Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stack Rundown, 02/01/2014

It's come to my attention recently that I read a shit ton of comics, thus spend a shit ton of money, but the thing is, I don't really care all that much about some of the books I read, and have just fell into a habit reading them. So these past few weeks, when I see books that I'm actively putting off reading until the end of my "stack" (quotations since I read digitally), I realize that those are the books I've sort of stopped caring about, and I figure I'll just pull the trigger and stop reading them.

To be honest, a lot of it is DC stuff. The New 52 is far from new, and is starting to get stale, while other various things happening around DC don't make me too optimistic towards the whole line. Yeah, I like my Batman stuff just fine, but I'm starting to lose interest in many of DC's characters outside of Gotham. The books I'm losing interest in may be fine, others may like them, many do... but I just don't find them exciting anymore. I'm starting to notice the DC has a style of book they like to publish, and it's very by-the-numbers. They have their winner's here and there, like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow, but for every great book DC has, they've got two or three average titles. DC doesn't have stuff like Hawkeye where the creators really (metaphorically) own the book, and are doing something truly unique... instead, they just have a whole bunch of superhero books that don't do anything out of the norm, and I'm starting to get bored.

I don't know... so when you start reading my thoughts on various issue and how I'm losing interest, that's why.

Red Lanterns #27

Not going to lie, I’m sort of becoming uninterested in the Green Lantern universe… except for this book, because for some reason (Charles Soule) this has all the sudden become one of my favorite books DC is publishing. Aside from Bleeze and Rankorr finding out Atrocitus is still around, this issue was pretty much the rest of the Red Lantern Corps. just fucking around. Guy is trying to patch things up with Ice, which was a conversation that I loved, meanwhile Skallox and Zox are just going around Earth, dicking around… and it was great! It was just fun! No one took themselves too seriously and everything was just a bit lighthearted, as much as the Reds are going to get. This team is just great, they feel like a bunch of bros hanging out now… Sure, there’s some underlying tension between them, but it’s mostly just fun… Also, Guy’s new look is amazing. THAT STACHE.

Justice League Dark #27

…What just happened? So they’re fighting Blight, then the Stranger and Pandora… do god knows what, and all the sudden, Blight’s host turns into the hippy Spectre, and the end? What the fuck? Talk about some deus ex machina bullshit, I sort of feel cheated out of this story, because the threat of Blight was literally just stopped like THAT (I snapped my fingers). Whatever, I honestly didn’t like that aspect of the story all too much, Blight was just… too general. Raaaah, I’m the spirit of malevolence, or something… yeah, whatever. At least this opens up the final part of this crossover to actually be dealing with Forever Evil, with the JLD looking for their missing teammates, that’s what I’m interested in… But man, that Blight stuff sucked.

Earth 2 Annual #2

So, had the whole post about this a couple days ago, and now my thoughts… Honestly, I think the fact that DC fucked up and spoiled it in October really deflated me on this issue. I knew what was going to happen going in, so nothing that was ultimately pretty crazy about this origin really left me thinking as such. There’s a moment in there where Bruce thinks it’s Jarvis Pennyworth, which if I didn’t know better would have been cool to think “Oh man, really, there’s weird—OH SHIT!” But no… I knew it was Thomas Wayne. So yeah, knowing what I knew, this just sort of felt average to me, at least it’s out of the way now? Also didn’t think the art was that great. Couple of good panels here and there, but try and tell me that panel where Thomas is revealed wasn’t creepy as all hell.

Aquaman #27

Interest… fading. I’ll tell you what, as someone who really values art consistency, launching a new writer on this book with fill-in scattered through out each issue really bums me out. I understand that Pelletier did a bigger issue to end Johns’ time on the book, but why not give the dude an issue off, have an inventory, epilogue or set up issue in-between? Seems pretty simple to me. I just don’t like the guy filling in… so many narrow heads and faces. Aside from that, the story just isn’t grabbing me either, giant sea monster battles are cool, but nothing has really excited me all too much in these last two issues, nothing to really keep me caring. With the way I’ve been feeling about a bunch of books recently, come next month, I don’t know if I’ll care enough to pick up #28.

