Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Batman: Eternal Artists Announced

Solicits are coming at some point, that's for sure, and the first solicits we're seeing out of Gotham are for Batman: Eternal #5-8. Things get a bit weird from issue #3 on, instead of having one artist do a few issues, like Jason Fabok on #1-3, it seems from #4 on it's different artists doing single issues, which... I don't know how I feel about that, but I don't think it'd be possible to keep without tons of fill-in if DC aimed to do a few consecutive issues from a single artist.

That said, four new artists joint he project, two of which I guessed in Guillem March and Andy Clarke, joining them will be Trevor McCarthy of Batwoman and Emanuel Simeoni of Talon. No word on who's writing these individual issues, as DC's being not specific and just listing all the writers, which isn't how this series works, according to the writers themselves, but oh well, I guess we'll figure that out when the issues actually come out. Here's the solicit text for each issue.

#5: As the Dark Knight's weekly series continues, Red Robin takes center stage in a major Gotham City mystery that has Harper and Cullen Row caught in the crosshairs!

#6: Something hellish is brewing in the tunnels under Arkham Asylum…and Batman's going to need the help of The Demon to stop it!

#7: New players enter the gang war that's setting Gotham City ablaze.

#8: Is Stephanie Brown an assassination target?

I bet Ray Fawkes is at least writing the one that mentions Etrigan (that's a weird twist).

(Source: Newsarama)


  1. Well, Batman and Etrigan do have a history, there's actually a great 3-part story from Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle's Detective run that chronicles a team-up/battle between them. Etrigan actually gives Batman a peck on the cheek towards the end of the story.

    1. In the Nee 52 though, especially where Etrigan has been seen once in modern times, in a series no one read.

    2. Where did he show up, DC Presents? But yeah, I'm just saying Etrigan does have a connection to Gotham in other continuities. I personally guessed either him or Ragman was going to be Batwing's partner in Ray Fawkes' portion of the story.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Scot Eaton showed up on art duties, at some point. I'm glad Kubert is doing covers, so Fabok can focus on interiors. Hopefully more Dustin Nguyen in June.