fucking absurd, in the best possible ways. At this point, it’s pretty clear that there’s going to be some massive time traveling (or something similar) solution to that, because again… the entire fucking planet was destroyed, along with Captain America getting killed as well. This is the kind of crazy shit you can only do in comics, and man am I loving the ride. I really liked the final scene between Thor and his father as well, it really started to get into metacommentary towards how heroes in comics tend to act these days… Instead of fighting the bad guys, there’s always fighting amongst themselves, I mean, Avengers vs. X-Men was a villain-less event when you think about it. So this is the story when the Earth’s fate is in the balance, and the heroes must stop fighting with themselves to save it… only instead of being clich├ęd and getting their shit together just in time, they don’t and they fucking fail, thus the Earth dies. Love it!

Deadpool #24

So… I’m confused. They get Preston out of Deadpool’s head, but she’s still there? Not sure what really went down in those final pages, but good issue with nonetheless. Definitely had an head scratcher of a tease with that version of Deadpool that… Deadpool (it’s all in his head) met, who he hadn’t been in real life yet. More ominous things on the horizon? Probably. Curious to see how Deadpool’s soon to be succubus bride comes into play, I’ve been keeping up with the digital comic, and so far, there’s been no connections between that book and this one so far, and that Wedding issue is what, next month? Still looking forward to it, though.

Hawkeye #15

*obligatory “hey, this is issue #15, #16 was already released, and boy was this late, remember when it was solicited for September? crazy” note* So yeah, this book was supposed to come out nearly half a year ago, who knows what the hell happened, but oh well, Aja Hawkeye is back, and god let’s hope we don’t have to wait until July for the next issue! Shit hits the fan in this issue, in a big, big way… Remember how there’s supposed to be a sign language issue coming? Well, we get the *why* for that in terms of Clint’s situation, then some bad stuff happens to Barney too… just bad times for Hawkbro all around, but still… the book itself is just so good… so very good.

Wolverine #2

Still just reading this out of curiosity for how it’s all explained because I don’t know… pretty weird stuff going on? This issue was kind weird… lots of talking, mostly between Wolverine and Ock-Spidey. Obviously trying to make some parallels between the two (of course with the dramatic irony of Wolverine not knowing he’s talking to Dr. Octopus), but still… just a whole lot of talking. That’s not to say the comparisons between the two characters aren’t valid, I just kind of wish something  more would have happened. OH WELL. Can’t wait until Wolverine and the X-Men next week… that should be some fun explaining. Oh, then Nightcrawler too… CONTINUITY! 

Guardians of the Galaxy #12

So this issue picked up… a bit. Some talking, then some more talking, and some more talking. Woo. I’m gonna just come out and say it, so far this crossover has been a total snooze fest, because when you REALLY think about it, not much has happened. Jean gets kidnapped. The Guardians show up, young Scott meets his present day dad…. That’s about it, four issues for that. Here’s what I’m going to predict happens next month… Everyone fights, Jean probably pleads guilty because, you know… ANGST, but she’s going to be rescued anyways, and Cyclops is going to leave All-New X-Men for his own solo in space with his dad, which is REALLY WEIRD. Willing to be proved wrong… but will I be? Probably not.

The Wake #6

This is a pretty weird issue in an exciting sort of way. While this is technically the sixth issue of the series, it could just as easily be #1 of volume two, as we’re met with a 200 year time jump with a new protagonist and setting. Story is, the Mers, or whatever you’d like to call them, melted the polar ice, flooded the land, and now humanity is living on the brink of extinction, all in different territories and settings. The United States itself has changed, and it seemingly has a pretty ruthless government in charge now, and that’s about the point where I started really making a few comparisons between this title and East of West. The issue definitely hits the ground running, and there’s a lot to take in, be it characters, setting, terms used, status quo changes, all that, ultimately I think that means I’m going to need to give it a second read through before next issue, but it’s still Snyder and Murphy, which is always a great combo. I’m going to be interested to see how all the flash backs to crazy technology in the stone age are going to come into play now, if at all… because those were weird. Happy to have the book back, now on to the conclusion!

Deadly Class #2

There’s a guy who fucks goats at the end of this issue! …just wanted to throw that out there, because I don’t know, kind of weird, right? Anyways! Issue two of late 1980s X-Men if they didn’t have any powers and were all training to be the next group of deadly assassins at a school whose leader is an old bald guy! I mean… that’s basically Deadly Class in a nutshell, and it’s pretty great. This was that one issue you could expect coming where the new outsider has his first day of school, and surprise, he’s alienated by most of the cliques,and befriends the fat kid who’s getting picked on. These social tropes were pretty much expected, but the setting and gorgeous art are really what sells this twist on the concept. I also commend Remender for not falling into that hole where the kid who is too much of an individual for cliques comes off as an equally elitist douche, who’s just too cool for everybody else. Lots of characters are introduced in this one, and outside of the cover of number one, it’s hard to figure out who’s going to be part of the main cast and who’s just going to be used for when the story calls for it. Other than that, not a whole lot to dislike, as issue #1 wasn’t a fluke, and Deadly Class is pretty fun so far.

