Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nightwing #30 Delayed to May 28th (No, Really)

Well, there's no getting around this one... DC fucked up bad. Really bad. I mean, monumentally bad. Turns out the world "Forever" in the title Forever Evil literally meant for-fucking-ever.

If you've been keeping up with release dates and what not, perhaps you've noticed some delays to Forever Evil recently. Issue #6 came out a few weeks late, and then the final issue got pushed back into mid-April. How far into April, you may ask? Well, past the intended release date of Nightwing #30, which would no doubt deal with whatever happened in the event. So how does DC deal with such a time discrepancy? Well, that's where this gets fun.

DELAY EVERYTHING!!! Forever Evil #7 coming out April 16th? HAH! Try May 21st, motherfuckers! What about Nightwing #30? HOW ABOUT SOME MAY 28TH UP IN THIS JOINT!?

No, really... I'm not making these dates up. Previewsworld has updated the release dates for these two titles, as well as Justice League #30 and JLA #14 so it's official... Monster delays, and monster fuck up from DC in wrapping up their first major event.

This of course all stems from the delay of Forever Evil #7, because that's the DCU lynchpin at this point. The delay is absurdly long, like they might have scrapped the whole fucking issue and started from square one long. We've got nothing but rumors and whispers to go on, but last minute rewrites aplenty have been a long rumored problem at DC, and I'm willing to be that's what happened here. When big delays happen, people are always quick to blame the artist for being slow, but I'd like to point out that when David Finch was on Batman: The Dark Knight, he had zero issue keeping up with a monthly schedule, certainly never needing a two month delay to finish a single issue.

So there's your bit of news for the day. Have a good time waiting! But in the meantime... I'll propose something.

With news of the original delay to mid-April, I've mentioned on Twitter a couple of times that DC should probably reevaluate how they do events in the future, mainly that they should probably take a look at how Marvel does things. If you're unfamiliar with Marvel, they get shit done way in advance, and often will double ship their event tiles. Yeah, yeah, you're buying twice as many issues in a month, but then a half-year story only takes three months, all while you're getting consistent art on each issue.

Even before the delays, one of the bigger criticisms people had towards Forever Evil was that it felt so fucking long, which I agree with. Lots of stories be it Forever Evil, "Zero Year" or whatever, just feel long... and that's because they are. When you really start to look at the time, it begins to add up and all the sudden you're sitting here thinking "Wow, I spent a year of my life waiting for this story to wrap up." Zero Year, in my opinion, can pull that off, because it does a lot of new and crazy stuff to stay interesting... but it still gets me how long it is sometimes. Forever Evil on the other hand, well it spent five long issues just setting up and gathering the cast, then the issue where something actually happens got delayed by a week or two, and now the final issue isn't going to be released until what might as well be the year 2027 at this point. This kind of nonsense is why I think DC should get their event schedules together, and just ape Marvel's format. Get these issues complete and in the bag as soon as possible, with plenty of time before release. Then shit like this won't be a problem, and other books, who have no problem meeting their deadlines, but unfortunately depend on a late book, won't be punished. Of course... if the culture of editorial interference and constant last minute rewrites being required is true... DC's got a whole bigger problem to deal with first.

When all is said and done, people are going to bitch about this, but there's nothing they can do. DC might not even acknowledge it, in hopes it just goes away. But I really don't hope it goes away. DC's got retailer roadshows coming up soon, along with that, convention season is getting into gear... and I believe they really need to be confronted with this embarrassment, because that's exactly what it is: a complete embarrassment.


  1. I'll be very surprised if they're not confronted about this at the retailer roadshows.

    That is an insanely random, long delay holding up multiple books. (Suicide Squad 30 is also delayed until May 28, not that people are really even talking about Suicide Squad anymore. Man, Matt Kindt, what happened to you?) Meanwhile, Justice League United, which springs out of JLA, is still scheduled to go as planned in April. So... right then!

  2. So, just to review: 9 months to publish a 7-issue story that takes place in the span of... less than a week in "real" continuity time? ...that was preceded by a two-month event (Trinity War)... that was hyped/teased for almost two years...

    In summation, 11 months of a continuously running "event" that had the slowest burn of any such event that I can remember.

    But, hey, get ready for not one, but TWO weekly books that will assuredly having no publishing or shipping issues whatsoever. 52 straight weeks of perfection, here we come!

