Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Aquaman #29

With no sign of Two-Face in Gotham (because of well... you know), Batman makes good on his promise of what he was going to do after he dealt with the crime families in Gotham... Find Ra's and make him pay. As he nears the secret island Damian was born on, he comes across Aquaman who was drawn to the same location due to the sounds of screaming whales. Sure enough, the soon come across Ra's underwater forces, as the leader of the League of Assassin recognizes that where there's smoke, there's fire, and the rest of the Justice League could show up, so he starts to blow the base and bugs out.

Bruce and Arthur fight their way to shore, where more ninjas and Man-Bats await them. When the fighting is over, the duo finds the source of the screaming whales, finding many beached, with giant holes in their corpses, similar to the way The Heretic was born.

As Bruce enter's Ra's base, his old foe taunts him a little, as the building starts to self destruct, with computers blurting out scrambled audio about Lord Death Man's harvest, the resurrection process being unstable, and a potential lazarus pit on Themyscira. While Ra's is in the middle of making his escape, he leaves a little gift for Bruce and Arthur, in the form of a group of botched Heretics, all hideously deformed with underdeveloped brains.

While fighting the Heretic clones, Bruce tells Arthur not to kill them, but instead try and manipulate their brains, as they were born from whales. Turns out, that actually works, and Arthur sends them all to the water, where they're swallowed by a whale, and taken down to Atlantis for safe keeping.

Meanwhile, Bruce manages to hope on to the outside of Ra's jet just as it leaves, and sees Damian and Talia's entombed bodies inside. Bruce starts smashing on the glass, as Ra's reminds the father of his grandson that he is too of their blood, and that they're "in good hands" before tilting the plane, causing Bruce to fall off.

With Ra's making his escape, Bruce is left with no other option but to follow. Themyscira isn't exactly an easy place to get to, so one short trip to London later, and Bruce is outside Wonder Woman's window, requesting her help.


The Good:

This issue really wastes absolutely no time getting into it. After a couple of pages of set up, Tomasi just floors it, and doesn't let up. Ra's plans to resurrect Damian and Talia are clear, lots of action, the Heretic clone army is brought out, and it just keeps going. I couldn't be happier with the way this one started off, and it seems like it could lead to some pretty big occurrences in a couple of months.

The Bad:

I thought the fact that Aquaman could control the Heretic clones' brains a little weird. Yeah, they were born inside of a whale, but I don't think that makes them half whale like Bruce says. Just weird.

The Bottom Line:

We live in a world where big "game changer" stories take their sweet time getting to the good stuff, hell, the first five issues of Forever Evil were nothing but slow burn and set-up, and that sort of storytelling can get painful after awhile. "The Hunt for Robin," on the other hand, well it pulls no punches, and gets right into the thick of things after only four or five pages. This is the story I want told, being told at the pace it needed to be told at. No teasing, not lengthy exposition, just Batman going into "GIVE ME BACK MY SON" mode. Great start... now we wait on edge to see what actually comes from this.



  1. This comic was awesome. Definitely 5/5. I'm glad Tomasi is writing this story, he wrote Damian as well or better than Morrison. I'm excited to see how the rest of this story plays out.

  2. "This is the story I want told, being told at the pace it needed to be told at."

    Couldn't agree more. Tomasi going full throttle is perfect and just what I wanted from this story. Hope it keeps up through the rest of the arc.