Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stack Rundown, 02/22/2014

Another short week, aided by me dropping shit left and right, as well as the fact that nothing I read (or plan to read) from Image came out this week, where as next week, I'm reading as many Image titles as I write about in this post alone... Seriously, why is nearly every book scheduled for the last week of the month?

Justice League #28

So, the Metal Men are back, sort of, and we learn their New 52 origin. I thought they were pretty entertaining, and they’re “faulty” nature is pretty interesting, and over all, I liked the issue. Unfortunately though, the issue was primarily all flash back, and once again, Forever Evil is just going at a snail’s pace. What I also didn’t really care for was the fact that Johns is retconning himself now, stories that aren’t even a year old. Remember that time Platinum hung out with the Justice League? According to this, that was pretty much impossible, and could have never happened. Weird. This also makes me wonder how many things Johns is going to introduce and actually use? He keeps adding all these new elements to the New 52, but god knows if they’re actually going to amount to much. Remember Goldrush? Who was she? Plasticman got an origin a couple issues back, Shazam still doesn’t have the solo he was seemingly built up for, the Bertinelli family was brought up, even though Helena Bertinelli is apparently dead, so what’s the point of them without her? So I’m left asking, after next issue, are the Metal Men actually going to stick around and be a part of the New 52? Or is this just another instance of Johns reintroducing something, just because, and who knows if they’ll actually amount to anything?

Animal Man #28

Penultimate issue of the series, and sort of the last “regular” issue of the story, with the actual final issue beings some sort of swan song from Lemire. I thought the issue was fine, nothing particularly shocking really happened… Animal Man won. Yep. There was I guess a question of maybe Cliff coming back, but this issue seemingly put that one to rest… OR DID IT?! There was some stuff with that Bridgewalker dude again, which…. unless that becomes a plot point in Justice League United, I don’t really see anything of note actually coming from it Overall, the issue was fine, just predictable if I had to fault it for anything.

Wonder Woman #28

I’ve sort of run out of things to say about this book. I really enjoy it, but I can’t just keep repeating myself as to why I enjoy it. It’s been an extremely consistent book from the start, and I like it for all the same reasons today, as I did when it launched. I will say, the gods’ motivations confuse me a bit, like it seemed Dionysus was up to something with Zolda, but I guess he just wanted to hang out? I don’t know, if anything, that’s the one thing that’s continued to confuse me, but I believe the gods’ and why they do what they do is supposed to be confusing… that’s why they’re gods. Anyways, First Born seems to be getting even more power soon, so that means some big fights are probably on the horizon, that should be fun.

Uncanny X-Men #17

I’ve been having problems with Bendis’ X-Men work lately, either stuff is moving really slow, or there are a bunch of little stories that seemingly don’t contribute much to the larger story at hand. In this book, there’s Cyclops’ revolution, SHIELD has their sentinels, etc., and I assume that’s supposed to be the big story… but then we get another issue where none of that is really touched upon or progressed, like this one. So all the new X-Men get stranded on a field test, shit goes bad, Hijack gets kicked out for leading SHIELD to them. That’s it. While there is entertainment to be found, for god’s sake, I’m ready for the plot to move forward already. The one single thing that really intrigued me about this issue is what happened to Eva. Given her time manipulation powers, her sudden disappearance, and then reappearance, beat to shit looking, along with much longer hair, I’m assuming she was lost somewhere for a good amount of time, and hopefully something comes from that! Because if it doesn’t…. well, fuck?

Amazing X-Men #4

Boy, there was a lot of bromance in this issue. Beast and Nightcrawler meet again? BROMANCE! Wolverine and Nightcrawler meet again? SUPER BROMANCE! And now they’re all going to be pirates, or something! Bromantical? Good issue, and the scenes/flashbacks with Nightcrawler and whoever was meeting him again were nice. We learn just what the Bamfs are, and Kurt made a deal with them to get them on his side (probably gave them his soul or something? I bet they are how he comes back to life), which he kind of wants to keep a secret, but we’ll probably find out about that next issue. This book is just over the top and really fun because of that, so I’ve been enjoying it. Interested to see where it goes after Kurt’s back, especially since he’s getting his own book. Firestar really needs a redesigned costume though. She’s got one of those outfits that you can just tell was not designed in this decade. Definitely needs to ditch the mask and jumpsuit.

X-Men #11

This book has sort of just gotten confusing for totally dumb reasons. Arkea is getting a Sisterhood of Evil Mutants together, okay… but everything else I’m just sort of lost about, going to previous issues to try and figure out why stuff in this issue is happening. The scenes on the yacht had a fuck load of talking for a simple conclusion, lots of vague allusions to god knows what, and then the back up just doesn’t fit what’s going on in the book, especially when characters who are in the back up, were in the main feature, doing something completely different. Also, someone finally references Rogue? So do people know she’s dead? Because as far as I can tell, not a single event of Uncanny Avengers has been referenced outside of it, which is pretty weird… I don’t know, I think my problem with this issue was that Wood seems to want to juggle a whole lot of characters doing all sorts of different things. It was just really rough around the edges, and seemingly lacks focus. 

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