Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SPOILERS: Talon #14

So, shit's popping off at the Court of Owls' secret base in the old hotel. Calvin's dying, brainwashed Sarah is slicing his throat, Casey and her robot arm are dismembering Felix Harmon, and the rest of Casey's allies are all fighting a bunch of other Talons. Shit's gone bad.

With Sebastian and the brainwashed Sarah making their exit, and Felix Harmon in pieces, there's the matter of all the other Talons to be dealt with. After sharing a moment with Casey (oh yeah, and she gave him something to slow down the death serum) Calvin comes up with a plan to allow him to detonate a cryobomb, while not falling to the cold, like the other Talons… and that plan is to light his ass on fire. So, Calvin on Fire, and cry bomb takes out the other Talons.

Eslewhere, Sebastian has contacted his former followers and is all "HA! HA! Imma gonna kill you guys" but then Calvin's burnt ass shows up and starts to beat the shit out of him, which is well deserved. Before anything bad can happen with Sebastian's plan to blow up the hotel, SWAT shows up, as well as Batman, who isn't pleased he was left out of the Owl hunting.

Batman takes over manhandling Sebastian, as he has some questions regarding Lincoln March. Meanwhile, the death serum starts to take it's hold on Calvin again, as Casey holds him dying… (again) in her arms.


Three weeks later, Calvin wakes up to learn that Casey and Lucius Fox had been working to try and get him back to relatively normal. While he was out, Casey came out to the public as still alive, and was placed on the Wayne Enterprises board after Bruce Wayne bought out her Father's company. In the three weeks Calvin was recovering, Casey's operation had some upgrades with her facility now holding Felix Harmon on ice, and Leslie Thompkins attempting to reverse the brainwashing on Sarah. Calvin wonders how Casey could afford all these upgrades to her secret organization, and he's soon met with Nightrunner and Dark Ranger informing Calvin he's been recruited to Batman, Incorporated... OH SHIT!


The Good:

If this was the final issue of the series, it would have been a good one. In a lot of ways, it is the final issue, as next month's is an inventory issue, and Tim Seeley's issues, who knows what actually comes of those. Tynion managed to wrap all the elements he'd been playing with since issue #0 in a neat, complete story. It feels like it's over, and for a character who is so… I don't want to say "small" but very unique, and spawned from equally unique circumstances, it's nice to have what amounts to a complete story with a clear beginning and end. 

I also didn't see the Batman Incorporated angle coming… Not sure if that actually means Inc. is still around or the editors didn't give a shit enough to point out it was sort of dissolved, but nonetheless, cool change to Calvin's status quo, and I hope it means there's some actual Inc stuff coming soon.

The Bad:

Like I said above, while I think it's cool, the Inc stuff is kind of weird. I mean, it seemed like that was sort of over, and being that Grant Morrison's stuff was so on it's own planet, it's kind of weird to have Inc brought up now where I believe it hasn't been mentioned in any book since August. Just sort of odd, not *bad,* just odd.

Also, some art inconsistencies. Sometimes Casey has one eye, sometimes she has two… She's supposed to just have the one, but there are a few pages where she's got both. Then when she's all CEO'd out in the end, I just think it's weird she doesn't have some cover for her empty eye socket. 

The Bottom Line: 

While this book isn't cancelled (for this month, anyways) this is the way you'd like a title to go out, with a clear ending, everything wrapped up in a nice little package, not a rushed mess of "I don't know, just get everything over with, or something… whatever!" like how most New 52 books end… Again, the book isn't over… but c'mon, it sort of is. Aside from some art inconsistencies and some confusions I had to what the whole evil plan was that Calvin and Batman was trying to stop, it was a really good finale of sorts. I've really greatly enjoyed this series since the beginning, and I really hope Calvin and his allies continue to appear in Gotham.


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