Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SPOILERS (I guess?): Earth 2 Batman Revealed... AGAIN!

So uuuuh... Yeah! Remember that time DC's Twitter account totally spoiled the identity of Earth 2's Batman, and didn't do anything to rectify the situation, like delete the tweet and pretend it never happened... Then when the toy solicits came out, the spoiler was still there, and it just got real sad when people kept pretending it was still a mystery.

But then, for some reason, people still pretended like it was a mystery, and had their own theories that it wasn't the guy who it is... So I guess I have to do a "spoiler" warning on this one? The spoilers are really more of the "how" at this point, but whatever.


So yeah, we've known about this since October, so no real surprises here. The only question is how did Thomas Wayne come back from the grave? Well... he never went to it.


Back in his youth, Thomas Wayne saved mobster Francesco Francavilla (no, not the artist) from a hit, and to show his gratitude, Francavilla threw Thomas a big rock star style party. That's where Thomas met Martha, and became close friends with Francavilla... which meant he supplied drugs for the mob. So yeah, Thomas wasn't exactly a saint.

Then he and Martha had Bruce, so Thomas wanted out, which Francavilla didn't like. So Francavilla tried to send a message by having three enforces beat the shit out of Thomas, who was saved by Jarvis Pennyworth, who knew how to whip an ass or two. So with the failed beating, Francavilla took the next step, and organized the hit.

Only, turns out that Thomas Wayne survived, and used his connections with people like Leslie Thompkins to remain "dead." So recently, Thomas has been getting back at Francavilla and the men who came after him with the help of a drug called Miraclo, which gives the user some enhanced strength and abilities for a short period of time, and was probably the basis of mirakuru formula on Arrow.

Anyways, Thomas used the drug and killed all those who came after him, but Bruce never accepted Thomas back into his life. After all, this does change the whole point of Batman, as before it was Bruce reacting to what he believed was a senseless crime, but instead, it was a crime brought on by Thomas' own sins... so, to Bruce, Thomas remained dead. For the next handful of years, Thomas would view Bruce's life from afar, watching Bruce get married, have a daughter, and ultimately die.

So with everyone Thomas ever loved gone, he thought it best to honor his family, specifically his son, by taking up the ideology of what he stood for, and dawning the mantle of the bat... albeit, somewhat of a drug addict once again.

So there you go, the "how" of Earth 2's Batman... now I fully expect DC's twitter account to spoil what happens to Dick Grayson in Forever Evil.


  1. Really, the only "mystery" I could see existing between the time of the spoiler and the release of this issue is that people didn't know if it would be Sr. or Jr. Then again, Thomas Wayne Jr. tends to be Owlman, so I wonder what the chances are of an Earth 2 Owlman.

    1. I didn't even buy into that idea. If it was Jr. it would have been listed as such.

  2. Ahh thank god we won't have to read anymore dumb theories on CBR about how it's NOT TW Sr.