The Flash #27

This is one of those books I’m on the fence with, but the Wally West news has at least got me interested in seeing what happens, so that means I’m going to stick around for this arc too and see what a Flash/Deadman team-up looks like. This arc will seemingly center around Barry’s need to find his mother’s killer, as it’s well documented he doesn’t believe his father is guilty, and it’s an angle I really like. This angle can be used for two things at once with Barry, it could be an admirable trait of dedication, or a tragic flaw, that he dedicates so much time and effort to something he may never solve. It’s a case I don’t believe should be solved, because it’s one of those devices that drives a hero, no matter how sad it ultimately may be. So, I thought this was a good issue, but I’m curious to see how ghosts get involved, as well as the flash back to the 1800s, but we’ll see.

Uncanny X-Force #17

Ugh. UGH. This was a terrible way for Cable and X-Force to go out… with a whimper. So there’s the whole thing with Bishop and Hope, who eventually comes to her senses, so Stryfe is mad, and blah blah, I don’t care. That’s what happened, in the middle of this issue, I just stopped caring. This was just a shallow crossover that did damage to a pretty great book. The thing that pisses me off is the fact that there was hardly any closure for any of the characters. Domino, Colossus, Boom Boom, Forge… where the fuck are they going? What are they doing now? Who knows! It just sucks after a year and some change reading this particular X-Force team, that they’re just discarded with out any acknowledgement whatsoever. Uncanny X-Force, yeah whatever, it wasn’t that great, but Cable and X-Force getting the shaft really sucks. Oh and that conversation between Storm and Betsy about Betsy not coming back to the school? WHAT?! Shut up! You two are at the school every issue of X-Men! Ridiculous. Good riddance to UXF, super shitty for Cable and X-Force.

Uncanny Avengers #16

What this issue lacked in “oh shit!” crazy moments, it definitely made up for that in its fights… Mostly Thor’s fights, because he kicked some serious ass this week. That said, when I say there was a lack of crazy moments, I mean a lack of new ones, because what’s going on right now is still pretty nuts. Next issue should be a big one, or the tipping point of sorts, because we know we’re getting some Planet X storyline which seems to be going full-on alt universe/timeline, and I’m curious to see how that goes, but I’m also really interested in seeing how it comes back from that, because shit’s fucked right now. Caps’ face has gone Harvey Dent, Thor is practically missing one arm, oh yeah, and whole bunch of people are dead. I’ve got no idea where this book is going, or how, but I’m definitely seated in for a good show.

Guardians of the Galaxy #11

…More set up, only this time from the Guardians' point of view. No real story progression, YAWN. Art is really nice though.

Saga #18

So concludes the third volume of Saga, which means I’ll have to wait until May for new issues… Damn. I’ve got to say, I expected things to go a lot worse than they actually did, but everything kind of worked out for the main cast, while everyone else sort of got fucked over. The Will is pretty brain dead, god knows what happened to Prince Robot IV, Gwendolyn is sort of stuck in a  “what are we going to do now?” sort of sate. Meanwhile, Hazel and her family are just off in space, with a bit of time jump. It’s going to be really interesting to see where this book comes back to in May, because the way things are left here really makes it seem like a new status quo will be set, and maybe the hunted aspect of these first couple of volumes might not be the biggest threat. Whatever happens, all I know is it is going to be a long wait until May.

East of West #9

I tried, I did… read the first trade, then tried to keep up monthly, and I just can’t keep track of everything. The story that sold me on the first trade is moving at a snails pace in this volume, and each issue has been introducing more and more characters to keep track of, in a world that already had a shit ton of characters and relationships to keep track of. If you asked me to name any of the other characters in this book, other than the Horsemen, I couldn’t name a single one. I can see why people would love this book, but it’s just too much and too out there for me, and I’m not going to continue trying to force it.

