Friday, March 28, 2014

Clearing up some Red Hood Confusion

Hey look! Will Pfeifer is the new writer of Red Hood and the Outlaws! ...Wait, why is the old writer solicited in June? What's going on? But this interviewer with CBR just said he believes Pfeifer is continuing... what?

So that's basically what's been going down recently. Pfeifer was announced as the new writer, then June solicits happened. In a recent CBR interview, it seemed like Pfeifer was staying on the book, and the guy who interviewed him posted in the comments further clarifying that it was the feeling he got. Then Newsarama posts this interview with Scott Lobdell, confirming he's going to be returning to the title for good.  You know what it also confirms? That I'm done with reading/covering this book.

The short end of it is, I have zero interest reading anything by Lobdell at this point. This is a combination of both on and off "the field" reasons, but ultimately, I think it's a dumb move on DC's part because it feels like a step backwards by DC. This is the New 52, what happened to being new? Lobdell had his run, why not try to get a new voice with a new direction for the title, like I don't know... Will Pfeifer? I guess it pays to have friends in high places.


  1. Lobdell pisses me off so much in his interviews. And his writing.

    I was trying so hard to be on his side when the New 52 started but my god.

  2. Well, in fairness, he is the only one to really try and advance Jason's character since UTRH. It isn't his fault that Tomasi promptly messed everything up again. Nor is it his fault that Tynion then took that foul ball and ran with it right into ... oh, I don't know, I'm out of sports metaphors. Look, re-drilling wells like this usually doesn't work, and it's a crappy thing to do to Pfeifer, besides. And it really isn't a good sign that Lobdell is coming into this with a chip on his shoulder. But then again, RHATO is probably going to be gone by the end of the year if they don't get something together, and Lobdell might as well be blamed for killing two books as one.

    1. Anything that you listed not being Lobdell's fault is pretty irrelevant to me, I straight up just don't want to read anything with his name on it.

    2. Fair enough. Just thought I'd say that Lobdell can be right once a run (which still puts him behind broken clocks). You even gave him a 5/5 once, the highest of compliments, :-).