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Stack Rundown, 01/04/2014

Annnnnd, we're back. Didn't announce last week that I wouldn't be doing one of these, but whatever, it was the holidays and there were only two issues. So, given that there were only two books last week, and four books this week, because Marvel and Image apparently didn't want to please me, now we get a combined, still short, post for this week

Forever Evil #4

Man, this series is sure going to have a lot to get through on the back half. While it has been an enjoyable series as a whole, the pacing is just so off. These first four issues have been real slow, aside from the "game changers" in the first issue, and now the full cast has JUST been assembled. I guess the last issue is oversized, but still… lots to get through. I did enjoy the issue thought, the Lex/Bizarro scene was really nice, and anytime Catwoman isn't written like a piece of character garbage in the New 52, is good by me. I do wish the Batman/Catwoman thing went to reestablish them knowing each other's identities, but oh well. So yeah… good issue, I just wish the pace would get picked up.

Justice League #26

While I think Forever Evil, the series, is a little slow, I think it works for these issues. If you haven't been reading the tie ins, I'd say you're not missing much, but this series has been essential to who the Crime Syndicate is, filling in their back story and motivations, along with giving some hints to the overall story that only Geoff Johns can give. So yeah, these issues have been great, and learning more about Power Ring, Atomica and Johnny Quick, along with some other teases sure was cool.

Justice League Dark #26

I was really curious to see what exactly Sea King's presence in this series would bring, but I was't expecting him to be the host for an escaped Deadman, which I think is kind of cool and could lead to some unique opportunities for the JLD, should DC want to go that route. What's most important is that Sea King still is technically dead, and the metajoke of Aquaman being a total badass in the New 52 and his evil counterpart being a red shirt embodiment of all the "EXTREEEEME" elements that were put in place to make him "cooler" is still there. For the story itself… eh, it's fine. It's just weird having this big crossover in another crossover, because it's off doing it's own thing that… maybe didn't need Forever Evil to happen, but nonetheless, is still happening within Forever Evil. The solicits of the later issues make it seem like it'll start to actually tie into what's going on with the Crime Syndicate, so hopefully that happens, because Blight… eh, he's okay.

Aquaman #26

So Geoff Johns is gone and Jeff Parker has taken over. I haven't heard anything bad about Parker and liked what I read from him with Batman '66, but there's always that question of how a new writer is going to do, especially when the new writer is following Geoff Johns. I thought it was a fine introduction to Parker's run, despite some narrow faced fill in art, but overall, solid. If there's anything I didn't really like, it'd be the lack of a sense of scale…. No matter what Johns would write, you know that there'd be something bigger, and going from that to just question marks is kind of jarring. I know it's not fair to judge what Parker will do as a whole with this first issue, but I just missed that sense, so to speak. So far so good though, so hopefully Parker delivers, because like Flash, I'm going to need to be convinced to continue reading.

Superman Unchained #5

This was the turning point of the series where everything is seemingly established, and we're all set to go from here, and man was it good. We learn who Ascension is, what they plan to do, and why, meanwhile Superman gets double crossed by Wraith at the worst possible time. These next four issues (and possibly the final four issues?) are surely going to be that point in most Scott Snyder stories where we've gotten to the top of the roller coaster, now it's time for all the hairpin turns, loops, etc. We also got more Dustin Nguyen pages this issue, rather than the two pages we'd usually get towards the end, which is great in my book, because utilizing Nguyen to greater effect is great, and it didn't come at the cost of any of Jim Lee's pages, so we at least got our money's worth!

Red Lanterns #26

I've seen a few sites or video series call this the most improved New 52 series, and while Green Arrow might have an issue or two to take up with that claim, it's pretty damn close, because since Soule took over this title it's been great… Surprise, surprise, this issue was pretty fun. So the plan that got foiled last issue goes bad, and the Reds face execution, Ratchett sacrifices himself to save the Corps, and Atrocitus gets a ring back. Not some big thinker of an issue, but it's just generally good. With Ratchett gone, it also explains how Supergirl is going to get a ring… and that's going to be ridiculous, so you know I'm looking forward to it. Wish a little more would come from the "We're patrolling Earth" thing, but given the cover of #27, I fuss that'll happen in a few weeks.

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