Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Batman/Superman #10's New Creative Team

With June solicitations revealing that May's issue of Batman/Superman would now serve as June's issue, there was some question what May's issue would be, and the answer is that everything is getting slid down a month. The story that was set to appear in #10 will now appear in #11, just like #11 now appearing in #12.

Taking issue #10's place will be an inventory issue written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Cameron Stewart, Karl Kerschl, and Scott Hepburn. That's quite a few artists for 22 pages, but it's an inventory issue... so whatever. No details on the story yet, but we could get an updated solicit at some point, which I'll post here if it happens.

DC has sort of silently resurrected the inventory issue of late. First there's Catwoman #29 next week, Batgirl #30 next month, and now this issue. But in a world full of subpar fill-in art, I'll take this over someone clashing with Jae Lee's work... Speaking of which... March's issue of Batman/Superman has been delayed to April too! WHOOPS!

UPDATE: Seems like Cameron Stewart might just be the cover artist? Well anyways, here's the new solicitation...
"In this stand-alone story, a microscopic threat invades the body of The Dark Knight, and it's up to The Man of Steel and Dr. Ray Palmer to shrink down and eliminate the danger.  But what they find will shock you!  Get ready for big sci-fi thrills and high-adventure fun as only Batman/Superman can present!"
(Source: Jeff Lemire's Twitter)

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