Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwoman #27

You know what's probably a bad combination? Falling to your death and tripping balls all at the same time, ask Batwoman! Because that's what's happening, as she's gotten the a swift kick out a window, along with some heavy drugs via Wolf Spider.

As Kate falls, she sees a twisted version of her past, and what she fears people may think of her. Standard stuff for Kate, guilt about her sister, anxiety about her outing as a lesbian and discharge from the army, getting into bed with the DEO, etc. Fortunately, Kate is able to power through it, catching herself on an awning, and falling into some trash.

Having watched it all play out, Wolf Spider's job is done, so he leaves, later meeting up with a man named Nathan. Seems like Nathan is the guy who hired Wolf Spider to steal all the paintings, and Spider is getting a bit tired of doing all the heavy lifting, so yeah, their relationship is strained.

Kate manages to get back to her and Maggie's apartment, in pretty rough shape, discarding her costume as she makes her way to the bathroom... What Kate doesn't know is that Maggie's daughter Jamie is over, and she wakes up after hearing Kate come in. So Jamie gets up and starts to find Kate's costume all over the place, eventually finding a beat to shit Kate in the bathroom. Of course, Jamie screams, Maggie wakes up and what a clusterfuck this has become.


The Good:

I like the family drama going on here, there's quite a bit of potential that could come from the ending of this issue, that's for sure. Also, Francis Manapul lent his talents to this issue with a series of absolutely gorgeous double page spreads to illustrate Kate tripping. That's fill in done right.

The Bad:

Like some of the issues that JH Williams III illustrated which relied on double page spreads, this issue goes by in the blink of an eye, as nearly half of it is dedicated to Kate's bad trip. I also can't help but feel like we've seen Kate trip and be haunted by her past at least once before. Wish we also got a bit more of an idea as to what Wolf Spider and this Nathan's plans actually are.

The Bottom Line:

If this issue suffers from anything, it's a mix of pacing as well as a bit of a "been there, done that" sort of feel. There's nothing wrong with the story presented, it just goes by too quickly, and some of it feels like a rehash. The consequences of this issue are where the interesting bits will most likely lay. The personal drama that could spin out of Kate's fiancé's child learning Batwoman's secrets could be pretty big, throwing quite a few more bumps on an already bumpy road. That's what I'm interested in seeing play out.


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