Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #2

In Harley's new apartment complex, there's a wax museum dedicated to some of the most notorious killers known to man... so of course the Joker is in there, and of course Harley gives it some PDA that'd make Miley Cyrus blush. Harley meets Madame Macabre, the managers of the museum, who politely asks Harley to stop humping her figures. Harley then introduces herself as the new landlord, and asks if Macabre knows anywhere she can get a fridge... preferably a big one, the size a body can fit into.

So Harley secures a fridge, and on her way home, she sees a protest outside of an animal shelter who euthanizes animals if they're not adopted in 30 days. Harley can't stand for this, so she attempts to adopt all the animals... but after the owner of the shelter looks at her application, she is promptly shown the door. So Harley gets an idea from her stuffed Beaver Bernie, and makes a call to an old friend... Poison Ivy!

After being invited to see the new place, Ivy shows up, which leads to a girls night between the two... which then leads to them attempting to steal/rescue all the animals. Only problem is, when the animals are set free, they all run away, as animals tend to do, so Harley and Ivy split up and try to find them all.

While Harley is on her own, another killer attempts to collect the bounty on her head, but it doesn't go well for him. Harley finds out form the would-be assassin that all her info has been posted online, so now everyone will be coming after her in Coney Island.

Harley brings the poor sap back to her apartment, where she finds Ivy waiting with many of the animals. When they get up to Harley apartment, many of the dogs are hungry, and going after Harley's stuffed beaver, so to save Bernie, she throws them some food... in the form of the guy who tried to kill her.

The next morning, Ivy wakes up next to Harley, gives her a kiss on the cheek and heads back to Gotham, but not before leaving a little green present for Harley (growing a tree and some grass in the room with all the animals). Harley later wakes up to find Ivy gone, but Big Tony has shown up with a half dog man from the freak show, and starts to talk with Harley about sprucing up the place.

Elsewhere, from across the way, someone very devious is spying on Harley... and this person is very old, and probably the guy on the cover of #5... and probably creepy... Anyways! He's got plans for Harley, but she doesn't know it... but he's still being a creeper!


The Good:

So, Harley and Ivy... they've sort of always had a "what are they?" element to their "friendship." And HOOOOOOOOLY CRAP, is it front and center in this issue. Tons of innuendo, mostly beaver jokers, and a lot is left to the imagination when they both wake up in the same bed. I love these two together, and part of me wishes they'd just be DC's newest gay couple already, but the other part of me loves how it's teased and played with, because man is it fun. 

Still loving the art, and like Harley said in #0, Stephane Roux drew half the issue, and he's as expressive as Hardin is (seriously, the look of joy on Ivy's face when Harley asks if she wants to meet her beaver? Priceless) which is big for me. I might say I like Roux a bit more, but I still love Hardin's work on the series as well.

On top of the Harley/Ivy stuff, and great art, there's just that darkness juxtaposed with the humor and lightheartedness. I mean, Harley feeds a guy to a pack of docks, straight up. That's super grim! But it's also super ridiculous! It's the kind of stuff some people bitch about, but I bet they'd think "Death to Smoochie" is a stupid movie, so what does their opinion matter?

The Bad:

Nothing really. I had some question of who the dead body Harley was keeping in her apartment was, because it seems like it's meant to be the person who tried to kill her last issue, but that was a lady, and this was a dude... other than that, nothing.

The Bottom Line:

This book continues to be an absolute joy. It'd be a bold lie to say I've had more fun with any other book DC publishes than I do with this one... just the boldest lie I could tell you. Harley, the art, the gallows humor, it's all right up my alley, and adding that Harley/Ivy element to this issue was just the cherry on top. Man, I love this book, I really, really do.


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  1. On your question about the dead body--I believe it was said in the issue that was the third assassin that's been after her, so basically, it's a different assassin that's rotting in her apartment in this issue.