Friday, February 21, 2014

Stephanie Brown's (potential) New 52 Spoiler Design

Dustin Nguyen posted a design sketch to his tumblr of Stephanie Brown, and her complete new Spoiler look. He made a note that he feels people might not like the mask, but the thought behind it was that she's not part of the "Bat Family" yet, so he wanted to avoid the domino mask. Also, given how things do change, the mask could change by the time it needs to be drawn in Batman: Eternal.

My thoughts? I like it. One of my biggest gripes with the original Spoiler costume was the sock mask. At the time, it was whatever, but after Steph's time as Batgirl, and reading some thought process behind that costume, I believe it's very important to see Steph emote. She's not a totally grim serious character all the time, she can be happy, surprised, sad, angry, whatever, and it's all in the face. So while her mouth is covered up, for now, at least we get to see the eyes.

(Source: Dustin Nguyen's Tumblr)


  1. While I do hope to see the domino mask in the future, this really works for me. First because we see her eyes and eyebrows, but more because we can see her blond hair, and then, more than that - because it actually echoes the Cluemaster's costume.

  2. I LOVE this design! Everything works. It's a combination of everything that is great about Stephanie Brown while also bringing in some new elements to make the character feel fresh.
    I didn't realize that the ninja mask mimicked the one worn by her father.
    The domino mask would kind of be predictable, although I would be okay with it.
    But also, this looks pretty cool too. I like the hair coming across her face. She looks like a hybrid between a ninja and superhero...she kind of looks like she could be in a story like Mortal Kombat!