Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #27

Info dump time! So why did Jason have to get his memories dumped? Because Ducra knew Ra's plans to take over the Untitled and attempt to become a living god, and Jason is THE ONE, so yeah, all that. Only problem is, Jason has a bunch of fears, anxieties, and personal ties to people which could have clouded his judgement, so it was important he be free and clear of those to face Ra's, and if his memories returned too early, he may be able to defeat Ra's, but he'd fall in the process.

Maybe Ducra knew what she was talking about, because the Well of Sins begins to spit out manifestations of particularly smiley ghosts that haunt Jason, while Roy and Kori deal with other members o the League. Ra's offers Jason a mercy kill to end his tormenting, but Jason begins to overpower the Well's effects, pointing out that Ra's isn't immune to them either, as a manifestation of Talia begins to haunt the immortal.

While Jason and Ra's do their thing, Cheshire makes her decision and knocks out Rictus for Roy, but stops the help there, telling him she'd rather live to see another day, and will probably look him up soon.

Anyway's Ra's is all "YOU DARE!" but he's beginning to slip. Ra's soul is so tainted, he's hardly human anymore, so there's nothing for the power of the Untitled to hold onto, or something like that, so Jason ends up using that move we saw in Zero Year, expelling the Untitled's essence from him... Where does that essence go? To Essence! Thanks to the help of her mother, Essence is able to control the power and convert it to light, now inheriting the All-Caste. Essence then shows up to the party, threatening to destroy the remaining lazarus pits, if Ra's doesn't let Jason and friends go.

So when they do leave, Essence tells Jason she's going to rebuild the All-Caste, and invites him to join her, but he declines, having had his fill of magic (thank GOD). So what's on the Outlaws' plate for now? Doing some good for once!


The Good:

Well, Jason put it best, just being tired of all this magic, mind wiping nonsense, and it's a good thing it's over. I just don't think it fit the character very well, especially when it's center stage with a giant spotlight on it. But it's over and that's great. This issue did begin to show a little of what the Outlaws once were, a fun trio of characters who would get in some pretty ridiculous fights. There was actually a lot of good fun and action in this issue, something the series has sorely been missing.

The Bad:

This issue was solicited as having Noel Rodriguez as the artist, but unfortunately, he only drew like four or five pages, and then it was back to Gopez, who I've stated many times before, I'm just not a fan of his style, at all.

The Bottom Line:

I was optimistic with this storyline to begin with, but with each month, I began to realize I sort of hated Jason as this child of destiny cliché. Fortunately, that's over! Elements of what made the Outlaws such a fun team to begin with begin to shine through the cracks in this issue, but unfortunately, James Tynion only has one issue left on the series. Makes you wonder what could have been if all these mystical elements weren't pressed so hard, but oh well. I don't know if I enjoyed this conclusion because it was pretty decent, or because it was the closure to a story I didn't like... either way, it was fun, yet marred with the same art issues I've had with the book for the past... well, however long it's been since Rocafort left.


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