Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yo, I heard you guys like Batman origins!

Back when Redundant Secret Origins was announced, after we found out that it starts with Superman's origin, I made a joke along the lines of "Krypton doomed, spaceship, Smallville, done... Can't wait to see Batman's parents shot for the 100th time in #2."

...I was joking, I really was.

So now, #2 is coming with the origin of Batman! You know... his parents getting shot for the hundredth time. But what's really ridiculous about this is the fact that we've got a year-long origin story, which will still be going on by the time this issue hits the stands.

And then as a cherry on top, you got your standard PR nonsense from DC's twitter.

Um, no? Literally nothing could make me anxious about this. Nothing.

(Source: Newsarama)

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  1. Such cynicism! Gotta milk the Batverse for all it's worth! ;) Also, I'm pretty sure we already saw Superman's New 52 origin told over several issues in Grant Morrison's Action Comics, so, yeah, they're really just doing the same thing with Batman. I'll agree that the fact there's an ongoing origin story at the same time is pretty ironic. But, double your bat pleasure, double your... profits?

    In all seriousness, I really have "origin" fatigue. Between every superhero movie having to retell the character's origin, and the New 52's perpetual "reimagining" of all the characters (especially in the Batverse), it's just gotten to be a bit much. We had "zero month," then "villain's month," both of which were intended to retell origins for basically every DC character. We had the relaunch of Justice League, and literally a 12-issue telling of Shazam's origin in the same title! Of all the DC characters, I think Dick Grayson has almost received the most attention, between Higgins' exploring his circus days, Snyder's Court of Owls revelations about a fate her narrowly avoided, the Zero issue that retold his origin and confrontation with Lady Shiva, the recent B&R Annual that told the story of his first patrol with Bruce... Oh, and a year-long retelling of Batman's origin (admittedly original and entertaining).