Sunday, February 23, 2014

That Time Catwoman Got Naked on Batman's Yard

Remember the original solicitation for Catwoman #4, way back in December 2011? Probably not, but to refresh your memory, it started off with this line:
Catwoman pays a call on Wayne Manor, but those who live there prefer that you call first. 
I was looking forward to whatever that story was going to be, but it never happened, and the "Wayne Manor" sign on the cover got turned into "Beware of Dogs." Fortunately, former Catwoman artist Guillem March gave us a look at what could have been with a few risqué never before seen pages from issue #3, which would have lead into the Wayne Manor plot in issue #4.

In the pages, it looks like Selina figures out that Bruce Wayne = Batman, based on the way they kiss, and then… well, goes to Bruce Wayne's front lawn, and strips down, for whatever reason. Why? Who knows, March says that he'll have pages from issue #4 tomorrow, so perhaps we'll get some context.

Despite the internet shit storm this probably would have ignited, I'm bummed it didn't happen. Bruce and Selina knowing each other's secrets is one of the things I miss most from pre-New 52, so I would have liked to have seen it come back… I mean, hell, I just miss good Batman/Catwoman anything at this point. If Selina did figure out Batman's ID, maybe DC decided they didn't want Catwoman to know that just yet, thus the change. Or perhaps, DC didn't want another reaction like the one to #1, but I'm not sure where production of this issue would fall compared to when #1 was released.

Regardless of all that, I love behind the scenes looks like this one.

(Source: Guillem March's Blog)

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  1. I came due to the title and will not leave disappointed.