Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stack Rundown, 02/15/2014

And my "Do I care about this book? No? Then why the hell am I reading it?" streak continues. Cut couple of Forever Evil tie-ins, because I've thought the side stuff hasn't been that great, and then one of the Marvel redemption codes I got fucked up and didn't actually add the book to my digital library, but I wasn't all that disappointed, so I dropped that one too. I'm straight ruthless with my drops these days. So, a little shorter list than I had initially intended this week... also supplemented by the fact that practically everything I read from Image comes out at the end of the month.

Superman/Wonder Woman #5

One of my biggest complaints towards this series is how it’s seemingly been focused on Superman too much, meanwhile all Wonder Woman is doing is talking about her feelings. With that said, I was quite happy to see that even after talking about her feelings, AGAIN, Wonder Woman kicked some ass, while Superman got his ass kicked. About fucking time! How great was Wonder Woman deflecting Zod’s eye beams with her sword, then uses the heated sword to burn Faora’s face? Badass. Also, this issue gets points for having a sassy Batman cameo. “You two have a spat and the world burns?” You tell off Superman, Bruce! I’d love to see Soule take on Batman in some shape or form… by that’s beyond the point. So I enjoyed the issue enough, simply for Diana’s fight scenes, but I’m a little lost at Zod’s goals, other than trying to escape from the Phantom Zone with Faora, which is odd, because next issue seems to be the conclusion of this arc, and the actual story hasn’t really gone anywhere. 

Suicide Squad #28

I think this book is now suffering from SCIS… Sudden cancellation indifference syndrome. Sometimes when a book gets cancelled, my mental investment in the title just drops dramatically, then combine the cancellation with some okay at best fill-in art, and you got a whole lot of me not caring. Just OMAC fighting and winning… meanwhile Amanda Waller's ace in the hole is giving everyone temporarily enhanced abilities… how? By special bullets that give powers to whoever gets shot by them? …Uh, what the fuck? You know what probably could work just as well? A syringe? Making them bullets and having Deadshot shoot everyone with them was just needlessly over the top. I don't know… SCIS, man.

Justice League 3000 #3

This series remains great fun. In between all the banter, Wonder Woman threatening to gut Superman for touching her, Superman being a total douche, and Batman face palming all over the place, there’s a big revelation that Earth is now a shithole… quite literally. So that’s crazy. Other than that, I really enjoyed this issue for all the same reasons I enjoyed the first two, just the Justice League being total fucking assholes, and it’s hilarious. Hints of bigger players pulling the strings continued to be peppered through out, and I’m really waiting to see how the larger scope of this thing develops. 

X-Force #1

Hmm… I don’t think this was a very good first issue. On paper, I can get behind the pitch of this incarnation of X-Force, but the execution of this issue was lacking. Please for the love of god, tell me Marrow isn’t going to be narrating this whole god damn book, because she was unbearable. “Yeah baby, I like violence and music baby, baby, baby, baby,” good god, shut up! Does anyone excessively use the word “baby” like this anymore? It was just obnoxious. Then you’ve got Fantomex who while being french, is speaking like a french stereotype now. “Cherie” this misspelled words to depict accepts like “‘umor” that… It got on my nerves real quick. Remember the Every Day French sketches from the old Nickelodeon show All That? Yeah, Fantomex was just a level below that. I’m used to him being dry witted and sharp, but here he was just a walking stereotype talking to hear himself talk. Then the art is… okay. I like “digital painters” here and there, but this guy… eh, face work is a little rough. This was just one of those issues where all the annoyances I had with it kept distracting me from the book itself. Instead of being able to pay attention to what was actually going on, I kept going back to “Ugh, shut the fuck up Marrow” or “This Fantomex is annoying.” Not a great start.

Thor: God of Thunder #19

So I haven't read this issue for a couple of months, didn't like that last arc. Definietly missed this book, but the high fantasy stuff really didn't do it for me in the recent issues. Here we get back to the story that was in issue #12, where we met a rookie SHIELD environmentalist, and the world is dying… Then there's something about this evil corporation who are trying to stop global warming (but also cause it so they can continue to stop it? something like that)… So what do they do? Get ice from Jupiter's moon to drink? Yeah, I'm not sure what the point of the ice stuff was, but holy crap Galactus vs. Future Thor!? Have no idea how that plays into anything, but it's cool? What I really missed is Thor being a viking bro, especially at his dumb, cheesy attempts to go out on a date with Roz, the SHIELD rookie, it's just fun. Glad to be back on this book.

