Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BREAKING: Batman is in Batman: Eternal

I know I just blew your god damn feeble minds, but it's true! The one and only Batman will be appearing in the weekly series Batman: Eternal. How do I know such crazy claims to be true? By a sneak peek at Jason Fabok's art just posted on Twitter.

Boy, I do hope DC's super secret gestapo doesn't take Fabok away, never to be heard from again, due to this huge spoiler leak!

(Source: Jason Fabok's Twitter)


  1. Jay's Batman seems to channel a little Jim Lee here as well as his normal David Finch-like quality.

    It's a nice blend. Fabok's hitting a great stride with Batman in my book.

  2. I think Jay out-Jim-Lees Jim Lee, though. He's got a more refined line and a heavier sense of weight and proportion to his figure work.

  3. Fabok has really become a stand out Batman artist real quick, and for my money, he's surpassed Finch, who I like quite a bit when he draws Batman. Fabok has just got that super refined BIG Batman style that works so god damn well for the character.

  4. K. Jones, you have a point there! I like that Fabok has a more controlled hand then Finch, especially when David F inks himself as in Forever Evil. Fabok's art reads cleaner and overall more crisp. Lee's art is bogged down at times by his glass shattering details , or rubble, or what-have-you.

    I do agree Fhiz, the big Batman look is one I dig. Same ballpark as Greg Capullo's monolith Batman figure, in my mind.

    1. Richard Friend is inking Finch in Forever Evil. Finch "inked" himself in that Scarecrow arc of The Dark Knight, but I say "inked" with quotes because it was digital.