Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #4

It's Harley's first day at work at the nursing home, so she's got to put on her makeup and wig, before heading out the door, where she finds Big Tony ready to build a big project for her. At the nursing home, her first patient is Mrs. Rubenstein who says her family only visits on Christmas or her birthday, and is waiting for her to die. Harley knows the value of the elderly, so after her session with Mrs. Rubenstein, she leaves to go right the wrongs of elderly neglect! On her way out, she tells her boss to reschedule her next appointment with a Mr. Borgman, who's got quite a few robotic attachments.

At the home of the Rubensteins, the kid is playing video games, the father is down in the basement with his trains, and the mother has a number of other housewives over for a sales party... of personal massagers, and boy do they vibrate... Oh wait, that's just the bulldozer Harley plows into the side of their house. Off Harley goes, smashing massagers, video games, and trains in her wake, and into the trunk of her car the Rubensteins go!

Harley's got a full day, so she doesn't deal with the Rubensteins immediately... lunch is more important... but that doesn't go well, as another assassin shows up. You know what also shows up? A fork in said assassin's chest.

What's next on Harley's to-do list? The roller derby bout! But she's late, and her team, the Brooklyn Bruisers, has already lost. Summer and the rest of the team seem to be pretty pissed, so Harley asks what she can do to help. Summer sarcastically says that the only thing that could help right now is if the other team got crippled... Soooooo, Harley plows through them with her car and apparently Summer thinks that sort of dedication to the team is sort of hot.

Near the end of the day, Harley feels like she's forgetting something, but the thumping coming from the back of the trunk reminds her of the junk she's got back that... So she lines up the Rubensteins one-by-one on the edge of a pier, scolding them for ignoring their elders, pushing them into the water below. When only Mr. Rubenstein is left, he starts to yell at Harley that his mother has Alzheimer's and they visit her multiple times a week... Whoops. Feeling sorry for her mistake, Harley unties Mr. Rubenstein, who jumps off the pier to save his family, but it's low tide, so he just hits the sand hard.

Back in Harley's office at the nursing home, Mr. Borgman enters for his appointment. Turns out Mr. Borgman knows all about Harley, as he used to be some sort of government spy, busting up the Russians back in the day, only to be turned into a cyborg by the name of Syborg (because his name is Sy Borgman, get it?) after a few accidents. Turns out some of the Russians he attempted to take out now live in the country, and he wants Harley's help to take them out and save democracy... or something, but whatever, Harley's in!


The Good:

God dammit, god dammit this book is great! Just nonstop absurdity from cover to cover. I was laughing just typing out the description of what happens in this issue. Harley literally plows into a vibrator sales party with a bulldozer! A couple of pages later? Mows down a roller derby team with her car. This book is just so hilariously twisted, and if your a fan of twisted cartoons like South Park, Archer, or Rick and Morty, there's no reason not to be reading this book. 

Stephane Roux filled in on this issue, and like Chad Hardin, he's a wonder with facial expressions. Some of these panels feature Harley looking so gleefully maniacal, it's hard not to smile along with her. 

The Bad:

The only bad thing about this issue is that it ended.

The Bottom Line:

This book is insane. Absolutely insane, this might have been the craziest issue yet, and in Harley's case, the crazier the better. When you take all of this issue's absurdities and marry them with the pitch perfect art, you get one hell of an enjoyable read. In a world of super serious superhero books that tell similar stories over and over again, few titles put a smile on my face as much as Harley does. 


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