Monday, February 10, 2014

Haaaarper!!! ...?

Another shot from Batman #28, and the writing is pretty much on the wall at this point, that's probably Harper. Closer inspection shows a Monroe style piercing on the "mystery" lady, which Harper also has in the previews for this issue.

But there's still something that has me doubting this just a bit. The hair color seems to be changing, in this panel the long hair is purple, where we see its blue in the other pages. Maybe it's just because we're looking at her from a different angle, or they're actually addressing "Hey, she'd be pretty recognizable outside of her costume."

Also, her stature seems pretty large compared to Batman, who granted, is kneeling, but in the image from this post, they're both standing next to each other, and Batman isn't that much taller. Harper has never stuck me as that tall, but I'll admit, Nguyen sometimes has some weird proportions to his stuff, I still don't like how he drew Tim in Detective Comics.

Look, I'm 95% sure that's Harper Row, but there's still this nagging feeling that it being her could be too obvious, so I'm just hedging my bets when I tell you that come Wednesday, and we find out it's not Harper, I won't be surprised.

(Source: DC All Access)


  1. I love Nguyen's art as well, but you're absolutely right about his proportions being off at times, as well as his depictions of certain characters. I can live with his occasional weirdness since most of his work is interesting and gorgeous.

    As for Harper, it would seem silly to make it anyone but her -- an overly forced and unnecessary misdirection. After we officially learn her identity, the next question becomes what her role is. A replacement for Nightwing? For Robin? For Oracle? An amalgam? Will she officially become Batman's sidekick?

    And, relatedly: have Peter Tomasi and Snyder coordinated at all on whether Carrie Kelly and Harper will be reconciled -- i.e., will Carrie be shunted aside and forgotten as a weird piece of trivial history, or is there a role to be had for her yet? And this doesn't even begin to consider what Stephanie Brown's role will be. Are they just going to reintroduce her as Tim/Red Robin's old flame? Was she ever a superhero? And then there's the perpetual discontent about the fate of Cassandra Cain. Is she gone for good? Awful lot of female supporting characters potentially in the mix -- which is absolutely a good thing. But it just goes to show that over two years into The New 52, there are still a ton of unanswered questions...

    1. I believe Carrie has been pushed out. Gleason answered a question on Twitter about her having supposed to be in the current arc, but he said that plans were changed and I think that there weren't any current plans to user her again anytime soon.

      I'm pretty sure that once it was decided that Steph was coming back, and whatever Harper is going to be, Carrie got put back on the shelf. The only way I can see her coming back is if Damian comes back in some way, and she's used a supporting cast member to him... Maybe.

    2. That's sort of what I figured. I remember that being mentioned somewhere (maybe here on GS) but I hadn't heard anything else official. I hope that DC figures out/announces what the ultimate fate of "Batman and..." will be. I haven't been a huge fan of the current Two-Face arc, and while I like the concept of a "Brave and the Bold" style approach with the Aquaman and Wonder Woman appearances, I'm left scratching my head as to whether this will be the book's permanent schtick, or if it is actually just a temporary gimmick to wait out the ultimate resurrection of Damian (if in fact that's in the cards). Tomasi's the logical writer to tell that story given his connections to the character (edited for Grant Morrison on Batman and Son, wrote him in Batman and Robin). The recent Batman and... solicits seem to offer some hints that it could be a possibility. Here's hoping!
      (Sorry for the fanboyish speculation; I'm just offering some thoughts on where I think this could all be leading given what we know right now.)