Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #28

Remember Isabel? The flight attendant that had the hots for Jason, then got pulled into a life of space adventures and OD's via the Joker? Yeah, well, she's on a date with someone else, this dude is totally into her, and she likes him, but is still sort of holding out for Jason, which Other Dude can tell, so he's all "When you figure it out and want to stop living the fantasy, call me." But then the fantasy calls her! Jason's got a bunch of robots in her apartment (which is real nice for a flight attendant) waiting for her, telling her about a private jet that'll bring her to a resort island where they can meet and talk. Just a normal vacation... that of course turns into a big fright between the Outlaws and robots, or something.

So Isabel meets Jason on an island called Elysium, where there's no government, only private investors, and the only way you can even be considered clearance to step foot onto the island is if you have a bank account of $100,000,000+. Jason tries to be romantic, but Isabel is hesitant, meanwhile Roy and Kori show up, Kori none too pleased about having to use a hologram projector to stay inconspicuous.

Beneath the island, Elysium's benefactor, a crime lord named Midas, recognizes Red Hood by his body signature popping up on his security feed, and misinterprets Jason's presence on the island as the Red Hood coming after him, so Midas lays a trap for them that night at the dance club. Things don't go particularly well with Isabel, who is a bit mad at Jason for, well, everything, and after some passive aggression and Kori breaking some douche bag's arm for being sleazy, Midas' trap is sprung, as he greets his guests with a whole bunch of Cyborgs.

So naturally, the Outlaws go into fight mode, even Isabel is handed a laser cannon to defend herself, and Midas has to make an escape, being unprepared for the Outlaws. After all is said and done, Jason promises Isabel that it'll only take a couple of days to dismantle Midas' operations, and after that they can resume their talk, but Isabel isn't receptive to the idea. She tells Jason that she can't be a part of this life, and if he ever leaves it, to call her. With that, she kisses Jason goodbye, and they part ways.

Sometime later, Isabel calls Other Dudebro, and is all "I thought about what you said" blah blah. Dudebro asks about the other bro (Jason) and Isabel tells Dudebro that he'll be fine, and fine Jason is, because he's doing what he loves best, shooting up bad guys with his friends.


The Good:

This issue reminded me of what this series was real early in it's run, just pure fun. No child of destiny mystic nonsense, or sci-fi stories that don't fit, nor were ever explained, just Jason, Roy and Kori being badasses. After the amnesia arc, which I thought was no fun at all, it's sort of a bummer to see Tynion leave the title with an issue that proves he could have told some fun stories had his story gone a different direction. The art was probably the strongest this title has seen in a while, the only thing I could really complain about would be some awkward looking jaw lines here and there, which is totally forgivable, given how this book has looked lately.

The Bad:

The issue felt like a cross between an inventory issue and one of those issues that just cleans house for the new creative team to have a fresh slate, so the events that took place aren't all that memorable. Midas is just... whatever. He didn't seem particularly interesting, and I'm not particularly interested in seeing him return, which I honestly doubt will happen. It was just one of those issues that if you really think about it, doesn't seem like it really matters a whole lot.

The Bottom Line:

James Tynion IV leaves the title with an odd note, that's for sure. While most of Tynion's run was full of unbefitting melodrama and child of destiny tropes, this final issue sees the book return to form in just telling a fun story about the Outlaws being Outlaws and fighting bad guys. There are good personal interactions, strong moments here and there, and it's just an entertaining read. That said, the problem with this issue lays in the fact that it was Tynion's last issue, and doesn't present anything that seems to matter to the title going forward. So while this issue was generally a fun read, and a general improvement in comparison to recent issues, at the end of the day, it doesn't amount to much. But fun is fun, and I did have a good time seeing the Outlaws interact the way I used to know and love.



  1. isabel was a great character, I'm going to miss

  2. Really looking forward to the new creative team, this could be one of the best books in the New52 with a nudge in the right direction. i wonder how Jason is going to be used in the Eternal series? Any insight into that??