Thursday, January 2, 2014

SPOILERS: Damian - Son of Batman #3

So Damian has been kicked out a window, and he falls into the water. Alfred, having made a promise to Bruce to protect Damian rescues the young Batman, then brings him back to the cave to patch him up. After Damian is stable, Alfred sits down rest and dies. BYEEEEE ALFRED.

So then Damian wakes up and Alfred starts talking to him… but Alfred is dead… Yep, now it's Alfred the cat talking to Damian in Alfred the butler's voice… Fucking, I don't know.

So Damian goes to rescue some kids being kidnapped by Pyg's men. He doesn't kill anyone, but goes to the priest, who is probably James Gordon and gets all melodramatic or something. Damian is all "WHO IS YOU" but the priest is gone, LIKE BATMANZ!

So Damian is chilling out, getting talked to by his cat, then decides to check on his father, only to find him missing, with a joker card in his place.

So Damian goes out, and finds his father strung up by a guy who looks like the Joker, but he corrects Damian to say he's not the Joker (I think he's Pyg) but you should call him the Joker… I don't… I just, blah.


The Good:

The art is really good. That double page spread with Damian jumping into Pyg's men's bus is fucking amazing.

The Bad:

Everything else. It's absurd, out of character, and completely nonsensical at times. Even if this is an alternate Damian future, some of what happens is just stupid. The cat talking to him? Damian isn't that crazy. Alfred just sitting down only to die? What? Pyg saying "I'm not the Joker" only to say "You can call me the Joker" a few sentences later? What the fuck is happening here? It's just bizarre in a really bad way, in a Batman: Odyssey way.

The Bottom Line: 

This series is lucky it has some fantastic art, because there is absolutely nothing salvageable from the story. This issue, and let's be honest, series as a whole, is just an pretty looking mess. 


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  1. Between this miniseries and the inane Villains Month Jackanapes issue, I'm of the opinion Andy Kubert is not a great Bat-writer. I think you're spot on that this is similar to a Batman Odyssey-type crazy alternative reality tale. I'm now reading this with the same sense of glee/horror that I read the aforementioned Neal Adams book and the Frank Miller descent into self-parody, All-Star Batman and Robin. Fun times.