Thursday, March 13, 2014

Panels of the Week, 03/13/2014

Batman #29 was double the length, so that means double the panel picks... so basically, two panels from that one... There you go, there's your math lesson for the day. (Hot tip: go to liberal arts school and never do math again in exchange for a borderline useless degree!)

Batman #29: Greg Capullo doesn't seem to do full page spreads that often, I imagine because he likes readers to get their money's worth out of a page, but given him nearly a whole second issue of pages to work with, and we get beauties like this.

Batman #29: Super haunting panel right there.

Nightwing #29: Not only is this just a beautiful page, that costume is bad ass too! It got me thinking, what if Dick infiltrated the Owls? Either going deep cover or attempting to turn them from within? That'd be cool.

Batgirl #29: How can you not laugh at this?! I don't know, I think little kids with foul language is hilarious. 


  1. Dang it, I totally have to do a lot of math at my liberal arts college! (Ah well thats physics for ya)

  2. Nice picks. Definitely chuckled when I read that scene from Batgirl.

  3. Soooo what is the context for that Batgirl comic?

    1. If only there was a website which had plot summaries of all the various Bat books!