Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SPOILERS: Forever Evil - Arkham War #5

While Gordon and his allies attempt to sneak prisoners (the good people) off of Blackgate's island, inside Gotham, a war between the Talons and Bane's forces rages on. Bane and William Cobb eventually show up for the fight, and lead the Talons into a trap of sorts. When things look bad for Bane, surrounded by Talons in a back alley, Cobb hops down from above with a helicopter blade, cutting many of his brethren in half. The thought is that the healing factor needed to fix such extreme damage would overload whatever mind control the Talons were placed under. And with that, Bane's mission is complete, he has his Talons, and prepares for the final battle.

Meanwhile, in Scarecrow's stronghold, with no Talons reporting back, he seems to realize things have gone poorly for his faction, so he must fall back on his back-up plan, which he came up with after getting a venom sample from Bane.

He meets with many of his allies in a banquet room, handing them glasses of wine... then telling them his plans to dose them with venom in order to fight Bane. No one is receptive to this idea, not wanting to become as crazy as Bane, nor as much as a monster, so they dump their wine... But, the wine isn't what had the venom in it, Scarecrow actually aerosolized the venom into the air everyone is breathing, and sure enough, against their will, everyone venoms out, as Scarecrow leads them to attack Bane.


The Good:

Lots of great fighting in this issue, Talons vs. Bane ended up living up to what you'd expect. The bad-stupidness that has sort of plagued this series was definitely mellowed out in this issue too, while the good type of stupid remained just a bit.

The Bad:

Like most of the previous issues, this issue just doesn't amount to much. There's nothing more at stake other than "I want to control Gotham" "No, I want to control Gotham!" and ultimately, past the enjoyment I get out of the entertainingly dumb events, it just isn't that fulfilling of a read.

Also, there were a few moments where the action was a bit hard to follow with the art, notably the helicopter blade scene.

The Bottom Line:

Same old story for this series, while it offers some dumb, lowest common denominator, albeit fun entertainment, it just doesn't amount to much past Bane faction vs. Scarecrow faction. This series is just a bunch of Batman villains fighting, and nothing past that. So, like always, if you just like seeing people punch each other, you'll probably enjoy this, if you're expecting something more, look elsewhere. Me? I'm straight down the middle on this one.



  1. You missed out one big problem with this issue...

  2. Shit! I thought about that when I read it but forgot to make note of itz

  3. But this issue actually makes me believe that there could be a Scarecrow series, mini mostly likely. Not that there's gonna be one, but I would totally read it.