  3. Let's remember though that before The Dark Knight relaunched as part of the New 52, we only got 5 issues over the span of 9 months. Now that was an ordeal. It seems when the New 52 started, Finch and Jim Lee, who's also been well known to have his books delayed (All Star Batman and Robin), got their books, Justice League and Dark Knight, finished ahead of time, so they could make sure none of the New 52 got delayed. But it seems with like they're both falling into old habits with Forever Evil and Superman Unchained. Hell, Finch had to leave JLA to make sure the book came out on time.
    But yeah, DC has really botched this up. Their first major event since their relaunch, and it's been delayed 2 months from when it was originally supposed to. I know they'd like to have their best artists, but they also need to be dependable. Look at Ivan Reis or Andy Kubert. If I recall, neither Blackest Night or Flashpoint had any delays. I hope they keep this in mind next event.

    1. The pre new 52 TDK had Finch writing too, which he admitted caused him to get in over his head.

  4. I really like marvel's event schedule where it comes out twice a month. An important mini series with status quo changing ramifications should not take six months to complete, much less nine months.

  5. Johns' workload has to be catching up with him. He just was announced to be on Superman, then there is the Flash tv show he's guiding along, coupled with Justice League and Forever Evil. This is tight without last minute tweaks. The enormous scale he tends to hype himself up towards feels as it deserves an equally massive payoff--so I am beyond curious as to what exactly changed or is changing as DC shuffles in place for the time being.
    I initially thought Finch too, but he's been surprisingly timely for over a year. All signs point to Geoff Johns' being swamped and editorial possibly raising an eyebrow at the final story details.

    1. That's something I've been thinking about lately, the fall of Johns so to speak. Ever since that rumor of Diane Nelson basically demanding he cut his comic workload to focus on his job as CCO, he's slowly becoming less relevant in the DCU comic space. I mean, looking at projects like Futures End where you're talking about the future of the DCU and how it could have an effect on the present day, try and tell me that a year or two ago, Johns wouldn't be spearheading that. I think Johns is going to have a hold over stuff like JL and events in the future, but in the meantime, Scott Snyder is going to consistently keep outselling him, and Jeff Lemire's presence in the DCU continues to grow and grow. None of these bad things, but I just think it's obvious that times are changing.

    2. I just want him back on GL, where he belongs.

  6. As I rep Meghan Hetrick I want to share her response to all the talk about the delay of her book, Nightwing #30...

    "Okay, i've had a number of questions about this, some more diplomatic than others, but a number of them regardless.

    As some of you may be aware, the Nightwing book i was on has been delayed until May. I'm not going to go into details regarding that, because, well, that's not my place. That's what press releases and such are for.

    What i will say is this: My art was finished and handed in on time. And, judging from the reactions of a number of editors who saw it and commented directly to me about it, I know it was also well received.

    Take from that what you will, but the reasons for the book delay are, for once, not the artist's fault"

    1. Well, I don't think anyone was blaming her, it's clear all the delays are due to Forever Evil being delayed and all those issues dealing with the fallout.

  7. Well, there's several speculations about what might have caused a massive rewrite. The only one I've heard so far that really makes sense is that they decided they actually were going to kill Grayson after overhyping it so much that no one believed it. What might have caused that change? Who knows? Once again, the only speculation I've heard so far that makes sense is that they've decided for IP reasons that they need to bring Damian back RIGHT NOW, so they decided to clear space in the roster and the story schedule. Hey, it gives them a ready-made story for next year, which is Grayson's 75th.

    Actually, I think it's more likely that Johns' standard problems with pacing just got out of hand. In the last issue we have to deal with Nightwing's fate, take care of that Owlman subplot that never got off the ground, talk about Superwoman's backstory, talk about the backstory of Alexander Luthor/Mazahs, deal with the demon baby of multiple fathers, reveal what's up with the crack in the sky and the destroyer of Earth 3, and free the Justice Leagues. And was there anything else? Oh, yeah, save the world, defeat the villains, and set up the aftermath.

    Makes Barry's rebooting the universe in three pages look like nothing. :-).

  8. I just re-read this post and am pretty annoyed.
    DC is really not really remaining accountable to it's fans.
    If you need to delay it by a week, that's annoying. But delay multiple, comics (some of which are the final issues) for over a month is ridiculous.
    They need to learn from Marvel how to have a major crossover event, because I agree that Forever Evil has taken WAY too long!
    Like DC needs to focus on it's monthly series' rather than on all these crossover events!
    So we're just not getting any Nightwing or JLA this month? At all?