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Stack Rundown, 01/18/2014

This week in Stack Rundown, I kind of realize I'm pretty indifferent to a number of the DC books I read, and with some lackluster announcements made this week, that's not good!

Justice League 3000 #2

DC hardly promoting this title is fucking criminal, because so far, it’s been a rock solid start. As revealed with the first issue, this Justice League are broken, possibly brain damaged clones of the original Justice League, and hilarity stems from that. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Batman being a total, unapologetic asshole towards Superman. I mean, he is RUTHLESS. Does not give a fuck that Superman could rip his head off, he just keeps trolling him. Anyways, this issue they go up against a new threat named Locus, who can control reality… Yeah, doesn’t go well. Saw some people annoyed that they killed someone off already (Barry) but really… this is a book about clones. The thought that someone was killed off is ridiculous. I mean, really…

Constantine #10

This issue sort of went over my head. So the JLD hangs out with God and is all “WHY AREN’T  YOU FUCKING DOING ANYTHING?” and God is all “I work in mysterious ways” and fucks with Constantine a bit. He shows Constantine aspects of all his other teammates, and it’s not at all flattering… but they ended up seeing other things, that were… and it all ends up “revealing” that Constantine is fighting for love (Zatanna) which… just doesn’t seem right. Yeah, I don’t know. Weird issue. I’m out after this crossover, honestly. I’ve tried, but I just don’t like this Constantine solo very much.

Superman/Wonder Woman #4

This was a weird issue, mainly because they divided the story up into two separate titled stories… but they all happened within the same period. So Clark and Diana's relationship is exposed, Clark goes to check how, but at first we don't see it, and it cuts to the "oh fuck" moment with Zod. Then that story ends with Faroha coming in, or whatever her name is. Then we get a story about Clark talking to Cat about how she got her source… My question is why not just put it in the middle, so the book would be chronological? Sure, you had fill in art, but Paulo Siqueria is no slouch, and it was divided amongst separate scenes, so it would have been that bad. Regardless, good issue, narrated mostly by Wonder Woman… but this book still needs to give her more of a spotlight out of girl talk with that other Amazon.

Justice League of America #11

I got to be honest, this issue just sort of lost me half way through. It starts off pretty good, Stargirl handling shit and beating up on Clayface, which I'm totally cool with, she's coming into her own, and as Martian Manhunter acknowledges, demonstrating her worth… but then by the time they get to Colorado, I was just gone. Some giant robot, then it's intercut with Stargirl's past, I don't know… it just sort of lost me, I didn't really know what was going on or why. Quite honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to see the rest of this one through, I'll keep tabs on it for Forever Evil purposes, but I think I may be done with it for now.

Suicide Squad #27

Sort of a strange issue that out of now where just focused on all the “Reverse” Suicide Squad members’ origins. I liked the look into all these character’s backstories, but I thought it just sort of halted the momentum in a way. I do enjoy how I can pretty much call when someone is going to get fucked over, because as soon as Warrant and Deadshot went off to look for a way out of the mountain, you could see Deadshot either killing him or what coming from a mile away, and sure enough… Yep! Rafa Sandoval filled in on a bit of this issue, and I’ve got to say, I like him away from drawing whatever the fuck weirdness Nocenti requires. Aside from a pretty big tits and ass Power Girl pose in one panel, I thought the rest of his stuff was pretty good, and look forward to what he does on Red Hood, because that’s a book in desperate need of some quality art.

Green Lantern Corps #27

I never read GLC prior the most recent crossover because I was basically in the GL franchise for Geoff Johns’ run, and that’s about it, I just sort of didn’t care about the GLC as a whole… and that’s starting to come back. This is just John and some other lanterns, doing clean up, and I’m reading it trying to figure out why I should care. It’s not that the book is bad or anything, this is just one of those books, among a handful of other DC titles I’m reading that I’ve started to become indifferent about. It’s not a question of what the book could do different for me to care, it’s just that I’ve come to the realization that I don’t, or not enough. I don’t want to read books with a half-assed investment, because it’s not fair to anyone. So that said, this was probably the last issue I read outside of crossovers.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #4

This is another one of those books that I think is enjoyable enough. It’s the Rogues trying to get out of Gotham, and then the Royal Flush Gang keeps a comatose Golden Glider captive… And that’s about it! It was fine, but there’s not much I can really say about it… Also, when the hell did Trickster get cured of Ivy’s kiss from last issue?

