Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SPOILERS: Damian - Son of Batman #4

So Damian is fighting Not-Joker, while still trying to remain true to his father's wishes and not killing anyone, no matter how close he comes to pulling that metaphorical trigger... then he finally gets to Not-Joker, who reminds him of the standard trope of Joker always comes back because Batman never has the guts... So Batman rips out Not-Joker's guts, code be damned! Remember that time he did that to Michael Lane? Pretty much the same thing. Damian apologizes to his father, picks him up, and then leaves.

But what's this! Not-Joker isn't dead... yet... because a single, silenced bullet pierces his forehead, and looky there, the real Joker is back... Yay?

So the real Joker is back, and apparently up to no good again, even though we never see this... What we do see is Alfred the cat, sitting at the computer, telling Damian about all this...

So Damian finally accepts his role as Batman and goes out and does Batman stuff or something, looking for who else was behind Dick Grayson's death and the real Joker... I guess.


The Good:

Art is still good!

The Bad:

Everything about the story is just so asinine! Who the hell is this Not-Joker and why should I care? I thought it was supposed to be Pyg or something? But if not, what the hell happened to Pyg? Oh hey Joker, you're back, and we don't see anything come from that, cool. Oh good, the fucking cat is talking to Damian again, just sitting at the computer like a normal person too, that isn't completely stupid or anything, nah... When I think Damian, I think common house animals speaking to him. SHIT, man.

The Bottom Line:

This series was rumored quite some time ago, and on paper, I was really excited for a 666 style Damian series... and then it actually happened, and that excitement turned into questions of just what I was reading. This issue gives this already asinine story and equally asinine ending with all the mischaracterization and lack of fulfillment you might expect, having read the first three issues. Once again, the only saving grace for this issue was that the art and colors were really good. In a Damian-less world, this series, which could have been so good, with tons of opportunity to be, given the setting... was just a massive disappointment. 



  1. I agree. I was really looking forward to this myself. And yes, the art was great, but the story and dialogue...Argh! What's the Not-Joker all about?! What about the priest?! And that weird nurse?! And does Bruce live and Damian just cares for him while fighting crime?! What about everyone else?! Barbara was such a large character in the other 666 stories. Where was she in all of this? And why did there have to be a group of Jackanapes, instead of just one? It makes that Villains month story seem unnecessary. Just so many loose ends that were never addressed. This is probably the last we'll see of this universe, and it's disappointing to go out on this story.

  2. Does Kubert intend for there to be a sequel to this? Some kind of weird tie-in to Futures End / Five Years Later?