Dead Body Road #3

Not a whole lot to say about this one, as it isn’t really a book that requires a lot of thought towards it to read, but it’s still really fun. The story takes some typical revenge plot twists, where the guy who’s seeking revenge isn’t exactly a saint, has an uneasy alliance with a frienemy, that sort of stuff. Fun book, I just don’t have a whole lot to say about it.

Black Science #4

What was it… just last issue, where I said something along the lines of “Kadir is a piece of shit, but at least he shows some glimmers of redeeming qualities in this issue.” Yeah, well… Kadir is back to being a total piece of shit, and now Ward’s (probably) dead, so fuck. Fuck Kadira, scum sucking piece of shit… But Kadir is one of those characters who needs to be there, and be a total asshole, because you know, despite him maybe getting the better of some people (because he’s a piece of shit) eventually, EVENTUALLY… his time will come… But my hate for Kadir aside, another great issue, lots of action to be had, all illustrated beautifully by Scalera and White, and had one of those “Uh oh/WTF” sort of endings. Love this book so far, it has been lots of fun.

Satellite Sam #6

Second volume of this book begins, and I’ve got to say, this was probably my favorite issue so far, and I’m coming around a little more on the title as a whole. Subplots and character motivations were at front and center this issue, which made things a bit easier to track from scene to scene. You got the main guy who’s looking for his father’s apparent killer, but is also falling into the “perks” of celebrity, then you got the other guy who isn’t as big of a star, but is black mailing the writer for (probably) a bigger spot or something, so on and so on… You may notice that I’m not using anyone’s actual names, because everyone looking the same is still an issue for me… I had to go to the character page and look up who the guy in the polkadot tie was… Yep. And that fucking character page keeps changing too! So many people!

Rat Queens #5

Man, I love this book. Absolutely fucking love it! Can’t get enough of the great mix of ultra violence, debauchery, modern dialogue and the dungeons and dragons setting. This is one of those issues that has a whole lot of crazy going on in the foreground, be it orc dismemberment, neck impalement, or a big drunken party, but while all that’s happening, there’s more personal stories simmering in the background. Turns out the city guard who always hangs around the Rat Queens may be a little more than meets the eye? Maybe he’s done some shit in his time? I bet we’ll figure out next arc… or maybe the next one… who knows, seems like we’re getting some weird Cthulhu type shit coming up… which will probably be amazing. So yes, volume one is complete, and god damn, it was fantastic. Trade comes out in March, and if you like fun comics, pick it up. 

Sex #11

This book… This book. I can’t keep repeating myself, I just can’t. I still think it’s super weird, and some times I think “I should just cut my losses and move on” but then I read another issue, and fuck, I guess I’m still reading it. The problem is, there’s no sense of arcs here, no sense of beginnings and endings, just one long storm that seems drawn out at times. Imagine a roller coaster that was just a straight line… pretty much that. I guess some people would like that, but it’s… who the fuck am I kidding, I keep saying this, but I know I’m going to read the next issue. God damn it.

Chew #40

You know what makes for a good issue of Chew? Tony and John being high as shit, and a majority of the issue being told through their hallucinations. Outside of the super stoned adventures of the FDA, this was one of those issues where the main characters learn something big, in this case it’s how to defeat the Vampire cibopath, but the reader doesn’t know what was revealed just yet. Maddening! Oh, and Oliver learned something that’s apparently “cool.” I want to know what’s cool! I’m fucking cool, god damn it, I have my own website! I feel left out… With this issue, we’re officially at the 2/3 point, and from here on out, apparently shit gets real, with characters dying and all that. Word from Layman on Twitter is that #44 compares (maybe outshines) to issue #30, so the bodies are going to be dropping soon apparently. I can’t wait?

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #6

Part of me was hoping Vlad would come back, but that was the selfish fan in me who’d love to see some more Hack/Slash stories be told. I think from the start of this issue, part of me knew it was going to be one of those stories where someone wants to change the past, but gets talked out of it, due to it potentially changing the good in their life that came from the bad. Not exactly an original story, but it was definitely fitting for Cassie, and it seems she’s finally let go of Vlad, or at least the part of her that regrets what happened, or feels guilty about it. This really did seem like the end, for real this time. Cassie has seemingly moved on and found peace, and no last page teasers. I’d like to see more Hack/Slash, but that’s just because I enjoy the shit out of the franchise, but with how much I’ve been talking about how I don’t want to see a sequel to “The Last of Us” on Twitter recently, I’m starting to see where the same thoughts could apply here. So, that said, if this was the end of Hack/Slash, I can live with that, as it definitely brought on a good deal of closure. Great story, all around.


  1. Have you read The Fuse #1? If not, I strongly recommend it.

  2. Fun thing I noticed, and something that gets me a little jazzed for the x-books: Cameron Stewart is drawing something x-related if you check his instagram. Maybe Gail Simone's Savage Wolverine issue. This GoTG/All-New X-men seems like it's only meant to shake both books up, but in a way that makes a mediocre story...which is lame. Had high hopes for this crossover, but I think I'd rather see both books do their own thing again.

    1. The Cameron Stewart stuff definitely looks like it's taking advantage of continuity, which Savage Wolverine does not. Probably something Bendis related, or maybe Brian Wood's X-Men.