Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SPOILERS: Batwing #27

Welcome to Gothtopia, the safest city on earth, where crime barely happens and Luke Fox has even given up being Batwing Flying Fox. Everything is great, Luke's family life is great, but beneath the surface, everyone is high on Scarecrow's toxin, and those who aren't, and see the world for what it is, are going a tad bit crazy.

Luke eventually starts to realize something is wrong, mostly because he's losing periods of time and figures out he's been wondering around the city for a couple of days. Meanwhile, his old friend from the Zero Year issue is operating in the Gotham Underground, running a gang/drug ring, and uses Rat-Catcher, his next in command, to set a trap for his old friend Luke.

Luke finds out that there's been a toxin introduced into his, and everyone else in Gotham's system, but before he can finish a vaccine, he gets a call that his dad is threatening to kill himself, something many in Gothtopia who start to crack end up doing. Luke ends up stopping his father before he very publicly shoots himself in the head, and brings Lucius back to the base, where an antidote is administered. Batwing gives Lucius a couple more doses for the family (but doesn't count himself, and tries to play off the one less vaccine as already thinking ahead) and tells him to stay home until everything gets worked out.

Problem is, Luke's sister Tam never came home. So when he returns to the house, he finds this out, and eventually heads to her boyfriend's apartment with his dad. Inside, the boyfriend is found dead, and Tam is nowhere to be found. Why? Well, because Rat Catcher has decided to use Tam as the cheese in his trap.


The Good:

I think the Gothtopia set up is just generally pretty cool. Interesting premise, and lead to some cool art layouts in this issue.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, not much is seemingly done with the Gothtopia premise. Luke figures it out pretty early, and we don't get much of what his life was supposedly like as Flying Fox. Then it transitions to that guy from Zero Year, who I don't think is all that interesting, to be honest. We also had some fill in art, which was okay, but Panisca had been doing such a great job recently, it's just one of those issues where I would have really liked to have seen the regular artist draw the new setting with the crossover.

The Bottom Line:

I've praised this run on Batwing for just being action packed fun every month... Unfortunately, that's what this story lacked this time around. Gothtopia sets up an interesting premise, but it goes underutilized in this issue, which s the most unfortunate part of the issue, as it could have been really fun. Mix that with the fill in art, and you've got yourself an okay issue overall. Not bad, but the series has, and can do better.

RAING: 3/5

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