Black Science #3

Man, I’m loving this book so far. Between these past two issues, I got in the first omnibus of Fear Agent, and between that, this, and everything I’ve read from Rick Remender at Marvel, I can really tell how much he loves sci-fi. There’s definitely a comparison to be made between this book and Fear Agent, both heavy sci-fi action books with deeply flawed protagonists, but Grant McKay has very different flaws than Heath. Since Grant is currently bleeding out in the present, we see a lot of him in the flashbacks, like how he was going to leave his wife, who started to resent him for never coming home, and how his kids could sort of tell something was off, but given the first issue, we know that when shit went bad, Grant immediately started thinking about his wife, so there’s some complexity there. The rest of the group started to get fleshed out a bit more too, as Kadir, the dickhead who bankrolled Grant’s project actually steps up and saves someone, so he may not be all that bad… even thought it seems like he may have sabotaged the pillar, but who knows… Finally, after Daken’s fate in Uncanny X-Force, and the fate of the captured German soldier in this issue… I’d say it’s a good idea to stay away from shallow puddles in Rick Remender books.

Invincible #108

Prior to this issue, Ryan Ottley was out there hyping it up as it being one of those issues that changes everything, and it certainly does. Robot makes his heel turn, and stands Invincible in another dimension, after killing an alternate Invincible who was the emperor of that dimension, all so Robot can take over their home dimension. It’s a turn that pretty much everyone has seen coming since that issue where it was revealed Robot was keeping a whole lot of shit form Monster Girl, like how he knew about her son, but honestly, I think it came a bit sooner than most expected. After reading 100+ issues of this book, I’m still so god damn nervous whenever shit likes this happen, because I know how Kirkman plays it over in The Walking Dead. Ultimately, I have this bad feeling something is going to happen to Eve, or her and Mark’s relationship is going to be destroyed, or something… but I don’t want that, damn it! I like these characters, and fucking Kirkman seems like he’s always THIS close to stomping all over my hopes and dreams for them… Mark was a total asshole to Eve though. Just saying.

Revival #17

I know I’ve said it before, but holy crap the second year of this book has been great. Seeley and Norton have really put their foot on the gas and haven’t let up at all. This issue, someone dies, leads to Em’s murder go cold (gee, I wonder if those are connected), secrets are revealed, and more questions are raised. We’ve got that mysterious reviver on the scene now, who clearly has some plans and clearly doesn’t mind killing people, so I’m now going to guess that he might have something to do with Em’s death? Who knows, things are probably going to get weirder from here on out, even though the issue ends with a series of scenes where things are seemingly calm for most of the cast. Really love this book a whole lot.

Witchblade #172

So that didn’t take long for Sara to get (part of) the Witchblade back. So we got a new host of the Angelus, and with the Darkness gone (a story which STILL hasn’t been told, or resolicited) and that’s bad because, comics! The new status quo is still interesting to me, even though my interest in the Top Cow Universe is waining, because it’s sort of a mess. Don’t have a whole lot to say about it other than I’m curious, at least.

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #5

Penultimate issue of this series, and boy was it heavy on the Hack/Slash, which is pretty much the reason why I’m here. Seems like Cassie was playing the long game here, and was looking for the necronomicon herself, in order to try and bring Vlad back. I’m really curious to see how this is going to play out, I bet it’ll be one of those conclusions where the protagonist finally accepts their partner’s death, but who knows… something crazy could very well happen. I’d like to see Vlad back, if only for the fact I’d like to see Hack/Slash continue in some form, but who knows what Seeley is planning for his series. One thing that puzzled me in Cassie’s plan was why she kept sleeping with Ash… maybe it was just to throw him off, since he was kicking himself for falling victim to the whole pretty girl who is way smarter than she lets on thing, but I don’t know… seems like she had him wrapped around her finger prior to it. The last issue should be fun!


  1. I was disappointed there was no set up for Supergirl becoming a Red in Red Lanterns.
    And I thought Blight's defeat was less dues ex machina because they have said before that Chris is inside Blight and Blight is just a shell.

    1. Blight kicked their ass for god knows how many issues, then Stranger and Pandora reach out to him or something and all the sudden Chris takes over and POOF Blight is defeated. SUPER deus ex machinay

    2. Well considering God literally did have a hand in his defeat I can see your point

  2. It was a pretty slow week for me personally (only read three things from DC, one from Marvel, and three from Image) and probably the best thing I read was Five Weapons. Revival was great though, especially with all of those teeth there in that image. That really makes me think a bit...