She-Hulk #1

I have no real idea who She-Huk is… She's a Hulk… and she's a she… That's pretty much it. So why did I read this title? Well, because it's another one of those really unique Marvel books that's about heroes when they're not being heroes, and I've really liked these types of books so far, then of course there's Charles Soule, who hasn't written a book I haven't like yet. The verdict? (HAHAHA) I liked it. I may not know a whole lot about the character, but like Hawkeye, you really don't need to, because it's not dependent on continuity and instead is just focused on being a fun good book. What I really liked about the book was the lawyer angle. She-Hulk is a lawyer, and guess what, so is Soule, and he definitely has writing it, and when you can tell a writer is having a fun time, it benefits the reader. Just another one of these Marvel books that really strays from the norm, and I've been enjoying these a lot lately.

All-New X-Men #23

The Trial of Jean Grey continues and… um, Cyclops’ dad is back? I don’t know. I really don’t know anything about him, or the fact that he was anyone of note to begin with, but I guess he’s a space pirate or something? I don’t know. This was a fun action issue, but aside from that, and Jean freaking out because she’s been kidnapped, nothing really to this issue, as it sort of just continues to move at a snail’s pace for me. I’m honestly having a hard time buying that some advanced alien race really sees the logic in putting young Jean on trial. They find out she has no recollection of what she did outside of learning her history in a flash, but at the same time, hasn’t grown up to the person who committed crimes as the Phoenix, and is stuck in a period where it’s already happened, and since she can’t go back, she can’t commit the same acts… It’s just fucking bizarre and seems like a really forced conflict to be honest. I’m hoping there’s a little something more to this than this dumb logic weighed down by time travel ethics, or whatever.

Deadpool #23

When I went into this book, I was curious as to why it had an Alien homage cover, seemed sort of random… then the issue actually started happening, and I’m ashamed to admit that it took a few pages before I went “oooooooooh.” Basically, this is Deadpool absolutely MASSACRING a hijacked hellcarrier, doing much of the killing and sneaking around through vents. Hey, there’s even a motion detector! So once you sort of get the cover, it adds a bit of appreciation towards the issue as a whole, which was pretty good. Ends on a weird spot though. The helicarrier has been taken down, the rogue Agent Deadpool is after got shot, Agent Preston seems to be getting a new body, and oh hey look, Crossbones, or whatever his name is. If I’m correct, this arc has two more issues in it, so I’m not really sure where it’s gonna go from here. All in all, the ending just felt a bit premature. 

Fatale #20

Well, nothing like a bunch of scenes of a character who can't die trying to commit suicide over and over again... This was an uplifting issue, that's for sure. So the finale race of this book has begun and it seems Jo has a big old plan to… well, do something. The issue doesn't really give you a clear sense of what she's aiming to do after she rescues Nick, but things have taken a turn for her, and she seems pissed. The reveal that Jo may have messed with Nick's father's brain is pretty interesting, because it probably means that Nick could be a bigger cog to Jo's machine than he (or we) actually know. Good issue, real curious to see how this wraps up, and then I'll be on to Brubaker and Phillips' The Fade Out.


  1. She-Hulk is Bruce's first cousin who becomes She-Hulk after he gives her a blood transfusion to save her along with being a lawyer. Then Cyclop's dad is a space pirate as you said and doesn't appear often, but is usually portrayed as pretty important when he does appear. Honestly after Battle of the Atom, All New X-Men went downhill for me and isn't as good as it used to be.

    1. Yeah, ANXM has definitely been struggling. Couple issues of padding that didn't amount to much and now a crossover that's super slow, and unless I'm missing something, will probably not amount to much either.

  2. Yeah, from the little bit Batman has shown up in Superman/Wonder Woman I think Charles Soule would do a pretty good job writing Batman or the Justice League as a whole. He's already writing every other comic book on the shelves.

  3. If/when you get the chance, I highly recommend checking out Dan Slott's run on She-Hulk. It's similar to this, in that it's adventures of Jen as both hero and lawyer, but it's much more of a loving piss-take on Marvel superhero continuity in a way that works for both newbies and old-school fans alike. If you've ever seen the panels where Spider-Man is sitting on a witness stand, proclaiming that the real reason why JJJ hates him is because he's black, JJJ starts sweating, and Spider-Man says he's joking, it's from that run.