Uncanny X-Force #16

Well this was okay! I’ve made my thoughts on this series clear… I don’t think it was very good, and had no real hook to it that could have sold me, but now that it’s just ending on a crossover with a pretty simple story, it’s kind of hard to screw that up. So the X-Forces fight, surprise! Who saw that coming? So yeah, one of those issues, meanwhile Stryfe is back… somehow. I, and everyone in the book thought he was dead, It’s been a while since I read Messiah War, so I forget what happens with Apocalypse and him, but whatever… TIME TRAVEL! I did still think this issue had its share of weak points, like all the middle of the battle dialogue, everyone just addressing everyone else by name in their weird sort of cheesy one-liners, just felt off, and unrealistic. Other than that… it was fine.

Amazing X-Men #3

Yarg, mutant pirates! I mean… that’s pretty much it! Enjoyable issue, but 3 issues in, and I’m still waiting to really get a sense of what this is going to end up as. I mean, there was that BAMF teaser, which (as of the time I’m writing this) hasn’t been revealed yet, so I assume Nightcrawler is getting his own book? But other than that, from a fulfilling plot perspective, this is a bit thin, fun, but thin. I did enjoy the little flashback with Nightcrawler and Storm, for some reason, I had vague knowledge of their sort of… attraction? I guess… even though I had never actually read anything with that in it, not in my memory at least. I don’t know, I wonder what Wolverine would think of that! Are he and Storm still doing it? I don’t even remember that much. Oh well! Fun book, just hoping for a little more out of it.

All-New X-Men #21

So I've liked Bendis' Xmen books, but I'm starting to see why some people think a lot of his stuff is decompressed… because holy crap, it's pretty decompressed. So the Purifiers… they're present? They don't like mutants! Nothing new. Then this just ends on a really dull note. Nothing really comes from this, other than X-23 being confronted with what she did in Avengers Arena. This stuff with the purifiers just sort of happens, and there you go. No set up for the Guardians of the Galaxy crossover that happens NEXT WEEK. Weird.

Uncanny X-Men #16

You know how some shows do back door pilots for new series in developments? I feel like this was the back door pilot for Magneto’s new series, and it almost got me interested in reading that book… almost. Ultimately I had to remind myself that I find the X-Men much more appealing as a group, but that’s getting onto another subject. So, this issue, Mystique tries to recruit Magneto into whatever she’s doing on Madipoor, and it doesn’t go well. Why doesn’t it go well? Because it’s not in line with Xavier’s dream, and it gets brought up that Magneto has gone a bit off the deep end after Xavier’s death, but no one has noticed. Magneto’s current motivations are questioned in this issue, and I’d really like to see them sort of get defined, because he’s honestly been sort of all over the place this series, and god knows what he actually wants. Other than that, I thought it was fun one off issue.

Rat Queens #4

In a world full of your Saga’s and and your Sex Criminals, mixed with all the ridiculous announcements Image made last week, you know what’s still a really fucking fun book? This one! There was a little bit of a gap between this issue and the last, in terms of release time, so I may have forgotten about it a bit while reading my other titles, but man this issue came back with the fun real hard. Real action packed issue with plenty of humor to go around. There’s just something so fun about this Dungeons and Dragons type setting, but all with modern dialogue and swearing out the ass. This is just one of those books I can’t not enjoy, and each issue I’m laughing throughout. PS. Shut the fuck up, Gary.

Velvet #3

Good god, this is one good looking book. Steve Epting's art and Elizabeth Brietweiser's colors… man, just a great combination. This issue really kicked things into gear, making a bad situation get worse, with the accidental (yet unavoidable) killing of the Yugoslavian leader, and we're only three issues in! I'm really loving Velvet herself so far, dry witted and gets things done. She gets things done in many ways too! With her brains, with her fists, and with her lady parts! Perfect triple threat of a spy! Really great book so far.

Coffin Hill #4

I like this series, I think it’s pretty interesting… but MAN, you know what this book really didn’t need? Wytches from Scott Snyder, Jock and Image Comics. It’s not good when you finish reading a book and go “Man, how good is that series going to be!?” For now, I’m still interested, but it’s gonna have to step it’s game up in the fall. This was a good issue though, despite the third still being my favorite. Turns out some spooky witch stuff has gotten ahold of Eve’s friend Mel, and it’s clearly not a good thing, as possessions tend not to be. As much as I do enjoy the book so far, I’ve yet to really get a sense of the scope, how big this story is going to be, or where it could go. I know there’s some bad magic at work, but it hasn’t been clear as to what that means for all involved other than “it’s bad, okay?” I just think if some details got solidified in future issues, like what exactly is at stake and what’s the actual threat, it could do a lot of good for this title overall. 

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  1. Velvet & Rat Queens were my two favorites this week. I thought the first two issues of Velvet were ok, but #3 sold me big-time. I'm all in on these two!