Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SPOILERS: Batgirl #29

So, the cops have Batgirl, Strix, Silver and his assistant, Miss Targa surrounded, which is clearly a bad situation for all of them. Knowing he'd be unable to defeat his vampires at the moment, Silver opts for a distraction, and puts a razor to his own throat, demanding the police stand down. When they don't, he pulls the razor, and does a back flip on to his car, where a giant mini-gun pops out of the hood, and opens fire, forcing the cops to take cover, and allowing everyone who needed to escape, to escape... not sure what slitting his own throat was for, but oh well.

After retreating to her van, Babs calls Knightfall again, getting tracking info on the car Silver got away in, which leads to his house, obviously. Babs and Mary get suited up to find Silver and rescue the girl, but not before Babs makes Mary promise not to kill him. Mary writes down "Promise" on her note pad, but Babs doesn't see the "to kill" part folded under it.

Elsewhere, Silver, having only nicked his neck, heals up at his house, and we learn why he hates vampires so much, because they apparently killed his mother, and drained her of all her blood. Silver then drinks a big glass of special water, gets the girl, and awaits the "vampires" to arrive at his house, and arrive they do.

It's not long after Babs and Mary walk in the front door (left open to invite them in... get it, because they're vampires? But not really?), they're met by Silver, and Mary doesn't waste time jumping to attack. The fight ends up with Mary on top of Silver, with a blade ready to meet his head, until Babs punches her off of him, telling her partner she had no other choice. Babs then puts Silver straight, informing the lunatic that they're not vampires, and vampires didn't kill his mother, who actually committed suicide in a tub.

So with Silver defeated, Babs focuses on finding the girl, who walks into the room herself.... Turns out, Silver was fucking right, and she's a fucking vampire and bites Silver! How about that? Babs can hardly believe it as she has the kid pinned down to the ground, but not long after the reveal, Andrew Bennett of I, Vampire fame shows up, ready to take the girl away... but remember all that water Silver drinks? Holy water, and a lot of it, so the girl bursts into flames.

So, with the situation at hand, everyone is just sort of "WTF just happened?" Andrew up and leaves, promising he'll see Silver again, Silver and his assistant pull a Batman and disappear, meanwhile Babs and Mary decide never to take on the undead again.


The Good:

Up until the twist in this issue, I thought it was just okay, Silver made a good first impression last issue, but nothing really upped that here... until you find out he's right and a little vampire girl is jumping around, biting people's necks, and giving a PG-13 version of the "Your mother sucks cocks in hell" line. That turn had me actually laughing, because it was just so weird and absurd, I couldn't help but smile. 

I've also been enjoying Pasarin's art more these last two issues, for whatever reason. I don't know why exactly, I've just found it to be a little more consistent from page to page. 

Alos, Andrew Bennett cameo for the win. 

The Bad:

Not a whole lot to dislike in this issue, other than a few small things. The whole slitting the throat thing was weird, but not a deal breaker or anything. Still don't like Babs talking all motherly to Mary, calling her "sweetie" and what not. Just doesn't sound right, especially if she's supposed to be young. Didn't do it as much this issue compared to last, though.

The Bottom Line:

Was this issue (along with the first part) a ground breaking step for Batgirl? No, not by any means. But you know what it was? Fun. After a great deal of melancholy that I got very tired of, very quickly, these past two issues were a breath of fresh air for the series, offering a simple, kind of ridiculous, but entertaining short story. Hopefully the next arc continues this trend, because if the book stays constantly fun like this, I'll definitely start to enjoy it more.


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